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Designations on clothes for washing (signs, badges and symbols)

Clothing labelNot every person pays attention to labels that are present on items of clothing. Many do not even think about what useful information is on them. Manufacturers indicate badges there containing information about the material of which the clothes are made. About how to look after it, at what temperature to wash, whether it is possible to squeeze, iron and so on.

If you take into account all these tips, you can increase the service life of your clothes, preserve the properties of the fabric and its color for a fairly long period. And if you do not follow the manufacturer's recommendations, you can irreparably ruin the thing.

Naturally, the legend on clothes for washing may not be clear to everyone. We were not taught at school what this or that sign on the label of the thing we bought means. And despite the fact that some of the icons may be intuitive to us, it is better to make sure our guesses are correct and carefully study the decoding of the notation, which we will give below.

Laundry Labels

 Signs on clothes A sign with a crossed-out water container indicates that this item must not be washed.
 Designations on things The same container with water and a palm in it indicates that this material is suitable only for hand washing.
 Label drawing Again, the same water tank, without any additional details, reports that this garment can be washed both manually and with a washing machine.
 Laundry Icons The same symbol, under which there is a horizontal line, advises using gentle washing and an easy spin mode.
 Two-line basin The same pattern with two horizontal lines below us strongly recommends that you use only the delicate mode for washing this item and prohibits manual spinning.
 Basin 30 Also on the water tank itself you can see a variety of digital values. For example: 40, 60, 80, etc. These numbers limit the maximum washing temperature.
 Basin 95 If you see the value 95 as the number on the icon, then the material from which the thing is made can be washed at different temperatures and boiled. Such garments are not picky.
 Triangle sign on linen The triangular image on the label tells us that you can use bleaching for this fabric.
 Crossed triangle on label The triangular image, crossed out with a cross, is quite common on things made of colored material. It means that we should not use bleach for this garment.


Symbols on the labels of clothes for drying

Proper care of clothing items is not only a high-quality wash corresponding to the type of fabric and temperature that suits it, but also the right drying process. Therefore, we will also pay attention to the issue of proper drying of things.

We will not rant longer and go straight to the point:

 Square A square sign on the label tells us that you can dry this thing using a machine drying program (if it is present in the functionality of your household appliances).
 Strikethrough wash square The square symbol crossed out by the cross, as you might guess, prohibits automatic machine drying.
 Infinity sign squared If inside the square you notice an infinity sign, it is also the number “8” laid on its side, then you must not press this fabric. You have to turn off this mode in the typewriter and just hang the wet thing so that water drains from it. The thing will dry out, it just takes more time.
 Circle squared If a circle is located in the middle of a square sign, then you can consider this a permission for machine spinning and drying.
 Strikethrough circle in square If you find the same symbol, but only crossed out with a cross, then, as you yourself guessed, machine spinning and drying are highly not recommended.
 Dot in a circle squared If you see, already familiar to us, a square with a circle inside, but now there is a single point in it, then this thing can be dried only at low temperatures.
 Two dots in a circle. The same sign, with only two dots (resembles a socket), gives permission to dry the fabric even at high temperatures.
 Underlined circle in a square If you see a horizontal dash under a square icon with a circle inside, you need to use gentle drying.
 Circle in a square with two features Again the same sign, but instead of one line - two. This means that this fabric can only be dried in a delicate mode.
 Square with three features If 3 lines are placed in the middle of the square in an upright position, we are not forbidden to dry things, but the spin should be excluded.
 Envelope pocket on a label The sign of the square with a curved line inside indicates that the thing can be dried in a vertical state.
 Single line square A square image with a minus sign recommends drying the item in a horizontal state.
 Square with diagonal lines of three The square, the upper left part of which is hatched with 3 diagonal lines, indicates that we need to dry the thing in the shade.

Other signs

You can familiarize yourself with other signs, as well as repeat the symbols already studied, by watching the following video:

Follow the rules for the care of your things and they will delight you for a long time!


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