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Designations on the Samsung washing machine

Designations on the Samsung washing machineModern models of automatic machines of the Samsung line have a convenient digital display that displays all the information the user needs. If earlier the function of notifying a housewife about the stages of the washing process, the remaining time and other parameters was assigned to the indicators of the control panel, now, looking at the graphic display, you can see all of the information listed in one place - on a small screen.

To confidently use your “au pair”, you need to understand what the icons on the panel of the Samsung washing machine and on the digital display indicate. We will try to provide the most understandable decoding of the symbols located on the AGR.

Symbols on the graphic display

To begin with, I would like to decipher the icons located at the very top of the digital screen, they indicate the steps of the washing process. Mistresses deal with these conventions more often, therefore it is necessary to find out what each of them means first of all.

  1. The basin, inside of which the Roman numeral I is displayed. This symbol indicates the prewash mode; it starts to light at the beginning of the washing process only when this option has been selected by the user. If the Prewash button has not been pressed, the icon will not light up.
  2. The basin in which the Roman numeral II is displayed is the designation of the main wash process. It lights up either immediately after starting the selected program, or only at the end of the prewash, if one was provided. The icon will always light up, regardless of the selected program, the main wash cycle is provided in absolutely all CMA modes programmed by the intellect.
  3. A basin half filled with water and linen is nothing more than a rinse start indicator. At the end of the main wash cycle, the unit will certainly go to the final rinse mode. At this point, the fabric softener will be supplied to the drum if it has been poured into the detergent drawer.
  4. The spiral icon will tell us about the inclusion of the “Spin” mode, which is the final stage of the washing process. The sign will light up after the end of the final rinse with any washing program, unless the user sets the No Spin function.
  1. Wash Step Icons

The next category of symbols that must be taken apart is the washing options. It is with their help that you can set the necessary additions to the standard programmed mode.

  • The two-bubble t-shirt designates the EcoBubble feature. Bubble washing involves the inclusion of a special generator of the foam-liquid mixture. With its help, water and washing powder are saturated with air bubbles, as a result of which accelerated dissolution of detergents and a significant improvement in the quality of washing are observed.
  • The iron badge is for easy ironing. When this function is selected, the clothes will wrinkle less during the spin cycle.
  • The basin, inside which the Roman numeral I is displayed, as we already know, symbolizes the function of prewash. To enable an additional washing cycle before the main one, it is necessary to load powder into the corresponding section of the detergent tray, and turn on this mode before starting the program.
  • T-shirt with stain indicates intensive washing. The supplement can be used when things with hard-to-remove, old, stubborn dirt are loaded into the drum. Assumes an increase in washing time for each cycle.
  • The symbol of the basin filled with clean water indicates the “Soak” function. It is used to achieve greater effect when removing stains.

Washing options

The next group of symbols to be distinguished is the designation of various additional functions of the AGR.

A lock with a face indicates the function of locking the work panel from children. When it is selected, the buttons will not respond to touch, therefore, it will not be possible to accidentally change the parameters of the selected washing mode.

To enable or disable the protection against child intervention, simultaneously press the “Temp.” And “Rinse” buttons for 3 seconds.

The clock symbolizes the delay in the washing process. Using this function, you can program the intelligence of the machine so that it starts washing at the specified time. Deferral can be selected for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 hours.

Additional notation

The flash drum is responsible for the self-cleaning function of the CMA drum. If a strong clogging of its surface occurs during the washing process, the Eco Cleaning symbol on the digital screen and the corresponding indicator on the mode switch will light up. Self-cleaning the drum is necessary to prevent mold, dirt accumulation on its surface. Usually, the indicator lights up once a month, and if the Eco Cleansing function is not started by the user, the machine will signal the need to turn it on after the next two washings.

The crossed out loud speaker means an addition that allows you to turn off the sound of the washing mode. To enable or disable this function, hold the “Rinse” and “Spin” buttons for 3 seconds. The key pattern is nothing more than an indicator for locking the hatch of the washing machine. If it lights up, it means the door lock has worked, and it is firmly closed.

The signs located in the center of the digital graphic display are responsible for displaying the washing time, water heating temperature, the number of rinses and the rotation speed of the drum during the spin cycle.

  1. The washing time is displayed directly in the center of the screen, during the operation of the machine it is constantly reduced. If any malfunction occurs and the unit cannot continue the process, an error code will appear in this place in the form of a combination of certain letters and numbers.
  2. Above the basin where an asterisk is drawn above the water level, the selected water temperature is displayed. You can adjust it for yourself by pressing the “Temp.” Button. The glow of the lower symbol will indicate that washing takes place in cold water, without heating.
    Digits on display
  3. Above the basin, half filled with water, the number of rinses will be displayed; it is possible to set up to 5 additional cycles.
  4. In the field located above the crossed-out spiral, the spin speed of the drum during spinning will be indicated.

If the symbol of the crossed-out spiral lights up directly, then the “No spin” option is selected.

The digital screen, although it is small, but contains all the information about the washing process, its steps, displays the remaining time for cleaning the laundry, and allows you to find out if any additional functions are turned on or not. Having understood the main characters on the display, you can easily control the intelligence of the SMA.

Control Panel Symbols

It is worth mentioning the designations of some buttons located on the control panel of the Samsung brand washing machines. What can we see on it?

Firstly, it is a network key that is responsible for turning the unit on and off. It is indicated by a standard symbol: an incomplete circle, on top of which is a vertical line. Secondly, this is the well-known “Start / Pause” button, which, after selecting the desired washing program with the selector knob, allows you to start the process, and if necessary stop it, turns on the pause function. It is indicated by the triangle icon, near which two vertical lines are drawn.

Control Panel Button Names

On some modern models of Samsung automatic machines, there is a button with a profile image of a human face, at the bottom of which a heart sign is drawn. Its name is “My program”.It provides the ability to record your favorite mode in the memory of the intellect along with additional settings for it.

The button with the image of a clock with arrows is used to set the delay in the start of washing. Allows you to program in the intelligence of the machine user-friendly time at which the process starts.

In addition to the described keys on the control panel of the washing machine, there are buttons “Temperature”, “Spin”, “Rinse”, “Easy Ironing”, but the user should not have problems understanding their purpose, since they are all signed in ordinary words, without using obscure characters and images.


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    Hello Nikolai! “H” is short for English. “Hour,” which means “Hour.” And the inscriptions 1H, 2H, 3H and so on. Mean the number of hours.

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    What does 5Ud mean?

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