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Spare parts for Bosch dishwashers

dishwasher spare partsHow sophisticated is a modern Bosch dishwasher? Some lay people suggest that it is not very difficult. In fact, from an ordinary malfunctioning dishwasher, you can extract a huge number of different parts. Subsequently, they are very useful for the repair of "home helpers", which can still be returned to duty. It was the Bosch dishwasher spare parts that we decided to devote to today's article. Let us try to at least briefly describe them all.

Main body

For 95% of the main body of the Bosch dishwasher consists of a washing chamber, which contains a fairly large number of spare parts. The remaining 5% is accounted for by external elements, which we will also try not to forget about. So, what details can be found inside the washing chamber?

  1. Water supply pipe with a turbine. This is the base on which the sprinklers are mounted. Through this tube, water under pressure enters the sprinkler from the bowels of the circulation unit.
  2. Spray guns and sprinklers. These elements may look different, but they have one function - to supply water in small streams to dirty dishes.

Sprayers are used to clean baking trays and large dishes, while rotating sprinklers are suitable for the rest of the dishes.

  1. Pallet lid, strainer and coarse fine filter. These elements can be found at the bottom of the washing chamber; they prevent large pieces of food from entering the machine system.
  2. Shelves for cutlery and holders for glasses. The purpose of these elements is well known to any user and does not need a description.
  3. Dish baskets. Bosch dishwashers have an upper and lower basket for dishes. The lower one is more capacious and designed for large dishes. The upper basket serves for all sorts of details.
  4. Castors for baskets. This is a necessary accessory that allows the baskets to move freely along the rails.

main body parts

The washing chamber itself is welded from high-quality stainless steel. The entrance to the chamber is surrounded by a U-shaped rubber seal, which helps hermetically close the washing chamber during operation of the machine. Directly above the entrance, a mechanical door lock and a locking device are installed on the camera lid, which serves as protection against small children. Buying spare parts contained in the main body is the easiest, but they often fail.

PMM door

Such a simple element as the door of the Bosch dishwasher also contains a number of details that should be paid attention to.

  • Firstly, it is the door body itself, which consists of high-quality stainless steel. Changing the door case is extremely rare, if it was subject to severe deformation as a result of the fall of the dishwasher. In item catalogs, this item is very difficult to find.
  • Secondly, the door sensor, which determines whether it is open or closed. This sensor helps the control module communicate with the door.
  • Thirdly, the door handle, which helps the user to conveniently open and close the dishwasher.
  • Fourth, the bottom seal, which prevents water from leaking under the door from below.
  • And finally, fifthly, a dishwasher dispenser, which has special compartments for powder, rinse aid and dishwashing tablets.

Control module

The Bosch dishwasher's electronic brain is the control module. It consists of several elements, but the main one is the control board. It is she who ensures the operability of all systems. Self-repair and replacement of the control board is highly undesirable. In addition to the control board, the control module has a button or touch panel on which to install, including a display. The panel helps the user to configure the dishwasher by choosing various programs and washing modes.

control module

Separately, a network button is located on the control panel. For security reasons, it is placed in a separate hidden enclosure and provides power to it bypassing the control board, although not always.

Pallet Details

Masters in any service will tell you that the lion's share of spare parts is contained in the bottom of the Bosch dishwasher, in the pan. The pallet is hidden from the eyes of the user, but during the operation of the machine all the main events take place there:

  • water injection from a water supply system;
  • water heating;
  • preparation of a mixture of detergents;
  • preparation of a solution for rinsing dishes;
  • discharge of waste water.

pallet parts

It is in the pallet that a great many different parts are compactly connected, connected by nozzles and bundles of wires, let's describe them. Let's start with one of the main components of the pallet - heat exchanger. It consists of a cover, plastic plugs, nozzles, a water flow sensor, a special drain valve. The next node is called an ion exchanger. It consists of the following parts:

  • covers;
  • housing;
  • sealing nut and gaskets;
  • water transparency sensor;
  • softened water supply valves.

Actually, the ion exchanger in the dishwasher is needed in order to soften hard water and prevent lime deposits from forming on the machine parts. And in order for it to serve longer, you should always make sure that there is salt in the special tank for the dishwasher.

The next node is called the water flow distributor. In addition to the dispenser itself, this unit includes sealing gum and a special motor that helps create pressure and direct water further into the system. And the last pallet assembly is called a recirculation unit. It includes: a snail, an aquasensor, clamps and gaskets, a pump, a cuff, a heating element with a recirculation pump assembly, an NTS sensor.

The analysis of the pallet is considered the most difficult stage in the repair of the dishwasher, so if you needed to change any part located there, it is better to contact the professionals.

External elements

Each user is constantly faced with the external elements of the Bosch dishwasher, but even if he doesn’t, he at least sees it. Manufacturers in Germany are focused on the mass production of these spare parts, since there is a stable demand for them. Let us list them and briefly describe them.

  1. Bulk and drain hoses. The purpose of these details is clear to everyone. Often, users buy adapters for these hoses, so that it is possible to adjust their length, if not enough.
  2. Legs. At Bosch dishwashers, the legs are adjustable, they allow you to strictly align the dishwasher body with the surface of the kitchen floor.
  3. Microswitch float. These are the protection elements of the Aquastop system enclosure. These details can create a lot of problems for the user. Not only does the micro switch quite often fail, it also has the ability to stick together with the float. When this appears error E23 in the Bosch dishwasher.
  4. Network cable. It is needed to provide power to the machine.
  5. Power board A network cable is connected to it. It serves to distribute power to the modules of the dishwasher.
  6. System of smooth opening of a door. It consists of a spring, a cable and a special clamp. This system prevents the door from falling during opening and slamming sharply during closing.
  7. Door hinges and body brackets. Their purpose is clear to everyone.
  8. Decorative hinge covers. These are plastic elements covering the metal hinges of the doors so that the case looks aesthetically pleasing.
  9. Soundproofing pillow. These are several sheets of soundproofing material that completely cover the metal washing chamber.

external elements PMM

Well that's all. We briefly listed and described the details of a typical Bosch dishwasher.Now I would like to say a few words about the features of mounting / dismounting these parts.

Parts Replacement Recommendations

Quite often, some users find that the dishwasher door lock does not want to work, they try to change it. Gooddishwasher lock repair this business is simple, but still requires time and money. Some may be surprised, but in about 30% of cases, the castle can be repaired in just five seconds. The fact is that modern Bosch locks have a special sensitive tab-clamp. One has only to slam the door hard once, as this tongue sinks and re-closes the door no longer. How to solve this problem?

You just need to take a screwdriver, feel for it this tongue and slightly press on it. After pressing, the tongue will pop out and the lock will begin to work properly until the next release of the lock.

power boardOther novice masters to repair Dishwasher constantly draining water, decide to check and change the inlet valve, disassembling the dishwasher for this almost completely. A lot of vain effort when the problem is solved much easier. By removing the sound insulation and putting the dishwasher on the right side, you can get to the inlet valve through the slot. It can also be disconnected, checked and changed through a slot. To do this is a little inconvenient, but you can save a lot of time without disassembling the entire device.

Sometimes users find thatBosch dishwasher does not turn on. Hands naturally begin to itch right away, because you need to find out what exactly she broke. Check the power cord, outlet, disassemble the control panel and pull out the on / off button. In fact, most often on Bosch dishwashers, power boards “burn”. It is not clear why they are so “tender”, but the fact remains that an experienced master starts the verification with this board.

Most likely, power boards on Bosch dishwashers are designed for stable European power grids, which are very different from power grids in the Russian outback.

The power board is hidden in the case, and this case is hidden in the bowels of the dishwasher tray. We'll have to remove this pallet, remove the board, check it with a multimeter and replace if a malfunction is detected. We do not recommend soldering the board on our own, because it is dangerous for life and health to operate a makeshift soldered power board.

Perhaps today there is enough talk about spare parts, as well as recommendations for checking and replacing them. Of course, within the framework of one article it is impossible to cover all the issues, because we somehow relate to the repair of the dishwasher as a whole, and this is the topic for a series of publications that either have already appeared or will appear on our site in the near future. Stay tuned for articles. Good luck


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