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Zanussi washing machine does not drain and does not wring

does not wring the washer ZanussiFamous Zanussi washing machines are considered quite reliable, however, this technique has its weaknesses, and these weaknesses are manifested, as always, at the most inopportune moment. If the Zanussi washing machine does not squeeze or drain the water, it is very likely that one of these weaknesses was manifested. What kind of breakdowns cause problems with draining and spinning Zanussi washing machines and how can these breakdowns be eliminated? Let's talk about this in the article.

Most common causes

Where to start the search for the reason why the Zanussi washing machine refuses to drain the water and squeeze the laundry? water left in the washing machineYou need to start with the simplest and most obvious, which does not require disassembling the washing machine, and then, gradually, move on to more complex and rare reasons. Let's start with the trash filter. We twist it and check for dirt and foreign objects. You need to do this even if you clean the filter regularly, because it often pulls on socks and other small things during washing.

Not finding anything in the trash filter, unplug the Zanussi washing machine from the network, water supply and sewage, pull it out to an empty place, where it will be convenient to disassemble it. We unfold the washer backwards and remove the back wall. Check how well the belt is pulled.

Remember! A loose belt can cause drain and spin problems. For Zanussi washing machines, this is a frequent “sore”, so the belt is checked immediately after the garbage filter.

If everything is in order with the belt, put the back wall of the machine in place and do the following.

  • We take out the powder tray.
  • We put the Zanussi washer on the left side.
    put the washing machine on its side
  • If your model has a bottom, then unscrew it, if there is no bottom, then we immediately get access to the nodes we need.
  • The most accessible parts from the bottom of the washing machine are the pump and the drain pipe. Weaken the clamps, remove the pipe, and then remove the pump. Before pulling off the pipe, put a rag under its base so that no water can get into the electrics.
  • We inspect the pipe for stuck things and blockages, disassemble the pump and carefully examine the impeller. If the slightest damage is detected, the impeller must be changed, if it is not possible to change only the impeller, we change the entire drain pump.
  • Without detecting mechanical damage to the drain pump, check its electrician. Using a multimeter, we measure the resistance. If 0 or 1 is displayed on the instrument panel, the pump is broken.

Engine and tachometer

Zanussi engine and tachometerAfter removing and checking the pump with the nozzle, we can also get to the engine and tachometer through the bottom of the Zanussi washing machine to check their operability. We pull off the drive belt, disconnect the tachometer wires, unscrew the bolts holding the engine “in the paws”, remove the engine. You can check the motor without removing it, but it is too unworkable.

Zanussi brand washing machines are mainly equipped with low-cost collector motors, which in turn can wear out brushes. We unscrew the bolts holding the brushes in the housing and take them out. If the brushes are erased at least partially, they need to be replaced with new ones. We arm ourselves with a multimeter again and check the resistance of the tachometer and the motor winding. For this, the motor housing will have to be partially disassembled.

When you install the motor in place, do not forget how to screw it and connect the wires.

Pressure switch

pressure switch of the Zanussi washing machineIf the Zanussi washer “doesn’t want” to drain the water and squeeze the laundry, it is possible that the water level sensor is to blame, especially considering that you already checked the belt, pump and engine with tachometer. The pressure switch is located in the upper part of the housing of the Zanussi washing machine, which means you have to put it back on its feet and remove the top cover.Under the lid, you can almost immediately notice a plastic appliance similar to a washer with a tube, to which a box is attached at the bottom - this is the pressure switch.

We remove the water level sensor, not forgetting to unhook the wires from it, and check its tube. Often the pressure switch tube becomes clogged with water stone, from which the device ceases to function. If so, just clean the handset and it will work. If the tube is clean, check the electrical part of the pressure switch. We configure the device we used earlier to check the resistance and check the contacts of the pressure switch. 0 or 1 on the display will indicate a malfunction of the water level sensor.

Electrics or electronics?

Zanussi washing machine control moduleAfter checking all the above sensors and assemblies and not finding the cause of the problem, we continue our rigorous check of the Zanussi washing machine. At this stage, we must carefully examine all the terminals, contacts and wires, marking all suspicious elements with a marker. Typically, there are a few electrical elements that are typed, you have to change everything, hoping that this is the cause of the problem. If replacing the wires does not produce a result, most likely the problem lies in the control module.

The problems in the electronic part of the washing machine are the most insidious, you can detect them at home only if some semiconductor parts are burned out, and the malfunction becomes noticeable visually. What should I do if you have reasonable suspicions that the Zanussi washing machine is not squeezing or draining water due to the control board? The answer can be only one - you need to contact a qualified specialist. Do-it-yourself repairs can make the problem worse.

To repair the control module, you must first find the faulty triac, then solder it correctly without damaging the track, and then solder a similar part. Without experience with electronics, this cannot be done accurately.

In conclusion, we note that the Zanussi washing machine stops draining water and wringing laundry for a number of reasons. Which of these reasons is the case in your case cannot be predicted, so you will have to scrupulously check all the suspicious details in accordance with the instructions described in the article. If you are interested in the causes of such a breakdown in washing machines of other brands, read the article The washing machine does not drain the water, how to fix it? Good luck


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    My door is locked

  2. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    If it does not drain, unscrew the bottom plug, turn on the machine, start the spin cycle, look into the bottom plug, you will see the impeller, if it is, then push it with a screwdriver. If it turns and stops (this can be done several times), it means that in the pump the wear of the bushings and when they are turned on, they are simply blocked by electric. field (not repaired, otherwise they work for a week and breaks again). Replace the pump !!!

    • Gravatar Vitaliy Vitaliy:

      Useful advice!

    • Gravatar Vlad Vlad:

      Andrey you are a genius. Thank you, saved from the global disassembly of the machine.

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    The machine turns off when washing. Zanussi ZWS1101. What to do? How to be

  4. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    Thank! I fixed it!

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