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How to change the power cord of the washing machine?

How to change the power cord of the washing machineIf you need to replace the power cord of the washing machine, then do not postpone this repair. Suspicious burn marks, severe kinks or obvious damage will quickly lead to a short circuit and fire up to a fire. Hoping for a miracle is not worth it - it is better to immediately turn off the power supply, call the master or take on the matter yourself. Also, replace the wire that does not reach the outlet. If you decide to do it yourself, then study the step-by-step instructions.

Description of replacement procedure

To change the power cord of the machine, it is enough to allocate 30 minutes and prepare a standard set of tools. So, insulation tape, a screwdriver and a knife will come in handy. Next, we check whether the power is turned off, and turn off the water supply to the washing machine. We also drain the remaining liquid by opening the technical hatch in the lower right corner of the housing and using the emergency drain. Further we act as follows.

  1. We expand the washer 90 degrees and put it on that side surface, next to which there is a powder receiver. It is strictly forbidden to turn the machine over onto the other side - water from the dispenser will provoke a leak and failure of the control board.
  2. Disconnect the bottom by unscrewing the eight bolts.
  3. We are looking for an interference filter to which the power cord is does the wire disconnect
  4. We loosen the screw mount of the interference filter, shift it and raise it from the machine body. We squeeze the internal clamps of the plastic stopper and squeeze it out.
  5. We shift the cord and push it inside, after which access to the filter will open.
  6. Disconnect the overlay protection and release the contacts of the wire.

We remember the color marking of the veins - green shades indicate "earth", the phase is marked in black or brown, and "zero" is painted in blue-blue.

Before you begin to disconnect the cable contacts, you should take care of the marking or photofixation. It is necessary to mark the phase, grounding and zero, so that during assembly do not confuse the location of the conductors. After we expand the terminals and gently pull the cord from the washer. The new wire is connected in the reverse order.

In what cases do they change the wire?

If the cord you just bought is reliable, then over time and with improper use it overheats, melts and becomes a real threat. The main reason for excessive heat is connecting the cable to a weak electrical outlet. A standard washing machine generates about 2 kW of power, which requires a separate outlet and a personal machine on the dashboard.

Washing machines cannot be connected to the power supply via extension cords and tees.

In addition to improper connection, common problems can lead to the need to replace the cord.

  • Factory defect plugs or wires, as well as their mechanical damage. If there is a violation of integrity, melting will begin, followed by fire. The problem will be reported by the characteristic acrid smoke of burning plastic. It is forbidden to use a melted plug or cord - the contacts are damaged and overheat, which during further operation will lead to a full-fledged fire.
  • Cable breakage due to repeated bending. A repeated strong kink of the cord provokes a break in the cores and loss of contact. The current does not reach the machine, "lost" in isolation. Attempts to cut the problem spot and twist the conductors with electrical tape will not save the situation - such connections are fire hazardous and unreliable.a wire with such damage cannot be operated
  • A similar problem occurs in broken or transmitted cords. For example, with inaccurate movement of the washing machine, when the cable falls under the bottom or leg. Inattention will result in power surges, chaotic switching on and off of the current, until the contact disappears forever. Removing the damaged area and twisting the cores will also not work - only a full replacement of the network cable.

There is a trouble-free option - insufficient length of the factory cord. The washing machine is connected to electricity only directly, without the use of an extension cord, which is not always possible. The output will be a replacement for a longer analog. To do this, you must purchase a ready-made new network cable in specialized stores. Or assemble it from scratch: buy a wire with a length of 2 to 4 meters of PVS 3 brand 2.5 and a collapsible plug. The cord is replaced in the same way as when working with a damaged conductor.


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