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How to change the cuff on the LG washing machine

SM LG cuff replacementHow is the cuff replacement for the LG washing machine? Some masters offer to carry out repairs without removing the front wall of the case, while others with removal. It is more correct to change the cuff with the dismantling of the front wall, top cover and control panel, especially when it comes to repairing a modern LG washing machine. Enough preface, let's get down to business.

Repair Preparation

To easily change the cuff of the hatch on the LG front-loading washing machine, you need to prepare. First, of course, we will study the instructions on the procedure for work and the safety instructions for the repair of electrical appliances.

  1. We need to turn off the machine and drag it to where it will be convenient to work with it.
  2. We also need to purchase a new sunroof cuff, which is guaranteed to fit your LG washing machine.
  3. After that, we need to collect simple tools, prepare mentally and begin work.

So, turn off the machine from the on / off button. We completely de-energize it by removing the plug of the power cord from the outlet. Next, we shut off the water supply to the machine and remove the hoses: drain and inlet. We twist the power cord, hoses, and then drag the machine to the place where the repair will be carried out.

Open the door of the washing machine. Directly above the hatch there is a silver plate on which the full name of the model of your LG washer is indicated, for example LG F1056MD. We rewrite the name and go to the spare parts store for washing machines. Knowing the name of your model car, the seller will give you the cuff you need.

Now a few words about the tools. You don’t need anything serious for work, just a Phillips and flat head screwdriver, a flashlight. If you are too lazy to turn the screws, you can take a screwdriver. That's all, proceed to repair.

Dismantling cars

The cuff is difficult to replace without disassembling the washing machine, so we’ll start with the disassembly. We go around the machine behind and unscrew the screws that hold the top cover. Pull the lid towards you and lift it up.

replacement cuff on washer LG_1

Now we go around the front of the machine. We need to get the powder tray so that it does not prevent us from removing the control panel and the front wall. We pull out the powder tray towards us until it stops, press the plastic tab in the center and completely remove the powder receptacle.

cuff replacement on washer LG_2

Pulling out the powder receptacle, you will see that there are two screws to the right and left of its niche. We unscrew these screws as carefully as possible using a Phillips screwdriver.

Replacing the cuff on the LG_3 washer

Now we need to remove the control panel of the LG washing machine. On the back of the control panel, there are special latches behind the end of the case. You can squeeze them using the same Phillips screwdriver. Press the latches one by one and gently pull off the control panel.

Be careful, an impressive bundle of wires will stretch behind the control panel. You do not need to disconnect them, just lay the removed panel along with the wires on top of the corner of the machine body.

Replacing the cuff on the LG_4 washer

We take a flat screwdriver in our hands and squat down. We catch the manhole cover, which covers the trash filter. This cover is located below on a narrow decorative panel.

Replacing the cuff on the LG_5 washer

Having opened the cover, we remove the emergency drain hose to the side, which may interfere with getting to the fastener. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screw that holds the decorative panel. The screw is located to the right or left of the filter, depending on the LG CM model. Carefully grab the decorative panel and pull it off the latches, first on the right side, then on the left.

Replacing the cuff on the LG_6 washer

Open the hatch door wide open, take a flat screwdriver and try to remove the front manhole cuff clamp. This must be done precisely at this stage, since this clamp will prevent the front wall of the SM housing from being removed. We find the spring on the clamp. The spring can be located both above and below.We pry the spring with a flat screwdriver and, taking it back on ourselves, gently pull off the clamp.

Instead of a flat screwdriver, you can take a blunt table knife, it is suitable for this operation even better.

Replacing the cuff on the LG_7 washer

At this stage of disassembly, we cannot remove the sealing gum of the door. But we can fill it inside the drum so that it does not cling to the edges of the front wall of the body during further disassembly. Fill the cuff in the drum. Next, unscrew the two screws that hold the UBL of the LG washing machine. The screws are located to the right of the hatch, and a Phillips screwdriver will be required to remove them.

Replacing the cuff on the LG_8 washer

To free the front wall of the housing of the LG washing machine, you need to unscrew another five screws. First, unscrew the two screws on top, and then two screws on the bottom.

Replacing the cuff on the LG_9 washer

Gently squeeze the UBL out of the front wall with a screwdriver so that it falls into the inside. Now you can remove the front wall and remove it to the side. There is no need to specifically remove the manhole cover; let it remain assembled with the front wall of the machine body. Next, we need to remove the hose, dressed on the cuff fitting.

Replacing the cuff on the LG_10 washer

Replacing the gum hatch

So it's time to remove the rubber seal from the tank of the machine. True, the inner clamp prevents us, but removing it is a technical matter. As in the case of the external clamp, we find the spring, we catch it with a screwdriver and we pull off the clamp.

cuff replacement on washer LG_11

Firmly grasp the cuff and try to pull it off the grooves. Will have to make some effort. Do not be afraid to damage the old cuff when removing it, as it will be ejected anyway. As soon as you manage to remove the old cuff, remove it to the side so as not to interfere.

cuff replacement on washer LG_12

By removing the old cuff of the LG washing machine, you can notice a huge amount of dirt that has accumulated in its seat. Take a rag and thoroughly wipe off any dirt. Remove the sleeve from the old cuff and place it on a new cuff.

cuff replacement on washer LG_13

Now we will examine the new cuff and unfold it with the fitting up. You need to put a new rubber band so that the arrow on it coincides with the arrow on the case, and the technological notches are at the bottom. It is very important. Check everything several times before you put the cuff on the seat. If everything is correct, we put on a cuff.

cuff replacement on washer LG_14

Next, we need to fix the cuff with the inner clamp. You can purchase a new clamp, or you can put the old one. We stretch the spring a little and put the clamp in place. This is the most time-consuming part of the job, so ask someone to help you. Use two flat-head screwdrivers to make it easier to put on the clamp.

The main thing in the process of dressing the clamp is not to accidentally break through a new cuff, otherwise you will have to run to the store a second time for a new part.

cuff replacement on washer LG_15

Having put an internal collar into place, we go to the "finish line". We attach the tube to the fitting, and then assemble the "home assistant" in the reverse order. Be careful not to forget anything during assembly. On this, we consider our instructions complete. If you still have questions, watch the tutorial video that we attached to this article. And we wish you good luck and easy repair!


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