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japanese washing machinesGerman, Italian, Russian and even Chinese-made washing machines are very popular.

But Japanese automatic washing machines are much less common. What brands of cars are made in Japan, what distinguishes them from other machines and how much they cost - that's what we’ll talk about.


Washing machines manufactured in Japan for the domestic market have their own characteristics. Machines that are exported from the country to the European market do not possess such features. Here's how they differ from all cars:

  • Japanese cars wash in cold water, they don’t heat water, the maximum washing temperature in such machines is +30 degrees. At the same time, things are washed perfectly. The Japanese are fanatical about cleanliness and do not allow even the slightest dirt on clothes. Why do they wash in cold water? That's because in Japan, drinking water flows through pipes, purified, when powder is added to such water, things are washed at a time. While in Europe, tap water is not accepted to drink, in addition, it is tough to wash.
  • Japanese cars have a very short hose for draining water, and in most cases it is carried out by gravity.

    Important! Cars are installed on a special pallet, in which the drain is made, this has a plus - protection against leakage. But pouring water into the bath in such a machine will not work.

  • Japanese cars are one of the most expensive, their cost is 1000-2000 dollars, perhaps one of the reasons is that many of them are equipped with a drying mode;
  • most of the old Japanese machines are vertical loading machines in which powder is placed directly in the drum. Front-loading machines are state-of-the-art technology equipped with various technologies.


It is almost impossible to buy a Japanese-made washing machine in Russia, only if by hand. In online stores as of 2016 there are no such cars, at least we have not met them.

Note! Panasonic is considered the most famous Japanese brand, and Sharp, Shivaki, Akai, Hitachi also belong to Japanese brands. Very often, under these brands washing machines are not Japanese, but Chinese or Russian production.


Here are some examples of cars from Japan.

Panasonic NA-16VX1. This washing machine belongs to the premium class. It is executed in white color with the attention-catching hatch of silvery color. It has a large display that displays all the useful information about washing. Now about the technical specifications:

  • type of loading - frontal;
  • drum capacity for washing 7 kg;
  • maximum spin - 1600 rpm;
  • the number of modes - 16, among them there is a non-spin wash, easy ironing and stain removal;
  • water consumption is 44 l;
  • the machine is equipped with a safety system against leaks (partial protection), from children, from voltage surges;
  • a class of an extraction, washing and energy consumption - And;
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) - 60x60x85 cm.

Panasonic NA-16VX1

The main “bun” implemented in this machine is Beat Wash technology with a 3 D sensor. The drum of the machine has a slope of 10 degrees. Thanks to this technology, things do not wrinkle or twist. Water enters the drum under pressure in small streams, this effectively affects the fabric and dirt.

Panasonic NA-14VA1. This model is not much different from the previous one, it is also freestanding and has a removable top cover for built-in under the countertop. The number of modes and water flow are similar, but the maximum speed during the spin cycle is 1400. Low noise and power consumption are another plus of these models.

Note! Panasonic machines are rigorously tested for strength and reliability. They must withstand at least 5,000 washings; the hatch door can be opened at least 20,000 times during operation. Test the technique when washing 24 hours in a row.Therefore, there is no doubt in reliability.

Panasonic NA-14VA1

Akai AWD 1200 GF is a freestanding washer with dryer function. The drum capacity is 6 kg for washing and 3 kg for spinning. The maximum spin is carried out at 1200 rpm. 11 washing modes are programmed, including washing of fur and fluff. Indication of malfunctions will help to quickly identify the cause of the failure. Water consumption is only 42 liters. Washing and energy class A, spin B. Full protection against leaks and children. The silver color on this model is perfect for the modern design of the kitchen. Minus models in strong vibration.

Akai AWD 1200 GF

Hitachi BD-W80PAE is a freestanding full-size washing machine with a removable cover for embedding. Drum capacity 8 kg, spin speed 1200 rpm. A large number of 15 programs will wash even the most delicate things, there are programs to remove stains. Protection against leakage is only partial, there is also protection from children. The average price is about 57 thousand rubles.

Hitachi BD-W80PAE

So, Japanese equipment, due to its features and high price, is not widespread in the Russian market. But this does not mean that it cannot be found or brought from neighboring countries at all. The main thing is not to run into a fake, be careful!


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