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What height are dishwashers?

dishwasher heightThe dimensions of the dishwasher play a big role in the manufacture of furniture in the kitchen. It is important to know not only the width and depth of the niche into which the dishwasher stands, but also the height. Some people think that all dishwashers are identical in height, with the exception of tabletop models, whether it is built-in or not, it will easily fit under a standard countertop. But this is not so at all, and so let's see how tall a dishwasher can be.

Tall dishwashers

All dishwashers from 61 to 85 cm can be called high. There are both built-in models of such equipment, as well as freestanding. In most cases, built-in dishwashers are 2-3 cm lower than freestanding, this is due to the lack of a top cover. Some, without thinking about the height of the car, take a freestanding model, and then think about how to squeeze it under the countertop. Well, if it is possible to remove the top cover, which can save the situation, and then not always, but if the cover does not come off, then what?

That is why it is worthwhile to figure out which dishwashers in height are available for sale and not rely on a happy occasion. We started the search with dishwashers from 61 to 70 cm high. The result showed that there were no such machines on the Russian market for May 2016.

However, in principle, one dishwasher for sale was probably in stores abroad such a machine can be bought. This is a dishwasher AEG F 84980 VI German assembly. It differs from many machines in that it is very wide almost 90 cm, while the height is 70 cm and the depth is 58. The dishwasher is non-standard, accommodating up to 12 sets of utensils having a turbo-dryer. It works quite quietly and has the ability to be embedded in furniture.

Next, we looked for dishwashers with a height of more than 70 cm, but less than 80. They are also not for sale. dishwasher AEG F 84980 VIit turned out, however, they exist, perhaps someone has just such a dishwasher. Here are a few examples, perhaps you will find such a model in some store.

  • Kuppersbusch IGVS 6808.2 - German dishwasher for 12 sets of dishes with a turbo-dryer. Its dimensions (WxDxH) are 60 x 57 x 78 cm. Eight programmed washing modes will cope with any pollution.
  • Foster KS-2940 000 - a dishwasher with loading up to 12 standard sets of dishes, having a turbo-dryer. Of the 8 modes, the modes of delicate washing and washing of children's dishes attract attention. Its dimensions (WxDxH) 60 x 55 x 79 cm.
  • V-ZUG GS 60NZ-Vi - dishwasher with loading up to 13 standard sets of dishes. It works quietly, the noise figure does not exceed 44 dB. There are 5 modes for washing, its dimensions (WxDxH) 60 x 57 x 76 cm.

Most dishwashers have a height of 80 to 85 cm, regardless of whether the model is built into furniture or not. Here are some examples:

  • Miele G 4263 SCVi Active - built-in model, dimensions (WxDxH) 60 x 57 x 80 cm;
  • Miele G 4203 SC Active CLST - freestanding model, dimensions (WxDxH) 60 x 60 x 80 cm;
  • Bosch SMV 50E30 - built-in model, dimensions (WxDxH) 60 x 55 x 81 cm;

    Note! Separate dishwashers with a height of 81 cm are not yet available, but similar models exist and may appear on the market. For example, Bosch SRU 43E02 SK.

  • Hansa ZIM 428 EH - built-in model, dimensions (WxDxH) 45 x 57 x 82 cm;
  • Gorenje GS52214W - freestanding model, dimensions (WxDxH) 45 x 60 x 82 cm;
  • Vestel CDF 8646 WS - freestanding model, dimensions (WxDxH) 45 x 60 x 84 cm;
  • Bosch SMS 88TI03E - built-in model, unfortunately, not for sale, dimensions (WxDxH) 60 x 60 x 84 cm;
  • Candy CDP 4709 - freestanding model, dimensions (WxDxH) 45 x 60 x 85 cm;
  • BELTRATTO LI 4500 - built-in model, dimensions (WxDxH) 45 x 55 x 85 cm.

Note! Dishwashers 83 cm high are also not available, but they exist, for example, the Hotpoint-Ariston LFS 215 A X built-in model.

Highest dishwashers

The tallest dishwashers have a height of 86 to 91 cm. For example, dishwashers 86 cm high belong to the premium class, their cost is from 90 to 170 thousand rubles. They have impressive features, reduced water consumption and low noise. These are dishwashers of the following brands:

  • Asko D 5896 XXL (60 x 55 x 86 cm);
  • Fulgor FDW 9016 (60 x 56 x 86 cm);
  • Smeg STLA865A (60 x 55 x 86 cm);
  • Kuppersbusch IGS 6908.0 GE (60 x 57 x 86 cm).

Dishwashers with a height of 87 cm are represented by only two firms Kuppersbusch and Gaggenau. Dishwashers 89 cm high are on sale by Smeg, a collection of colored machines in pink, blue, white, black, orange and beige. Not so long ago, Hansa and Imperial had dishwashers 89 cm high. Just a couple of dishwasher models that we found are 91 cm high. These are elite dishwashers from Kuppersbusch.

Note! Dishwashers 88 and 90 cm high are not available for sale, such machines were on the market, these are models under the brands AEG, Candy, Hotpoint-Ariston, Miele, Wellton.

Compact dishwasher height

And finally, it remains to find out what is the height of compact dishwashers, most of which are desktop. These dishwashers are in demand by bachelors and small families, in addition, they fit perfectly in a small kitchen. And often such machines are not placed on the table, but under the sink in the sink. In this case, the height of the unit is of particular importance, because it is necessary that there is enough space not only for the machine, but also for the siphon.

So, compact dishwashers have a height of 40.7 to 60 cm. The lowest dishwasher NEFF S66M64N3the car is manufactured by Whirlpool (Whirlpool ADG 1900) today is missing. At a height of 40, 7 cm, its width is 60 cm and a depth of 57 cm. There is a model of a dishwasher on sale just above this, its height 43, 8 cm is a Flavia CI 55 HAVANA dishwasher.

A lot of dishwashers 44-45 cm high. These are dishwashers of the Bosch, Hotpoint-Ariston, Candy, Korting, Indesit, Electrolux brands. There are very few dishwashers with a height of 46 - 49 cm. These are mainly models of machines of little known brands, such as Beltratto, Foster, Baumatic, Mabe, Elenberg.

Dishwashers with a height in the range from 50 to 55 cm can be said to be absent, the only representative is the NEFF S66M64N3 dishwasher, its height is 50, its width is 60 cm, and its depth is 59 cm.

Note! Dishwashers 56 and 57 cm high, we did not find at all, most likely, they simply do not exist.

It seemed unusual Italian premium dishwasher Smeg STO905-1, it has not only a non-standard height of 58 cm, but its width is 86 cm, this is rare. The selection of dishwashers with a height of 60 cm is small; these are machines from Bosch and Ginzzu.

Thus, the height of the dishwasher can vary from 44 to 91 cm. Mainly, in the pursuit of centimeters, do not forget about the capacity of a low dishwasher. Maybe you should look for a place for a large machine, than later regret buying a small one. Have a good choice!


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