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The secrets of choosing a washing machine with dryer

Washer dryerA washer / dryer is an attempt to radically solve the problem of wet laundry. If you live in an apartment, you can naturally dry your linen either in the room or on the balcony, which is fraught with serious flaws. Drying laundry at home means getting problems with excess humidity, and if drying it on the street, you need to monitor it (and suddenly it starts to rain or a strong wind raises dust), in general, it is inconvenient. Therefore, the forefront is the question of how to choose a washing machine with dryer, we will try to answer it.

Differences between a washer and dryer from a regular one?

The main difference is obvious - a washing machine with dryer, in fact, combines two devices with an automatic washing machine and an automatic drying machine. The automatic washing machine performs 3 cycles of laundry care:

  • washing;
  • rinsing;
  • spin.

The dryer-washing machine automates as many as 4 out of 5 laundry care cycles, adding drying to the above list. And there are 5 cycles in total: washing, rinsing, spinning, drying and ironing. Unfortunately, we have not yet come up with a household appliance that can effectively implement all 5 cycles. If such a machine appeared, there would be no limit to the joys of housewives.

Someone will say, why spend money on such a household appliance if the laundry can be perfectly dried on the street? After all, clean street air gives freshness to linen, which no fabric softener can replace. In part, this statement is true if you live in a village or suburb, and you have free time. And imagine, if you live in an apartment in a stuffy metropolis and your time is running out, for such people, automatic drying will be a real salvation.

Note! Specialists counted even the most modest (by the number of programs) washing machine with dryer, saving the hostess an average of 15 hours a month.

How such a machine works, how it works

The washer-dryer is a little more complicated than a regular automatic washer. What additional structural elements are built into it?

  1. Ten. An additional electric heater is built into it for heating the air.
  2. Duct fan. Hot air with a fan is pumped through the duct into the laundry drum.
  3. Small blades in the drum. The drum with blades rotates during drying, so that the laundry does not cake, and wrinkles do not form on it.
  4. Humidity sensors. In the drum there are sensors that determine the degree of drying of the laundry.
  5. Storage tankinto which moisture condenses. Excess moisture condenses on the walls of the tank and settles in it in the form of a liquid.

Note! In tankless washer-dryers, condensed moisture does not go into the tank, but into the sewer, which is very convenient; you do not need to periodically empty the tank.

The drying function is activated manually or automatically after the end of the washing program, rinsing and spinning. Wet clothes continue to rotate in the drum at a low speed, at this time hot air begins to flow into it in the programmed volume and dry things. Drying programs are different, examples of their main varieties you can see in the diagram.drying modes

The names of basic and additional drying programs may vary between different manufacturers of washing machines, but their essence does not change from this. The most common and popular program is “intensive drying” or “quick drying”. It is implemented on all washing and drying machines, providing complete drying of things in the drum in a time of 40-60 minutes. An indispensable program if you need to dry some things in a short time.

“Gentle drying” and “drying in the closet” are much longer programs, but they help to keep things from jamming, wrinkles and drying out.Additional drying programs can also be very popular. Ironing is a drying program that additionally shakes the laundry and processes it with steam to facilitate the subsequent ironing process. Dry Wash is generally a set of programs that allow you to clean clothes without water, which include Sterilization and Odor Removal.

Important! The Sterilization program is very useful if you have a baby. It allows you to quickly disinfect children's things, which, for example, have been lying in a closet for a long time - and no washing.

Energy Efficiency and Reliability

Consumers still have an opinion that washing machines with dryers quickly break down and do not last long because of their overly complex design. This is actually not true. Any certified and verified equipment in the absence of factory defects serves at least within the warranty period. As for washing machines with drying from well-known manufacturers, they can serve in some cases for decades.

The service life of such a machine directly depends on the correct operation. If you follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer and specialists, then the machine will last a long time, if you break all the rules, then it will not last several months. There are the following recommendations for the operation of a washing machine with dryer.

  • DO NOT to overload the drum with linen.
  • DO NOT to allow young children to the control unit of the washing machine.
  • DO NOT connect the machine to an outlet with other energy-intensive devices.
  • DO NOT wash clothes without pulling the contents of their pockets.
  • DO NOT tumble dry: wool, nylon, silk, voluminous things, things with foam rubber, down jackets.

Drying laundry requires intensive operation of the heating elements, which leads to increased energy consumption. If modern automatic washing machines without a drying function have an energy class A or even often A + or A ++, then “washers” with a dryer cannot be found in this energy class.

At a minimum, we will talk about class C, and most often even D and E. Therefore, if you plan to often dry clothes later in the machine directly, get ready for some increase in electricity bills. More information about the energy classes of washing machines can be found in the article about washing machine power.

Overview and features of the best models

It is very difficult to choose a high-quality washing machine with dryer that meets your needs, especially considering the number of models offered on the modern market. The price run is also huge, so let's turn to the data on the best models of such machines, which experts have collected for us. When citing this data, we will take into account customer reviews, as we claim a high degree of reliability. So, the best models of washing machines with drying function.

Siemens Wd15H541OE. A relatively compact 84.5x60x59 washing machine with dryer with a drum load of up to 7 kg (if you use a drying program, up to 4 kg) and a drum speed of 1500. Modes that are clearly visible in the photo are built into its block.Siemens washer-dryer

This is what is needed in stock and even more. There is a display on which the progress of the program is displayed. The machine is equipped with security systems: protection against leaks, protection against excessive foam formation, additional loading of linen. The machine has built-in humidity control, quick and at the same time uniform wetting of linen, dosing of water, self-cleaning of heating elements, brushless motor. Energy class for drying C. The average price is 1800 cu

Bosch WVH28442OE Avantixx. One of the best washing machines with drying function in its segment. Its dimensions are 84x60x59. The maximum load of the drum is 7 kg (for drying 4 kg), the maximum speed of the drum per minute is 1400. Its control unit contains the following modes shown in the photo:Bosch washer-dryer

There is a large convenient display.The machine has a security system: protection against water leakage, protection against excessive foam formation, prevention of imbalance during the spin cycle, additional loading of linen. In addition, in the arsenal of the car there is an ecosilencedrive - a quiet motor, a special water management system and more. Energy class during drying C. The average price is 1600 cu

Aeg L87695Wd. A beautiful washing machine with the function of drying clothes with dimensions 85x60x60. It has a rather capacious drum with a load of up to 9 kg (during drying 7 kg) and a rotation speed of 1600 revolutions. Its control unit contains the following programmed modes:AEG washer-dryer

  • cotton wash;
  • washing synthetics;
  • steam treatment;
  • quick wash with dryer;
  • eco-friendly wash;
  • drying wool;
  • eco-friendly cotton wash;
  • drying synthetics;
  • drying cotton;
  • rinsing;
  • spin + drain;
  • easy ironing;
  • delicate wash;
  • wool +.

Convenient LCD display. A safety system is built into the machine: protection against leakage, from excessive formation of foam, preventing imbalance during the spin cycle, reloading of linen. Energy class during drying C. The average cost is 1650 cu

Electrolux EWW1697MDW. Silent washing machine with drying function from a well-known manufacturer. Dimensions 85x60x61. Capacious drum with loading up to 9 kg (during drying 7 kg) and drum rotation speed up to 1600 revolutions. There are modes:Electrolux washer-dryer

  • steam treatment;
  • washing duvets;
  • washing fine fabrics;
  • drying wool;
  • drying synthetics;
  • drying cotton;
  • quick wash;
  • washing synthetics, cotton and wool;
  • washing delicate items;
  • eco cotton.

There is a convenient display. Leakage protection, electrovalve, double hose. In the presence of control of the formation of foam, imbalance, the function of saving previously configured programs, a delay start button. Energy class during drying C. The average cost is 1000 cu

To summarize, we note the review of washing machines with drying, showed that the best modern models are in a high price class. The ratings given on other information portals confirm our conclusions. However, such machines are worth the money, because they greatly facilitate the life of any housewife.


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