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Overview of Bosch Embedded Washers

Built-in CM BoschWhy is the current buyer more often and more willing to buy built-in appliances? Yes, because only built-in appliances can best fit into the interior composition of the bathroom, kitchen and any other room.

The built-in Bosch washing machine will not be visible behind the furniture facade, which means that it will not stand out from the general background and concentrate the attention of guests. In this article, we will provide an overview of this technique, as well as talk about its distinguishing features. Do not miss!

What makes this technique stand out?

The first question that interests us is: what is thiswashing machine bosh front-loading different from any other Bosch front-end? Many ordinary people manage to shove even freestanding cars into specially made cabinets. With Bosch built-in washing machines, everything is simpler and now you will understand why.

  1. Bosch built-in washers on the right and left of the hatch have 1 pair of special mounts. Hinges can easily be inserted into these fasteners and the door can thus be hung.

The seats for the hinges are closed with special plugs so that dust does not accumulate there.

  1. On the front wall of such washing machines there is a minimum of protruding parts, and even if such parts are present, they protrude slightly. We have a flatter and more recessed hatch door, a flattened program shift knob, and a slightly recessed powder receiver.
  2. The housing cover is flatter without protruding parts.

Technical solutions touched only the configuration of the washing machine, otherwise the built-in "home assistant" is very similar to its freestanding counterpart. True, if you look at the price, you will see that Bosch built-in washers are much more expensive than freestanding ones, however, we will not get ahead of ourselves.

Bosch WIW 24340

One of the best Bosch brand built-in washing machines. The drum has a load of 7 kg. Digital display, touch control system and spin at speeds up to 1200 rpm. This model has the lowest power consumption corresponding to class A +++. The equipment is completely protected from leakage, from the occurrence of an imbalance and even from excessive foaming. There is also a blockage from the intervention of small tomboys.

Bosch WIW 24340

There are 14 of the most modern and thoughtful washing programs. Users especially like the following modes: stain remover, super rinse, economy wash, night wash. The model has a wide loading hatch - 30 cm. Noise when the machine is working below normal - no more than 66 dB. The price for this model is about 900 dollars.

Bosch WIW 28540

The Bosch WIW 24340 washer was modernized, and thanks to this, the Bosch WIW 28540 appeared. Outwardly, these two machines are very similar, but the Bosch WIW 28540 looks more profitable in terms of technical characteristics. Her drum can be loaded with eight kilograms of dry laundry, while the overall dimensions of the machine remain within normal limits. The spin speed is 1400 rpm, it can be adjusted in increments of 200 rpm.

Bosch WIW 28540

The machine is extremely energy efficient and reliable. It is fully protected from all kinds of leaks, foaming, imbalance and other "charms". It has 14 built-in washing programs and many useful little things: drum light, delayed start for a day, anti-vibration pads, optical indication and a very quiet motor. For all this, the buyer will have to pay a lot, because the machine costs $ 1030.

Bosch WKD 28541

This Bosch built-in washing machine differs from the above by significantly higher energy consumption, mainly due to the availability of drying. Yes, you heard right. This washing machine not only erases, rinses and wringes the laundry, it also dries it.There is a drum in which you can put 7 kg of laundry for washing, and 4 kg of laundry for drying, modern electronic control, the latest display and the ability to turn on the spin at 1400 rpm. The model has 14 washing programs and 4 drying programs.

Bosch WKD 28541

It should be noted that this machine (like drying), works worse than a dryer, but, nevertheless, if you use it wisely, you can achieve a good result. Like all expensive "home helpers" the car is equipped with a special compartment for liquid powder. If you prefer washing gels, keep in mind that this compartment doubles the overall efficiency of using liquid powder. The average cost is $ 1,190.

Bosch WIS 24140

Let it not bother you that the Bosch WIS 24140 looks ugly, it will still not be visible behind the furniture facade. But the machine works just fine, it can wash 7 kg of dry laundry at a time. The inner surface of the drum is specially designed for gentle care of things. The control of the machine is the most ordinary electronic, there is not even a display, but this does not detract from its merits.

Bosch WIS 24140

The spin on the machine is adjustable, you can accelerate the drum to 1200 rpm starting at 400 rpm. If necessary, spin can be turned off. The Home Assistant is equipped with direct injection, a system for protection against water leakage (both the body and the hose are protected), unbalance control and foam level control. High-quality washing is provided by 14 programs. The price is 572 dollars.

We hope you are convinced of the indispensability of Bosch’s built-in washers and you already want to have such a “home helper” for yourself. If yes, then hurry up, because the supply is not so great, and demand is growing rapidly. Good luck


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