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Water in a new dishwasher upon purchase

new PMMThe situation is quite commonplace: you were brought from the store a new dishwasher wet inside. The first thought is that we are being deceived. This is the structure of the human brain; it is easier to believe in bad than in good. We immediately build in our head terrible guesses that the "vile sellers" conspired and sell used dishwashers. Myself, of course, we pretend to be the victims of the machinations of a senior manager, who, while arranging the goods, smiled sweetly at us, and he thought something was wrong behind us. Stop, let's turn on common sense and we won’t stigmatize people who do their job well ahead of time.

Where does the water from the store come from?

If the machine you just bought in the store turned out to be wet inside, and there is generally water in the salt tank, this does not mean at all that the equipment was previously used by someone. Where does the water come from in the new dishwasher? Immediately after assembly, at least a dishwasher, at least a washing machine passes bench tests. The machine is driven mercilessly, checking all the necessary technical parameters. If everything is normal with the equipment, it is removed from the stand, packed and shipped in order to be delivered to the store.

According to the regulations, the manufacturer should not drain the water remaining after the tests, so the machine just comes to the store wet inside. If the machine inside is wet, this, from our point of view, is not always bad.

  1. This may indicate that the machine was recently removed from the stand at the enterprise, immediately entered the store and you bought it right there. The equipment did not have time to stay in stock and this is excellent.
  2. This may mean that the seller is responsible for his duties. Before shipping the dishwasher for delivery, he launched it and checked it, although you usually won’t get anything from sellers.

Some large appliance stores are equipped with stands where cars are connected to electricity and water for demonstration to customers. If your model was removed from such a stand and you were not warned about this, it may turn out to be wet.

  1. This may mean that someone bought your dishwasher before you, installed and launched it, and then for some reason refused to buy it, returning the equipment back to the store.

The latter situation should alert you, however, returning complex household appliances back is often not allowed by sellers. If the machine is serviceable and has no shortcomings, then the seller will not accept it back just like that. This means that you as a bona fide buyer should not think about the bad. Fraudsters, of course, come across among sellers, but the moisture in the dishwasher is not at all the evidence that could indicate precisely the attackers. And that’s good, less nerves.

How to understand that the technique is not used?

So, you brought a dishwasher with water inside, and you can not calm down? Apparently our words didn’t really convince you. So, it remains to check whether your dishwasher was previously in use. When buying directly at the store, this is difficult to do, but at home it’s quite.dishwasher bottom

  1. Inspect the drain hose carefully. In used dishwashers, the drain hose inside is contaminated with food debris. It is difficult to wash them clean from there, therefore, upon careful examination, small residues can be detected.
  2. Unscrew and inspect the drain filter, as well as the grill. The goal is the same - you need to detect the smallest food debris and traces of fat. After bench tests, the company launches a special program for cleaning the machine, so there should not be any food leftovers in the new technology. So do with bosh dishwashers.
  3. Unscrew the salt tank and inspect it inside. If a compressed layer of salt is detected, then the machine has been in operation for some time.If there is a little salt, and it is not compressed, then the equipment was not exploited, but only tested.
  4. Disconnect the inlet hose and get to the flow filter. This is such a mesh at the base of the intake valve. Remove the mesh and inspect. The new machine is absolutely clean, because the company uses specially prepared process water for testing. There are no impurities in this water, which means that nothing settles on the net. Can there be limescale on the flow filter of a new machine? Of course not, if the mesh is dirty, it means you have sold used equipment and you need to write a complaint to the store.

Nobody canceled the standard inspection of the packaging and the body of the machine. If there is minor damage on the case, and the box has obviously been opened sloppy earlier, this is additional evidence in favor of the version of the used product. In general, be vigilant, but do not stigmatize the seller ahead of time. Gather evidence first, and then state it in an oral or written claim. If you set a goal, you can "bring to the clean water" even the most cunning fraudster.

So, if you find that water has leaked from a brand new dishwasher, do not rush to think about the bad. Perhaps the water remained after the tests at the enterprise, where the machine was collected. However, it will not be superfluous to check, especially since it is not difficult to do so. Good luck


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