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German vertical Bosch washing machines

German vertical Bosch washing machinesThe shelves of Russian household appliance stores are laden with Bosch washing machines. Not all of them are made in Germany, but they are all assembled under the control of German engineers. The vast majority of Bosch washing machines that we sell today have front loading, but there are top loading models. We decided to pay attention to Bosch top-loading machines and review them. Look what came of it.

Features of these cars

Not everyone knows, but everyonewashing machines Bosch conditionally can be divided into two groups: with front loading and with vertical loading. What is the difference between them? Machines with top loading (vertical) have a hatch for loading laundry, which is located on the top of the case. Front-loading cars have a sunroof that is integrated into the front of the chassis. Both those and other washing machines have their pros and cons, but today we are more interested in the advantages of “home helpers” with top loading.

  1. The hatch for loading linen for these machines is located at the optimum height. Older people do not have to bend down to load laundry into the drum.
  2. It’s also easy to control the car, because in order to press the buttons you do not need to bend over.
  3. Such cars do not need ingenious protection against child intervention. The control panel is high and most tomboys simply will not get there.
  4. The verticals are much more stable than the front-loading Bosch machines, even when spinning at high speeds they rarely “jump” and stagger.
  5. In case of damage to the cuff of the hatch of the front-loading washing machine, it will leak. Water through the gap between the manhole cover and the body will flood onto the floor, flooding everything around.

For Bosch top-loading machines, even if the top cover is damaged, there will be no washing problems, but it is better that no breakdowns occur.

Bosch WOR 16155

German assembly model with outdated specifications. However, this top-loading washer is still in demand among users. In the control module of the machine 7 washing programs are recorded: Mixed linen, Thin linen, Silk, Prewash, Wool, Stain removal, Intensive washing. Bosch WOR 16155 is quite noisy, with an extraction it can give out up to 73 dB, but at the same time it is quite stable.

The car does not have a display, but it also has simple controls, which is probably why pensioners love it. The technique has an impressive set of functions, such as: secondary rinsing, lightweight ironing, delaying the start of the program. With the safety of the machine, too, everything is fine, there is protection against water leaks, overflow, imbalance and foaming. Also, a good self-diagnosis system is built into the washer. Case height - 90 cm, width - 40 cm, depth - 65 cm, and the machine weighs 59 kg.

Bosch WOT 24255

And this is a much more modern washing machine with many features. Its load is 6.5 kg. The spin speed of the laundry can reach 1200 rpm, although the machine is very noisy (76 dB). There are 10 washing programs in the washing system for all occasions and under any laundry. There are also many functions, especially “Light Ironing” and “Laundry Without Spin”.

That's not all. The Bosch WOT 24255 kit has an informative display, as well as an impressive system of indicators, which can be difficult to figure out the first time. The machine has reduced resource consumption and a good security system. There is even protection against overheating, which often saves the machine from breakdowns. The dimensions of Bosch WOT 24255 are exactly the same as those of Bosch WOR 16155.

BOSCH WOR 16155 Bosch WOT 20255 Bosch WOT 24455

Bosch WOT 24455

The 455 model is even more modern. It has a more informative digital display, a 6.5 kg drum and a special spin program that does its job perfectly. The laundry output has 53% residual moisture.The set of 8 excellent washing programs: Silk, Wool, Shirts, Thin underwear, Hand wash, Mixed underwear, Sportswear, Children's clothing. Also a bonus is a program called “Super Fast Wash”, in less than 30 minutes it manages to complete the wash, rinse and spin.

This model implements the function of bookmarking laundry during washing. It will be convenient for users who constantly forget to put one of things into the wash. In addition to the standard security package, the “home assistant” has protection against child intervention, but why it is not very necessary is not clear for the child and it will be difficult to get to the shining control panel.

Bosch WOR 20155

Fans of budget top-loading washers will love Bosch WOR 20155. Of course, it does not have a display, and this fact scares off some buyers, but it costs a lot less, and its characteristics are no worse than those of the above models. A drum load of 6 kg, she squeezes the laundry at a speed of 1000 rpm. 7 programs plus a “gentlemanly” set of functions make the machine quite competitive against the backdrop of the most modern washing equipment models. It makes noise even a little less than Bosch WOT 24455. Production Germany and Slovenia.

Bosch WOT 20255German-made modern top-loading washing machine

WOT 20255 will cost a little more, but it looks more impressive. It is equipped with a simple display and a very decent set of programs. Especially worth highlighting are “Antiallergenic Wash” and “Intensive Wash”. In the anti-allergenic mode, the machine rinses the laundry several times, removing even tiny residues of detergents - allergy sufferers can be calm. The load of the model is 6.5 kg, the spin speed reaches 1000 rpm, the spin, of course, is adjustable.

"Home Assistant" has a good set of features. We will not list everything, however, we highlight “Easy Ironing” and “Delaying the start of the program for 24 hours.” The delay is useful to those who run the washing machine at night. The safety of the machine is also at its best, in addition to the standard set, it has protection against overheating, as well as a hatch lock system. Why she needs a hatch lock is not clear, but, nevertheless, she is. In general, the model leaves the most favorable impression.

So, we did a small review on top-loading Bosch washers. Of course, many models were not included in our review, simply because there are very, very many of them. If you need additional information, you can find it on the official website of Bosch, and we say goodbye and wish you good luck!


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