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Top Loading Washing Machine Reviews

top-loading washing machineVertical loading machines are less in demand in the Russian market than in the European one. But, despite this, there are still people who use the top-loading washing machine, they are willing to share their opinions on how the machine erases, talk about its pros and cons. We decided to make a selection and provide feedback from experts and consumers about the machines of this type.

General opinion about the "vertical lines"


I like the vertical loading machine. It has been working for me for many years and during this time I just haven’t survived, because of old age I’m going to buy a new one, also with a vertical load. It’s convenient in such a machine that without draining the water you can pause the program and add things if you suddenly forget something, or vice versa you didn’t check your pocket, turned it on, remembered that it contained money ... you stop and get it without any problems. The only thing is not happy that for machines with such a load the price does not fall at all, in contrast to front-loaded washing machines.


I already have a second machine with vertical loading. I have to take because of its size. Both cars are the simplest from Indesit. It is convenient to throw laundry, you do not have to bend your back. Washing programs are enough.

Crazy mama

My mom really praises top-loading washing machines. Firstly, there is no need to bend over to put or take out the laundry. Secondly, you can report linen even after the start of washing. And thirdly, as my husband explained to me, a drum is better attached to such a machine, but this can be compared with machines that have a belt drive.

For me, the minus in vertical loading is that you can’t hide it under the countertop and don’t put anything on it, although on the other hand, trash will not accumulate. And I note that such machines also have a modern design, display, they can not be called a relic of the time, as some write.

Indesit WITL 86


Advantages: convenient and useful programs, worked without breakdown a little more than 3 years.

Indesit WITL 86Disadvantages: inconvenient compartments for powder and conditioner, it is especially difficult to wash them.

The machine washes generally not badly, but quickly broke. In the vertical loading, I did not like the fact that after opening the lid, water from the powder receiver drains directly into the drum and onto the rubber. In general, for the model you can give only 3 points, if you worked longer, would put 4.


Advantages: indestructible machine with daily washing.

Disadvantages: it is inconvenient to rinse the powder receptacle.

They bought a car 6 years ago, washed children's things every day. Washes perfectly, makes little noise during the spin cycle, but doesn’t bother me much. After 4 years of active operation, the pump broke down, after another 2 years it broke down completely, the repair was not reasonable. I think that during these 6 years the machine has worked out all the money spent on it.

Vereshnya Dmitry

Advantages: design using two bearings, experts will understand what is at stake, as well as dimensions.

Disadvantages: not detected, except for the fact that detergents sometimes remain in the powder receiver.

Indesit washing machine bought 5.5 kg for 6 years, during which time she was rubbing a lot of linen, especially baby diapers and things. The machine fits perfectly in the kitchen in Khrushchev, while there is no problem opening the hatch, it does not interfere underfoot. And on top, I installed a reclining tabletop made of plywood, practical and convenient. For installation, only a water supply tap was required; hoses were installed at the factory. The noise during spinning and washing in my opinion is the same as with front-loading machines. Choosing a program is very simple.

Candy EVOGT 12072 D

Khurtina Alexandra

Pluses: perfectly launders.

Minuses: not found.

Candy EVOGT 12072 DFor this is the best machine of those that were before. Washes dirt even on short programs. And at 600With and adding stain remover to the powder, it takes even old spots that the past machine could not cope with. The loading process is very convenient, I pressed the button, the drum opened, took the laundry and put it down, and there was no need to bend. Programs are thought out in time and practicality, there is even a hypoallergenic wash.

Tolstopyatova Marina

Advantages: a set of thoughtful modes, a delay in starting the wash, almost silent.

Disadvantages: not identified.

I really like my Kandy washing machineShe deserves 5 points with a plus. I like the MIX / Wash program, which allows you to wash things from different fabrics. I wash it even at night, the neighbors don’t hear the noise, neither do I.

Ivanov Ivan

Pluses: I can’t name.

Disadvantages: can not be repaired even after years of work.

Perhaps I got a defective model, but when the warranty period came out and it broke, they said in the repair that they could not help. I’ll no longer choose the vertical loading, water flowed from under the lid and immediately hit the control module, which burned out in a matter of seconds. I’m not gonna take a chance on Kandy anymore.

Grebeshkova Alexandra

Pluses: roomy and compact, fits well into my bathroom.

Minuses: not found.

For 3 years of washing did not find any flaws. Washes perfectly, like the mode of mixed things. When spinning things do not crumple and do not tear. The drum opens easily and at the same time smoothly, at one time you can lay two towels and a family bedding set. Everything extends perfectly.

Zanussi ZWQ 61215 WA

Sladkov alexey


  • simple operation;
  • build quality;
  • does not vibrate;
  • has the necessary set of programs;

Zanussi ZWQ 61215 WADisadvantages: a bit overpriced, adjustable legs only 2 instead of four.

It erases well, the look looks quite stylish. It makes a little noise at the maximum spin speed, except for the cat it does not scare anyone. Nothing more, a good workhorse.

Mikhalevich Elena

Advantages: attractive design and convenient operation.

Disadvantage: linen is torn during washing.

The model is disgusting, because in this machine I spoiled more than one expensive thing, including satin curtains. The fact is that during washing, threads are pulled out of the fabric and wound around the drum mounts. On cotton items after such tests, small holes appear. Would not trust washing machine Zanussi any more.

Samerkhanova Gulnaz

Advantages: build quality, availability of car parking, attractive design.

Disadvantages: compared to Mile, Zanussi erases worse, but quite normal.

The assembly and functionality justify the price. Convenience of vertical loading on the face. When choosing, I didn’t even doubt it. There are plenty of programs, too, but you can’t check how a machine erases in a store. Therefore, I can give her only 4 points out of 5.

Electrolux EWT 1567 VDW

Pikin Dmitry

Advantages: good design and convenient touch controls.

Disadvantages: rinses poorly and tears underwear.

Electrolux EWT 1567 VDWI did not expect such quality and washing from the cars of the Electrolux brand. After such a purchase and two months of operation, I am disappointed in the acquisition. The number of programs and functions are not worth the money that I had to pay for it, about 50,000 rubles. It does not wash well, it drains the water only once during the wash cycle, as a result of which white linen turns gray. Add a lot of powder, then remastered a second time. In general, no savings. Yes, and the rivets of the drum tear things.

Evgeny Savitsky

Advantages: excellent spin class at 1500 rpm, cool control panel, German build quality.

Disadvantages: after washing the drum is not fixed, a bit overpriced.

Found what I was looking for. And I was looking for an advanced one in terms of electronics and programs, but more or less at an affordable price. This model was most liked by Electrolux. I only considered the option with vertical loading, before that, too, only Ariston was the same, worked for 4 years. Like the car in every way, all the flaws are not significant.



  • Excellent wash.
  • Almost no noise.
  • Convenient management.
  • Convenient powder tray.

Disadvantages: non-Russified control panel, hard pressing the button to open the drum cover.

We chose only the Electrolux brand washing machine, since the previous one worked for 19 years. Initially doubted as an assembly. After all, where only today they are not collected. However, we do not regret the purchase, the machine fit perfectly, I really like the design. For a similar model with top loading, I can put 5 with a slight minus.

Whirlpool WTLS 60812 ZEN

Tatyana Nikitina

Advantages: I do not know what to call.

Disadvantages: unreasonable price, noise like a jet engine, wring badly, crouches.

Whirlpool WTLS 60812 ZENBefore this purchase, she washed in a typewriter also with a vertical load only from Bosch. So even the old Bosch was even better than the new Virpul. We can say that the money was thrown to the wind, and what to give for did not have about 45,000 rubles. I will not advise anyone from Virpul.


Advantages: car parking, convenient top loading, excellent spin and washing.

Disadvantages: it is noisy during the spin cycle, whistles a little, the menu is complicated, you have to look at the instructions every time, when it opens, water flows directly onto the laundry.

The machine erases perfectly, but has not found the declared efficiency. The price is too high, similar functionality in competitor models can be found cheaper. However, she thought that Virpul was more reliable, which turned out to be not entirely justified.

Bosch WOT 24454

Linar Almazovich

Advantages: number of programs.

Disadvantages: tight buttons, very noisy.

Bosch WOT 24454I bought this top-loading car for only 25,000 rubles. Installed by myself. Already at the first start-up and at a speed of 800 the machine whistled for the whole apartment. But it does not vibrate. The washing machine clearly corresponds to the Russian assembly, there can be no question of any German quality. The purchase is disappointed, my rating is 2.

Anastasia Eremeeva

Advantages: it seems they are not.

Disadvantages: you can’t list everything.

Noises and vibrates from the very first washHowever, there was no opportunity to change. Three weeks later, the washing machine in the literal sense of the word almost fell apart, inside, when washing, there was a strange metal whistle. After the warranty repair in the car, only the board and the case remained from the factory, the interiors were changed. After repair, the machine continues to fail, it also breaks with electric shock. In general, I hit 25 tons of rubles.

Yanshin Anatoly

Advantages: it erases and wringes well, the programs correspond to those declared according to the instructions.

Disadvantages: the drum does not stop strictly vertically, you have to turn a little.

At maximum speeds, the car makes a decent noise, but at 600 everything is almost inaudible. I have been using it for a year, there were no breakdowns. For a given price, we can say that the washing machine is doing fine. Due to flaws, it receives only 4 points.

AEG L 70260 TL

Fedorov Sergey

Advantages: many washing modes, convenient display, convenient tray for detergents.

Disadvantages: no.

AEG L 70260 TLFirst bought and used a top-loading washing machine, not disappointed. It erases perfectly, does not vibrate and does not rattle. A couple of times buggy when washing 20 minutes, but this is due to improper installation. After fixing the problem, glitches did not appear.

Maletin Igor

Advantages: compactness and spaciousness.

Disadvantages: whistle and hum during spin.

Having studied the reviews about top-loading washing machines, the choice fell on the AEG model. Ordered AEG L 70260 TL, independently installed it in level on a flat hard floor. According to the instructions, he connected the car to the water supply and sewage system and made a trial run. The control panel lit up. The program began its work, but the water did not go into the tank. The machine stood, stood and hung, the restart did not give anything. I drove the car to the masters, the benefit is all under warranty. They took the car, a day later they called that they were collecting water and the problem was in the wrong installation.

I agreed with the arguments of the masters, took the machine back, plugged it in again and really, the water began to accumulate and the washing started. Everything was fine until the car started spinning.Then I felt myself on a take-off airliner, the car began to rattle terribly, vibrate, so much so that the glass shook. Again, I call the service center, I ask the specialist to come to re-examine the washing machine and measure the noise level. The master came to measure everything, but it did not seem to him that the car was noisy, and the device showed a noise level within acceptable limits.

Then he told me tales for a long time that all vertical lines work so that it’s normal and that I should just get used to it. Then he packed up and left, and I was taken aback, left alone with his purchase. I do not like to give up, so I wrote a complaint to AEG, I will wait for an answer.

Ardo TL 85 S

Dmitry Abakumov

Advantages: it erases well in all modes, does not spoil things.

Minuses: very noisy.

Ardo TL 85 SI bought this car for a long time, about 10 years have passed. What this car just did not survive, 3 crossings with drunk loaders, merciless exploitation by neighbors in a communal apartment and at least that. The truth rattles, bounces, vibrates, but I didn’t set it in terms of level, because I have a curved wooden plank floor. If it is placed on an even and solid base, there may be less noise. Quite often, I forget to stuff some thing into the wash, and this top-loading machine has the ability to stop washing and report things.

Evgeny Chambartsev

Advantages: a very reliable washing machine, for 7 years nothing has broken, although it starts 2-3 times a day.

Disadvantages: over time, it began to hum more and vibrate, not washed off powder accumulated in the cuvette.

This machine was bought seven years ago at a sale of equipment. Served properly, not a single failure. There was nothing even insignificant. Now I began to drain the water badly, looked at it before and determined the problem with the drain pump. I will change the impeller, and will continue to work like new. I recommend this model to everyone.


11 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    I want to write about ZANUSSI. She worked for 14 years, during this time 2 repairs. The weak link is the bearings. I am satisfied with the work as a whole. Now I am faced with the choice to repair again or buy a new one. I will choose a European assembly machine.

    • Gravatar Elena Helena:

      I completely agree with you. Zanussi's weak point is the bearings.

  2. Gravatar Yana Jana:

    Zanussi is a good machine. She worked for 10 years. Weak link bearings. Just repaired.

  3. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    We bought the Indesit WITL 86 with top loading in 2004. Not a single failure for the entire period of operation! And now the top cover (it is metal) began to rust. And the drum started tapping a bit, we decided to buy a new one, but also with a top load!

  4. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    My Indesit has been serving me faithfully for 6 years, without any complaints at all. Just a good and reliable model, erases and wringes perfectly.

  5. Gravatar Larisa Larisa:

    Our Candy CT-725 T top-loading machine was purchased in July 1996 and also serves faithfully. But unfortunately today (October 4, 2017), bearings began to whistle. Where to get the same for a replacement?

    • Gravatar Alex Alex:

      Change bearings

  6. Gravatar Leva Leva:

    I have a vertical hotpint. This brand didn’t even get into the review, it also erases perfectly! There are many useful functions, it erases and wringes quietly, well, it takes up quite a bit of space.

  7. Gravatar Sim Sima:

    Yah! I also have Whirlpool wtls60812 zen, I really like it! Although I'm not a big fan of verticals, this one has changed my mind. At the expense of noise - you just need to install it normally and that's it! On a flat surface, also anti-vibration pads will not hurt, we have

  8. Gravatar Mitya Mitya:

    Hotpoint Ariston, 20 years without repair, great machine. Today is dead.

  9. Gravatar Vera Vera:

    I have a BRANDT machine, French assembly. It has been working for 15 years without repair. With a metal drum. But it's time to change. I want the same brand. But prices are going wild. Thanks to the French for the quality !!!

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