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Why is it impossible to have a washing machine at home in the USA?

Why in the USA it is impossible to have a washing machine at homeRussian citizens who are in the United States as part of a business or leisure trip may be unpleasantly surprised by the lack of washing machines in rental housing. Tourists are faced with legitimate questions: “where to wash things? Is it really impossible to have a washing machine in the country? ” We will understand why there are no automatic machines in the houses and what to do in case of unwillingness to wash things manually?

In some places there are washing machines

At first glance, it might seem that washing machines at home are banned in the United States. However, it is not. Americans living in rural areas far from the city purchase and install washing equipment. In this case, the laundries are located at an impressive distance, and to overcome it, you need to spend a lot of time and refuel the car, which is not very profitable and convenient for an ordinary rural USA houses there are 1 items

In cities with a high population density, washing machines in apartments are extremely rare. We are talking about New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dallas, etc. In high-rise buildings, residential complexes are specialLaundryrooms ”, rooms with 2-3 washing machines.

To operate the equipment, you have to pay. The principle of the rooms is similar to the work of laundries. The significant difference is that you don’t have to leave your house; Laundryrooms can be placed right at your entrance.

Reasons for the unpopularity of home washers

US citizens do not install cars in apartments for several reasons. Some items on the list will seem ridiculous to the Russian person, some will make you think. In most cases, Americans give the following objective reasons:

  • 70% of housing in the United States is leased under a lease. The landlord does not install the car, because he simply does not want to "get involved" because of this in difficulties. So, the owner seeks to avoid costly repairs when equipment breaks down by negligent tenants. Another factor is the fear of flooding the neighbors, because such a misunderstanding can lead to long ships and rather large amounts of damage.
  • Washing in the USA is not customary to put in the bathroom, and even more so in the kitchen. A special closet is reserved for the technique. Because of the room under the machine, you can lose useful square meters, which, for a moment, are very expensive in America. Residents of the country will prefer to adapt this closet under the cabinet for things or storing blanks.
  • In the United States, people constantly move from house to house, and often travel around the country. Because the Yankees do not even think about buying a washer and other bulky household appliances.
  • Many are sure that using laundry services is more rational and more profitable. So, you can sort all the dirty laundry, put it into several drums at once and finish the job much faster.

All these reasons have a place to be. And each one explains in different ways why he refused a washing machine. Owning household appliances in America is not prohibited, so if the equipment does not cause internal discomfort to the owner, you can place it on your personal living space.

In a large family there are no cars

it’s easier to wash a lot of laundry immediately in the laundryAnother factor encouraging Americans to abandon washing machines is a large family. Such a reason would seem absurd to a Russian woman, because if there are several children in the family, then a lot of washing will accumulate. This is where the “home helper” comes to the rescue, freeing up a couple of hours for preparing dinner, activities with children, and just mom’s rest.

Americans feel and think differently. It seems strange to them to load laundry several times a day, after taking it out, hanging it for drying, waiting for it to dry completely, taking off the clothes, and so on day after day.It is much easier for them to collect things that have accumulated in 5-7 days, and visit the laundry, located nearby. In professional institutions, you can lay out all the laundry in different washers, wash, put in a professional drying chamber, and go home with a large supply of clean products.

Residents of the United States prefer to use laundry services, which save not only the time spent on washing, but also the money paid for the electricity and water consumed.

Meeting place and communication

No one can be in the laundry room at allAmerican laundries are no longer perceived solely as a place with a huge number of automatic machines. In the laundry room you can make new friends, talk about politics, prices, children, play board games, watch TV together. A laundry visit is considered an extra reason to make new friends, chat with neighbors, and discuss the latest news.

Very often, laundry owners agree with the owners of cafes and restaurants. A catering establishment should be located in the immediate vicinity of the laundry. So, citizens who have launched the washing cycle can safely visit a nearby restaurant and chat over a cup of coffee. While eating, time will fly by even faster.

In the american laundry

There are a lot of rooms equipped with washing and drying equipment in the USA. Laundries are located at almost every step. Business hours may vary, but the schedule is mostly standard, closing occurs after 10 pm. You can also find laundresses working around the clock.

Going inside, it is easy to get confused by a large number of washers. Sometimes the rooms are equipped with different models of machines, however, washing programs are mostly similar. The visitor only needs to sort the brought linen, find the unoccupied equipment, load things, put detergents into the dispenser and start the cycle.

Each machine has a digital display, which displays the current state of the equipment, as well as the price that must be paid to start the device. The average cost of one wash cycle is about two to three dollars.

In most cases, payment machines accept only coins with a face value of 25 cents.

After starting the cleaning process, the hostess will have free time. You can spend it in different ways - chat with others, go to lunch at the nearest institution, take a walk along the street, read a magazine, etc.

Laundry detergents are allowed to be brought from home, and you can use special vending machines that sell washing powder, soap, bleach, air conditioning, and stain remover. Such devices for the "quarter" will give the right amount of funds.

At the end of the washing process, you should take a special trolley and unload things from the drum. Wet clothes are transported to drying equipment. Be sure to check the cleanliness of the camera and only then put things inside.

For the use of drying equipment will have to pay the same 25 cents for about 8 minutes of operation of the equipment. If there is a lot of linen, then for complete drying it will take about 40 minutes of drying, which will cost almost a half dollars.

In larger laundries you can meet the administrator. An employee will help you with questions, show you how to use the equipment. However, a special worker is more an exception than a rule. There are no hall employees in ordinary saunas, so if you have any questions, it is better to call the phone number listed on the wall banners. After the call, help will have to be expected within 10 minutes.


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