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Narrow Washers - Overview and Selection Tips

Narrow washing machinesIt is not possible today to do without a washing machine, not only because of the significant saving of time and effort, but also because for various needs most households have long been using household appliances for various purposes. That is why in small apartments or in houses where there is simply not enough space for full-sized devices, narrow washing machines will be the best solution. Sometimes compact models more successfully fit into the new interior of the room.

What parameters is the choice based on?

It would seem that from the name of the device it is clear that the main task is well defined - such a technique should wash clothes. But this is far from the case, because manufacturers offer a huge number of different-format models that differ among themselves in a number of characteristics.

Therefore, it is advisable to prioritize the purchase for yourself the priority functions that the machine should have. In parallel with this, you need to determine the size of the budget that the user is willing to spend on the purchase. Moreover, you should not take into account only the cost, since sometimes you can buy something completely different from what was required with completely useless functions at a high price.

Narrow washing machines for the most part have a vertical load. Such models have their advantages:

  • the ability to install on three sides of the device;
  • space saving, since there is no need to open the front hatch.

But at the same time, this technique also cannot be put under the sink just because of the vertical loading. Some users are convinced that a narrow washing machine is always the minimum drum volume. However, this is not so, and if you consider a number of options, you can as an alternative to models with a load of up to 3-4 kg choose a device with a capacity of 5 kg, which will have compact dimensions.

Narrow washing machine under the sink

Detailed feature overview

In order for the machine to serve more than one year, you need to study the characteristics. Only in this way can you get just such a device that will meet the requirements of the user. Among the main parameters can be identified:

  1. At first, it’s better to decide which type of download is preferable. For example, the main plus of the front location of the hatch is the ability to integrate such a technique under the work panel in the kitchen or under the sink in the bathroom. But narrow washing machines, which are loaded vertically, can significantly save space, in addition to this, during the launched washing process in such models, you can throw a forgotten thing into the machine.
  2. The choice of the washing class allows you to get at your disposal a washing machine that has a good quality of washing, and in addition to Narrow Indesit washing machineit economically consumes electricity. The best option for this criterion is a class A model. You can find different types of equipment with a class designation from A to G.
  3. The number of revolutions per minute. This parameter is responsible for the quality of the spin. If the user prefers to get almost dry laundry out of the machine, then you need to pay attention to the models with the highest drum rotation speed. But you should be prepared for the fact that narrow washing machines at sufficiently high speeds do not give the same quality of spinning of linen, since the drum radius of such models is noticeably smaller than that of full-sized devices.

Most middle-class machines operate at values ​​of 1,200 rpm., But there are analogues, the rotation speed of the drum which reaches 2,000 rpm. An additional advantage may be the ability to independently select the spin mode, but in economy-class models this function is usually absent.

  1. The material from which the tank is made also plays a role in the selection. For example, if we consider stainless steel, then the life of such devices is much longer than that of others. However, composite materials allow the machine to work much quieter. So the user must decide here on his own, which is more important: the service life or the relatively quiet running of the device.
  2. Connection method. It is easier and more profitable to choose a machine with connection only to cold water. This will avoid a number of problems, in particular, there is the possibility of savings, since cold water costs the user several times cheaper than hot. In addition, the heating of cold water by the heating element of the device occurs more evenly. But you cannot vouch for the quality of hot water.
  3. The number of programs. All models of full-size and narrow washing machines always have a certain set of preset programs that allow washing clothes under certain conditions (reinforced or, conversely, gentle). For example, almost everywhere you can find a delicate wash program, soak mode or extra rinse.
  4. Noise level. The manufacturer always extols his product, but do not blindly trust all the colorful stickers that “blossom” in lush color on the machine’s body. The fact is that only equipment equipped with a three-phase asynchronous drum drive motor, as well as one in which noise insulation is present in the form of a special material that insulates the housing on the inner surface, can be fully considered silent.
  5. The function of protecting the machine from leaks. This feature is not provided universally in every model. In addition, there are several types of devices:
  • without protection function;
  • with partial protection;
  • with full protection.

If the choice fell on a narrow washing machine in which there is such a node, then this will avoid a number of probable problems in the future. In other cases, one could think of a separate locking mechanism, but, unfortunately, there is simply no such possibility, and only the manufacturer sets the protection for the machine.

  1. Drying clothes. Models of cars with this function will cost the buyer significantly more. It is assumed that the user gets more comfort by taking dry laundry out of the drum. But this is somewhat not the case, because, firstly, you will have to partially empty the machine each time beforehand, pulling out half of the loaded laundry, so that drying is complete, and secondly, the laundry is wrinkled excessively.

Additional features

In addition to the basic set of programs and functions in narrow washing machines, there may be other features, including:

  • Aqua Sensor - allows you to significantly reduce water consumption during washing, and in addition to this controls the degree of transparency of water and, if necessary, increases the number of rinses;
  • Fuzzi Control - automatic control of the washing mode, as a result of which the machine independently decides which program parameters should be used with the loaded amount of linen and the type of material;
  • S-system - foam control function;
  • start timer - allows the user to delay the start of the device;
  • stop with water - a function that allows you to get the laundry out of the machine before the spinning process begins to avoid crushing things.

There are fully automatic devices that, without human intervention, are able to select an operating mode and determine other washing parameters. You can pick up various types of similar machines that differ in washing technology.

One of the factors when choosing is the brand of the machine. Among the popular ones, one can single out Candy, Ariston, Indesit, Beko, Samsung. A number of models of the brands Bosh and Electrolux belong to the class above. Accordingly, the cost will vary.Moreover, it is not recommended to focus on the price or popularity of the device separately from other parameters. You should evaluate the machine in the aggregate for a number of characteristics, including, of course, the price factor.

As a result, having analyzed a number of technical characteristics and having initially determined the budget, it is possible to select a device model endowed with precisely those properties and functions that will ensure further quality at the level that the user needs. You can always choose an alternative and most appropriate solution at an affordable price, and if there are no financial restrictions, then the task of choice is simplified.


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