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What are narrow recessed dishwashers

narrow built-in dishwashersHousehold appliances and appliances play a huge role in our lives. Built-in appliances are in greatest demand today, since it facilitates the creation of an interesting and modern interior design in the kitchen.

Moreover, because of the features and the small space of the kitchen, people take narrow models that fit perfectly into the furniture from the built-in models. Built-in narrow dishwasher - this article is dedicated to it.

Types of narrow dishwashers

Narrow dishwashers are called machines whose width does not exceed 45 cm, which is 15 cm narrower than standard models, but at the same time no less than 40 and even more than 30 cm. At the same time, they can be built in fully or partially.

When fully integrated, the dishwasher is hidden behind the decorative facade so that you may not understand that it is hidden there. The partially built-in model has a control panel with a display on the facade. The narrowest dishwasher has a width of 44-45 cm, dishwashers with a width of 30 cm do not exist, this is beyond technical capabilities.

In addition, depending on the size, a narrow dishwasher can be:

  • floor-standing - such a dishwasher is installed on the floor on adjustable legs and hides in a kitchen cabinet, its average dimensions (WxDxH) - 45x60x82 cm;
  • compact - this model has dimensions - 45x48x46 cm, slightly larger than a microwave oven, but it is not built-in, although it can also be hidden in a cabinet.

Features of narrow models

Now let's talk about the technical characteristics by which one narrow dishwasher may differ from another. The capacity of the dishwasher is how many dishes can be loaded into the tank of the machine in one cycle.

  • A narrow floor dishwasher can hold dishes for 9-11 people - this is the largest model among narrow machines;
  • A small dishwasher holds dishes for 4-5 people.

Note! A narrow floor dishwasher is optimal for a family of 3-5 people, but if there is not enough space, it is better to consider the option with a compact model, the width of which is 60 cm and the height is 45 cm.

As for the flow of water, on average, regardless of the size of the dishwasher, the flow rate is 8-11 liters. Electricity consumption also does not depend on dimensions; a modern built-in dishwasher can have the energy consumption class A, A +, A ++ or A +++.

Let's say a few words about manufacturers of dishwashers. Many well-known (Bosch, Whirlpool, Hot-point-Ariston) and little-known manufacturers have narrow built-in models. Compact models are found in Bosch, Midea, Electrolux, AEG and Siemens.

Narrow Model Overview

Consider several models of dishwashers and compare them according to technical characteristics.

Bosch SPV 53M00 - dishwasher, fully integrated in the furniture. With a width of 45 cm, it holds up to 9 sets of dishes. It has reduced power consumption, condensation drying and five programs, including a quick cycle for 30 minutes. Thanks to the water purity sensor, its consumption is reduced to 9 liters per cycle. There is a protection system in the car, which makes it reliable. The model is in good demand among consumers. For the German assembly from Bosch will have to pay about 40 thousand rubles.

Bosch SPV 53M00

Bosch SPV 63M50 is another built-in dishwasher with a width of 44.8 cm. It is slightly different from the previous Bosch machine. About 9 liters of water will be spent on washing 9 sets of dishes, in addition, energy consumption and noise level will be reduced, the rate of which is 44 dB. There is a mode speed washing, and all of them 6. With improved technical indicators, the car will cost about 57 thousand rubles.

Bosch SPV 63M50

Hansa ZIM 428 EH - a narrow inexpensive dishwasher from China, fully integrated into the furniture. She will wash ten sets for about 150 minutes, while spending 8 liters of water. At the same time, the functionality and capabilities of this machine are also not bad. There are 8 modes, there is a program for washing crystal and other fragile dishes. It costs such a pleasure from 24 to 30 thousand rubles.

Hansa ZIM 428 EH

Siemens SR 64M0 30 is a fully built-in narrow dishwasher from Germany from Bosch. The machine will qualitatively wash the dishes for 9 people in an average of 3 hours, spending about 9 liters of water. Among the four modes there is an "Express program" lasting a little more than 30 minutes. The dishwasher is protected from leaks and children, has four most necessary programs. The width of this model is 44.8 cm. The average price is 40 thousand rubles.

Siemens SR 64M0 30

AEG F 65401 IM is a narrow partially built-in machine with a width of 44.6 cm. This dishwasher can wash the dishes in one of five programmed modes, spending about 9 liters of water, and doing it quite quietly. The average price is also about 40 thousand rubles.

AEG F 65401 IM

Thus, a narrow dishwasher can be either fully built-in or built-in partial. By technical characteristics, such machines from the same price category have approximately the same set of programs. Advanced models have higher technical parameters, but they are also much more expensive, is it worth you to pay extra for this?


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