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Overview of narrow Candy washing machines

review of Kandy washing machinesIncreasingly, consumer choice falls on Kandy's narrow washing machines. In modern apartments, rather large bathrooms are provided, but what about the owners of the old "Khrushchev"? It’s hard for a person to turn around, and not just put a machine of full dimensions. An excellent solution in this case is a narrow washing machine that fits into most niches. It can be put in the combined bathroom, placed behind the door in the bathroom, or fit into the kitchen. Have you decided to purchase a "home assistant" of this brand? The range of Kandy washing machines is diverse, and this review is intended to guide you in choosing.

Which Kandy are considered narrow?

Before proceeding with the analysis of models, you need to decide which of the Kandy cars are narrow. It happens that people mistakenly measure the narrowness of a machine by its width, not its depth. This is fundamentally not true, since the width of the washing machines is the same, they differ only in depth.

If the depth of the washing machine is more than 40-45 cm, it is considered standard. Accordingly, narrow machines are called narrower than the specified depth. Relatively recently, super narrow Candy washing machines appeared and quickly became recognized, their depth is only from 33 cm to 40 cm.

If you opted for the Kandy washing machine, but you have little space to install it, do not worry. From this article you will learn about the best narrow and super-heavy “home helpers” of this brand.

Candy CS4 1061DB1 / 2

This washing machine is capable of washing a maximum of 6 kg of clothes in one cycle. Setting the washing parameters is done electronically, while control is provided from the "smart". The depth of the machine is 40 cm, the loading hatch in diameter is 35 cm, the tank is made of plastic.Candy CS4 1061DB12

The manufacturer offers several modes, including washing delicate underwear, children's things, jeans, etc. If you wish, you can pre-wash, rinse things thoroughly in the “super-rinse” mode, and also enable the mode of prevention of creasing for quickly creasing products. The maximum rotation speed of the drum during the spin cycle is 1000 rpm, it can be changed or completely canceled.

The device has a high level of washing safety: yes water leakage protection, children are denied access, foam formation and drum balancing are controlled. The start of washing can be delayed up to 9 hours. The machine is offered only in white colors. The price of this machine ranges from 14 to 16 thousand rubles.

Candy CS4 1272D3 / 2

With dimensions of 60/40/85 cm, where 40 cm is the depth, the machine is distinguished by a high indicator of load of linen. The maximum load is 7 kg. The car also has electronic controls, including from the phone. There is a modern display on which it is convenient to adjust the washing parameters. The diameter of the loading hatch is 35 cm. The tank of the machine is made of plastic, the body color is only white.Candy CS4 1272D3 2

The water consumption for washing is 52 l, the machine consumes 0.13 kW / h per kilogram of laundry. The drum is able to rotate at a considerable speed - 1200 rpm, the rotation is adjustable, you can also completely cancel the spin cycle.

Only the machine body is protected from leaks of soapy water, the level of foam and the imbalance during the spin cycle are controlled.

The machine provides 15 different modes of washing clothes, including a special program for the care of woolen products. The start of washing can be delayed for up to 1 day. The price of this washing machine is approximately 16-17 thousand rubles.

Candy GVS44 138TWHC

This machine is slightly wider than the previous ones (its width is 44 cm, all other dimensions being equal), which is redeemed with a maximum load of laundry of 8 kg. The machine is controlled on a touch digital display; a control mode from a smartphone is provided. The loading hatch with a diameter of 35 cm differs in opening by 180 degrees. The tank of the machine is made of plastic.Candy GVS44 138TWHC

  1. The water consumption for washing is 55 liters.
  2. Electricity consumption - 0.13 kW / h per kilogram of laundry.
  3. The maximum rotation speed of the drum is 1300 rpm. Spin can also be canceled.
  4. The machine is completely protected by water leakage, the foam level and drum balancing are under control.

There are 15 washing programs in the machine; there is a special mode for washing silk products. To remove stubborn dirt, you can use the stain removal and steam supply program. To wash clothes from delicate fabrics, you can use the mode in a large amount of water. The start of washing can also be delayed (up to 24 hours).

This car costs a little more than others, due to its greater functionality, the price for it ranges from 18 to 22 thousand rubles.

Candy RCS4 1152D2 / 2

The maximum load of linen for this machine is small - 5 kg, but otherwise the equipment does not lag behind the above samples. There is electronic control, a digital display shows all the information about the washing process. The depth of the machine is 43 cm, which classifies it as a class of narrow washing machines. The tank of the car is plastic.

Spinning can be performed at speeds up to 1100 rpm, you can change the speed yourself. The security system in this model is partially implemented. Only the machine body is protected from leaks, all other functions are present in full.

Sixteen programs allow you to wash any type of laundry, including wool, with high efficiency. Delaying the start of washing is also possible and is up to 9 hours. The car is only available in white, its cost is 16-17 thousand rubles.

Candy GVS4 136TWB3 / 2

A super-heavy washing machine with a depth of 40 cm allows you to load up to 6 kg of laundry maximum. Digital display, touch control, the ability to control from a smartphone make the machine a highly intelligent assistant in everyday life. The tank of the machine is made of plastic, the loading hatch has a width of 35 cm.Candy GVS4 136TWB3 2 Candy RCS4 1152D2 2

The machine squeezes the laundry at a maximum speed of 1300 rpm, which is a fairly high rate. The lack of a machine can be considered the lack of any protection for water leaks, while the rest of the security systems are fully operational (child protection, control over the level of foam and drum balancing). This washing machine has various modes, including those designed specifically for washing both woolen and silk products.

The car is also sold only in white color. The price of this model is from 18 to 22 thousand rubles. All of these models are distinguished by approximately the same characteristics and high energy consumption classes and washing and spin efficiency. However, the second, third and fifth of the above models showed the highest energy consumption classes (A +++) and spin efficiency (B). The washing efficiency class for all considered machines is the same - A.

Focusing on the overall dimensions of the machine, do not forget to take into account the other characteristics - the maximum load of the laundry, the spin speed, the number and range of washing programs, the ability to delay the start of washing and, of course, the safety system in the machine (protection from leaks, from children, foam control and imbalance). All this is also very important.


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