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Narrow German-made Bosch washing machines

narrow Bosch washersVery often, Russian consumers prefer narrow Bosch washing machines, as they take up less space. At the same time, they are not interested in models of the Russian or even Polish assembly, they “grab” the German assembly technique. Why is that? There was a firm belief that the "purebred" Germans work much better and break down much less often. Good reviews are also about the Bosch technique of the Polish assembly. Most of all, they’re scolded by Russian-made Boschs, so today we’ll review it specifically on German models.

What kind of cars will we talk about?

First you need to figure out whichwashing machines bosh front-loading should be called narrow. The manufacturer himself can answer this question. He distinguishes a line of narrow models from 33 to 45 cm. Other manufacturers introduce a more stringent classification, leaving only front-loading “home helpers” among whom the case depth is not more than 40 cm among the narrow ones. We will proceed from the parameters proposed by Bosch.

Turning to the review of narrow Bosch brand washing machines, we cannot but note the fact that there are very few German-made washers left on the Russian market. And the narrow Boschs made in Germany can be counted on the fingers of one hand. What are the typical characteristics of narrow Bosch washers made in Germany, except that their hull has a shallow depth?

  1. In the memory of their control modules contains a large number of washing programs - from 14 to 17.
  2. This technique has, as a rule, a significant load - from 7 to 9 kg and even more.
  3. The machines are distinguished by a large opening angle of the hatch, which facilitates the use of technology.
  4. Models are moderately noisy and can wring laundry at a speed of at least 1000 rpm.
  5. They are also characterized by excellent assembly, quality parts and special features such as 3D-AquaSpar.

3D-AquaSpar allows you to evenly wet the laundry, which is located in the washing drum using a special system.

Bosch WLL24241OE

Quite popular narrow Bosch machine with a depth of 44.6 cm. For one washing cycle, the machine consumes an average of 42 liters of water. Spin adjustable, maximum speed 1200 rpm. WLL24241 has an inverter motor, 17 washing programs, a drum with wave-shaped grips of 46 liters. The equipment is equipped with a digital display, a complex display system, while it has a relatively simple control system.

Bosch WLL24241OE

The machine has a built-in imbalance control system, protection against water leaks, protection against overflow, overheating. There is also protection against child intervention and an advanced self-diagnosis system for malfunctions. The washing machine is designed so that you can add linen to it directly during washing. There are also noteworthy features like: “Easy Ironing” and “Laundry Without Spin”. The average cost of this model is 580 dollars.

Bosch WAT20441OE

Another narrow German-made model with a case width of 40 cm. Unfortunately, 35 cm models are not presented in our review, since they are currently not available for sale. Bosch WAT20441OE is characterized by increased reliability, reduced noise level during operation and significant stability. The machine stands firmly even when the spin is turned on at maximum speed - 1000 rpm. The drum has a load of 9 kilograms of dry laundry.

Bosch WAT20441OE

Of the 14 washing programs, the hostess will always be able to choose the right option for the set of clothes that is loaded into the drum. The feature set is impressive, but not all features are truly useful. The most noteworthy features include: "3D-AquaSpar" and "Auto-weighing laundry." Price cars about 800 dollars.

Bosch WLN24262OE

The third machine from our review has a 7 kg drum, 17 washing programs and an excellent modern digital display that displays all the information the user needs.The list of washing programs is really impressive, the following modes are especially good: “Antiallergenic washing”, “Children's clothing”, “Down jackets” and “Super fast wash”. The drum is able to rotate at a speed of 1200 rpm.

Bosch WLN24262OE

When creating this machine, the manufacturer thought about its safety. There is a lock from children's intervention, protection from excessive heat, overflow, imbalance. There is even a pile filter. During the spin cycle, the machine behaves perfectly due to correctly placed counterweights. The cost of the equipment is 516 dollars.

So, it’s quite difficult to buy a Bosch 33 cm German-made car; in Russia these models are now rare. But in the course of the model with a case from 40 to 45 centimeters, it was with this technique that our review introduced you. Good luck


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