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Ardo washing machine device

Ardo washing machineBefore you start repairing an automatic washing machine brand Ardo, you need to get acquainted with its device. It is important not only to know the general device, namely, where the main components and assemblies of this washing machine are located, but where its additional structural elements are located, and what is their feature. Let's talk about all this.

Main nodes

Let's start with the general device of the washing machine of the Ardo family machine. The vast majority of structural elements of these washing machines are no different from the structural elements of other washing machines.

ARDO device

  • Tank. A special tank in which water is mixed with detergents. Laundry occurs in this water.
  • Drum. Mobile perforated durable tank made of metal. The drum is in the tank, laundry is loaded into it, and soapy water enters into it from the tank through the holes. The rotation of the drum provides washing, rinsing and spinning.
    washing tub and drum
  • Electric motor A fairly ordinary electric motor that rotates the drive mechanism, ensuring the rotation of the drum, and therefore washing the laundry. An electric motor is installed under the tank.
  • Pomp (drain pump). This is a water electric pump that helps pump out the waste water from the tank of the Ardo washing machine. The electric pump turns on, as a rule, at the end of each cycle of laundry care: after washing it drains soapy water, after rinsing it also drains water, drains the remaining water after spinning. The pump of the Ardo washing machine is installed in the lower left corner inside the washing machine.
    engine and pump
  • Ten (heating element). A very important part of the Ardo washing machine. It provides heating of cold water flowing from the water supply to the desired temperature. If necessary, the water in the tank can be heated to 90-950S. Teng is installed in the tank of the washing machine so that its thermal elements come in contact with water.
  • Bulk solenoid valve. This element is installed in the Ardo washing machine at the place where the inlet hose contacts the body. The task of the electrovalve is to create a reliable barrier between tap water, which strives to rush into the tank under pressure and the internal communications of the washing machine. If necessary, the solenoid valve opens, and a certain amount of water enters the washing machine, as soon as enough water is poured, the valve closes.
    Teng inlet valve

Note! Modern models of Ardo washing machines have the technical ability to connect to hot water, so they have an electric valve block instead of an electrovalve.

  • Control module. The electronic unit of the washing machine, in which the programmed microcircuit of the Ardo automatic washing machine is located. The control module is the heart of the machine, the operation of the washing machine itself and the quality of this work depend on the proper operation of the module.
    control board
  • Control Panel. It can be electronic or mechanical. The control panel provides communication between the washing machine and the user, allowing a person to choose a washing program or even fine-tune. The control panel of the Ardo washing machine has a display, buttons and toggle switches.
  • Loading hatch and locking device. A very important part of the washing machine. The loading door is always in sight, through it we put the laundry in the washing machine. UBL (the lock of the hatch) is opposite hidden inside the washing machine, however, it allows you to firmly close the hatch for the washing period and control its opening and closing.
    Ardo hatch
  • Detergent dispenser (cuvette, powder receiver). The powder cuvette is also a part of the washing machine with which the user constantly contacts, since powder is poured there before each wash.The powder receiver should be used correctly, and then the Ardo machine will wash much better. For the proper use of a powder cuvette, read the article Where to pour powder in the washing machine?

Other elements

We talked about the main components of the Ardo washing machine, now we will give a list of additional elements. We note immediately that the composition, appearance and functional purpose of the elements may differ depending on the specific model of Ardo brand washing machines. So what are the elements in question?

  • Drive gear. Consists of pulleys, bushings, drive belt, bearings, oil seals, shock absorberscrosses and other details. This mechanism serves to ensure the relationship of the engine with the drum of the washing machine. Without a drive mechanism, the rotation of the drum would be impossible, as well as washing.
  • Shock absorbers. These are elements that help dampen vibration. It occurs during the rotation of the drum. Without shock absorbers, the moving and static structural elements of the washing machine would quickly deteriorate, collapse from monstrous vibration. In addition, without shock absorbers, the drum of the washing machine could not spin up more than 400 rpm.

For old Ardo washers, vibration damping springs are installed on the tank; for newer models, instead of springs, hydraulic struts are installed.

  • Sensors In the washing machine, the Ardo machine has a lot of useful and very important sensors. This is a presostat - a water level sensor, which detects when there is enough water in the washing machine and gives a command to the control module. And he opens and closes the filling valve. A temperature sensor that detects the degree of water heating and helps the control module determine when the heating element turns on and off.
    pressure switch and temperature sensor
  • Sealing gum and filters. Designed to protect against leaks and filter water. The largest sealing gum of a washing machine is an Ardo machine, which is considered to be a manhole cuff. And the biggest filter is the garbage filter.
    cuff and trash filter
  • Branch pipes and hoses. Pipes make up the internal water communications of the washing machine. Pipes receive clean water and water mixed with detergents. Dirty water is discharged through the nozzles from the machine. Hoses make up the external water lines of the washing machine. Through the inlet hose, water enters the washer, and through the drain hose it is discharged from the washer.
    branch pipes and hoses

In addition to all the main and additional elements of the Ardo washing machine, which ensure its performance. It would be nice to say a few words about the housing of the washer. The housing also ensures the operability of the washing machine, since its task is to protect the mechanism from any external influences. Part of the housing of the Ardo washing machine is made of plastic, and part of the metal. The housing consists of the following elements:

  1. cap;
  2. bottom;
  3. side walls;
  4. front wall
  5. back wall.

Design Features

There are not many design features of modern washing machines with an Ardo brand machine, but they are. Let's talk about them briefly. Firstly, in the washers of this brand in 98% of cases a metal tank is installed. Perhaps for this reason Ardo is so noisy during washing. But this is a plus, since a metal tank is much more difficult to damage. He is not afraid of either a bone from a bra or the "crazy hands" of novice masters.

Secondly, the heating element in Ardo is not located at the very bottom of the tank, but slightly to the side. This, on the one hand, facilitates its dismantling and installation, and on the other hand, increases the washing capacity in hot water. After all, in order for the machine to start heating water for washing, it is necessary that the heating element completely disappears under water, and this is 1/6 of the entire tank volume.

where is the heater in the Ardo washing machine

In case of repair, you can get to the heating element of the Ardo washing machine through the service hatch, which is located on its rear wall.

Thirdly, the programs embedded in the control module of the Ardo washing machine are in many ways unique. There is a program for washing in water without heating, washing shirts and a neat wash. But at the same time, Ardo has a rather obscure interface. In other words, you need to experiment a lot before you can adapt to all washing modes of this machine.

In conclusion, we note that the Ardo automatic washing machine externally and internally is very similar to its counterparts - washing machines of other brands, the device for all automatic washers is approximately the same. However, this machine still stands out for something, namely, the material of the tank and the location of some important components.


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