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Water hardness level in Moscow for a dishwasher

water hardness for PMMIn order to successfully operate the dishwasher for a long time, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions and follow them strictly. First of all, you need to think about the quality of the water that goes into the dishwasher. Today we would like to talk about the level of water hardness in Moscow. How suitable is home water for dishwashers? After all, if the water is very hard, then even the ion exchanger will not cope with its softening and problems will arise. In general, we will understand.

Indicators in different administrative districts

Probably, it would be more correct to give the water hardness indicators for Moscow regions, but in this case the article will turn out to be too cumbersome. And there is no particular sense in this, since the difference between several adjacent regions will be small. Here are the water hardness indicators for the administrative districts of Moscow.

  1. Central - 0Well, the average is 3.3.
  2. North - 0F on average 3.6.
  3. Northeast - 0F on average 3.4.
  4. East - 0F on average 3.
  5. Southeast - 0F about 3.2.
  6. South - 0W about 3.5.
  7. Southwest - 0F on average 3.4.
  8. Western - 0W about 3.5.
  9. Northwest - 0W about 3.1.
  10. Zelenogradsky - 0W about 3.5.
  11. Trinity - 0F about 3.2.
  12. Novomoskovsky - 0W about 3.1.

The Trinity and Novomoskovsky administrative districts are very large, so the run-up of water hardness there is from 3.1 to 3.4 0G.

If you want to get more accurate information about the current value of water hardness at your address, you can visit the Mosvodokanal website. On the site in the section "Population" there is a subsection "Water Quality in the Areas of Moscow". Go to this subsection and enter your home address above the map. In the table below, among other things, the current water hardness indicator will appear.

Indicator Changes

It was not in vain that the Mosvodokanal organized for the population of Moscow the opportunity to monitor the status of the water flowing to their homes online. Key indicators are constantly changing, so it’s not enough to look at them once, they need to be tracked. Why are stiffness indicators changing? There are many reasons, but the main changes occur when the seasons change.

In winter, the water is the most severe. It is in winter that in unsafe areas, in terms of water quality, dishwashers and washing machines are most at risk. In spring, the water in the water supply system becomes much softer due to the large amount of melt and rainwater entering the water bodies. In the summer, indicators can also change, but only slightly, but in the autumn during the rainy season, the water softens for a while and remains softer than the norm until the first frosts.

The hardness of the water for the dishwasher is quite easy to track if you live within the MKAD. The site Mosvodokanal will help. For people who live far from Moscow, this service is not available, thereforerecognize the hardness of the water for the dishwasher they will have to do it on their own.

What indicators are considered normal

hardness of waterIt remains for us to find out how hard the dishwasher can withstand. In other words, what are the acceptable values 0W for household dishwashers. To find out these values, it’s enough to open the instructions for your dishwasher, but the problem is that the manufacturer can specify the values ​​not in degrees of hardness 0F, and in other units:

  1. 0DH;
  2. 0Clark;
  3. 0F;
  4. Ppm

It’s rather tedious to translate water hardness indicators from one unit to another, and it’s not a fact that you will do it right. The Mosvodokanal website will come to the rescue again. We go to the "Population" section, and then to the "Water hardness calculator" subsection. For example, according to the instructions, the normal stiffness indicator for PMM is 90DH. Enter 9 in the left line of the calculator.In the column "Current unit of measurement" select 0DH. In the column "Required unit of measurement" select 0G. In the line “Calculation result of the indicator” the result will appear. In our case, 90DH = 3.2 0G.

It remains to call the water supply organization of your city and find out the current level of water hardness. Such information is publicly available, no one will hide it from you. A simple comparison of the obtained indicators will tell you how close to ideal the water entering your dishwasher is.

So, in general, in terms of hardness, water in Moscow is suitable for a dishwasher. However, in winter the situation may change, so do not forget to sometimes visit the Mosvodokanal website for verification. Good luck


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