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Overview of smart washing machines

Overview of smart washing machinesOnce ordinary washers were even considered a miracle of technology, greatly facilitating the life of housewives. But science and technology do not stand still, and today Smart washing machines are already actively sold. If you synchronize such a device with your smartphone, the machine will be able to independently solve some technical problems, contact the service center and so on. This does not sound like science fiction anymore, it is impossible to surprise the modern discerning consumer.

How does this technique work?

Inside this unit, a special control module is installed, equipped with communication sensors and software. The processor is controlled by a special operating system, which is completely different from the usual Windows for us. The user can see the basic information on the course of washing on the digital display, but this is not all. If the model is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, these systems can be transferred to other access points, and, therefore, get into an open network. Thus, if there is a smartphone connected to the network, the user can control the unit remotely, enter commands, for example:

  • set and change washing parameters;
  • shut off water in case of error code and malfunctions;
  • choose water temperature;
  • set the washing program;
  • open the hatch door at the end of the process in order to avoid settling and debugging of laundry inside;
  • turn off the power.

Important! A particularly interesting detail - now the powder does not need to be dosed with grams each time before washing. The hostess can fall asleep as much as fit into the filler, several washings in advance. The machine itself will take the necessary amount of substance before the start of the process.

Pros and cons of such cars

Of course, the undoubted advantage of such a technique is its completely remote control. Now it’s not scary to leave the machine at home unattended, setting off on business. Even in case of unforeseen circumstances, you can shut off the water and turn off the power at a distance. All you need is to remember to turn on the Wi-Fi module before cars have sophisticated electronic modules

But any medal has two sides, and for any plus there is a significant minus. Smart-machines have two such disadvantages: high cost compared to familiar models and difficulty in managing and repairing. Machine repair masters often refuse to repair complex electronic modules, preferring to change them whole, and this again brings us back to the first drawback.

In this regard, the good old proven SM is much more unpretentious. They are already adapted to various environmental conditions, for example, increased humidity or dryness, an abundance of dust, etc. This is not true for smart washing machines: their complex parts are very susceptible to adverse conditions.

Samsung WW90M64LOPA

This washing machine is visually not much different from a regular one. The drum load is 9 kg, and dimensions - 60x60x85 cm (width-depth-height). The case is made of plastic, and the efficiency and consumption classes are the highest - that is, the machine spends the minimum amount of resources at high efficiency.Samsung WW90M64LOPA

Now directly about the special features. The characteristics indicate that the SM can work in the "smart home" system by connecting with Wi-Fi module, which is the communication channel between the machine and the owner. With smart control, you can do the following:

  1. Install the program (there are 14 in total).
  2. Select speed or cancel spin.
  3. Set the washing temperature.
  4. Clean the drum.
  5. Receive a signal about the end of the washing process.

In addition, this model is equipped with systems for controlling the level of foaming, as well as imbalance control. The machine body is equipped with leakage protection, and the electronic control display is equipped with a child protection system.


An advanced, miniature (85-60-45 cm) and fairly budget washing machine with many remote control options. Energy class A +++, water consumption is also minimal. The machine is equipped with surge protection.

Note! The Smart Diagnosis function is built into the unit, which allows you to diagnose the condition of the machine remotely, without directly contacting a service center, which significantly saves time and money.

What can a user control?

  1. Program launch.
  2. Set or cancel spin.
  3. Remote diagnostics of the machine.LG F2J6WS0W

The user can also receive various messages from the machine about the details of the washing process. Another distinctive feature of the model is the ability to record your own washing programs with unique parameters. Default modes are also available, there are 14 of them.

The heating element of the unit is made of stainless steel, which makes it much stronger and more durable than, for example, ceramic elements. The tank itself is made of plastic, the standard load is 6.5 kg.

Candy CS4 1051 D1

Even more budget option, but with a rather low load level - 5 kg maximum. The model itself is quite miniature, as evidenced by the value of the depth of the case - only 40 centimeters. Classes of efficiency and energy consumption are slightly lower than that of previous devices, 45 liters of water are consumed per cycle with a relatively small load.

The machine is not equipped with a touch control panel, everything happens through buttons, which is not always convenient. However, the remote control function through the gadget compensates for this problem.

In addition to the remote interaction option, there are also the following characteristics:Candy CS4 1051 D1

  • control the level of foaming;
  • water level control;
  • leakage protection;
  • unbalance control (distribution of linen in the drum);
  • fast wash program.

The lack of protection from children in combination with a button control panel is not very convenient for families where there are little pranksters. But the machine is equipped with a remote stop function for washing, so it is not difficult to control the process.

Candy CST G270 L1

The main feature of this smart washing machine is its vertical loading, which is pretty decent in volume - 7 kg. But it should be noted that energy consumption classes, water consumption and spin efficiency are not the highest, you need to keep this in mind. The body is made of plastic, and the heating element is stainless steel. Perhaps there are few special parameters.Candy CST G270 L1

  1. Quick wash program.
  2. Functions for controlling imbalance and foam formation.
  3. Leakage protection option.
  4. 15 washing programs.

The noise level during operation (especially during the spin cycle) is quite high - 75 dB, which is inconvenient for families with small children, as this is one of the highest possible values ​​(there are cars with a noise level of 40-45 dB).

Button control panel + remote interaction via NFC technology. There is no function to add your own washing programs, there are only 15 factory modes that can also be set at a distance.


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