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Washing machine drain hose extension - instructions

Extension for the drain hose of the washing machineProperly organized drain of the washing machine will ensure its uninterrupted and high-quality work. To do this, you need to pay attention to some features. In the process of ensuring the correct discharge, you should first examine the hose of the washing machine, designed to drain the water, and measure it. If it is not long enough, you will need to purchase a drain hose extension for the washing machine.

In addition, it is worth taking into account the diameter of the sewer pipe, which should be at least 4 cm. It is also important not to forget about the scheme by which the unit engine is connected.

Features of the organization of draining water from a washing machine

Before you begin to disassemble the issue of connecting the drain of the washing machine, you need to know that water is pumped out of the machine with a pump, and a short drain hose reduces the load during its operation.

It is also very important to correctly position the drain hose of the washing machine in the place for draining. The lower edge of the hose directed into the sewer pipe should be located at a distance of at least 60 cm from the sewer and not more than 1 meter. Of course, if the hose is connected to a siphon, then the height does not matter.

When organizing the discharge of water, one should take into account a rather important point: the edge of the hose should not reach the water, as this creates an obstructing effect on the flow. If you do not take into account the considered features, then a malfunction in the operation of the washing machine may occur. For example, the display may give an error and the operation cycle may go astray.

Drain Connection Methods

You can connect the drain of the washing machine by resorting to one of several options:

  • Using a special clamp - fixing the hose on the side of the bathroom or on the edge of the sink;
  • Install a drainage hose and connect it to the siphon;
  • Lay the additional elbow of the drain pipe.

Any of the above methods is quite simple and does not require special knowledge and skills in handling plumbing. You can easily arrange any way to drain yourself.

However, it should be noted that the drainage height of the washing machine at the highest point should not be higher than 1 m. Only in this case, the pump will completely cope with the pumping of water.

How to lengthen a hose

Hose extensionsSometimes, after acquiring a washing machine, we find that the length of the hose to drain the water is not enough. He does not reach the necessary place. Or you decided to put the machine in a new place and faced with a situation where the existing hose is not enough.

What to do? Going to the nearest consumer electronics store, to the department offering washing machines, for a hose of the required length? However, the hoses are not a standard size, longer than usual, cost an order of magnitude more expensive, and such an acquisition can really cost a pretty penny. Try to solve this problem on your own. For this purpose, it is necessary to choose a drain hose extension for the washing machine, a suitable connector, as well as prepare clamps.

First you need to determine what specific hose length you need to add. To do this, you can use centimeters or tape measure and measure the missing distance. After that, you need to purchase a plastic connector, a pair of clamps and one hose to drain the standard length. Shelves of shops are full of a variety of types of connectors. It is better to choose the one whose edges are not smooth, but look like a Christmas tree. This allows you to increase the strength and reliability of the connection.

After acquiring the required materials, you can do lengthening the drain hose.First of all, you need to take the connector and use it to connect the drain hose of your washing machine to the just purchased.

The connection points of the hoses with the connector should be tightened with clamps. In the store you can be assured that one clamp will be enough, but it is better to play it safe once again than to defend against flooded neighbors.

When buying an extension cord for the drain hose of a washing machine complete with a connector, you still need to purchase the clamps separately, since they are not included in the kit.

A similar design will serve you for many more years. With a careful approach to the selection of all components, and careful execution of the connection, you will never encounter a leak at the joints of the hoses.

To summarize

As you can see, organizing the right drains for a washing machine is not so difficult and you can do it yourself. If you approach this issue with all responsibility, spare no time and take into account all the required nuances, then the little assistant will reliably serve you for many years.

If you miss some of the features and do not organize the correct discharge of water, then the pump, which is responsible for pumping water from the washing machine, may become unusable. And this will add worries not only in the form of inconvenience in the form of problems with washing, but also the additional cost of time and money to repair the machine. Despite the fact that the cost of the new pump is quite substantial, plus payment for the work of a specialist. It is better to do everything honestly once and avoid problems in the future.


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