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extension cord with RCDIt so happens that people suddenly have a need to protect themselves and their washing machine from automatic short circuits and electric shocks. In this case, of course, no one wants to redo electrical communications. I would like to stay with an old outlet and an old-fashioned two-wire aluminum wiring without earth, while somehow protecting myself. And now, please, the market reacted to the desire of customers by launching an extension cord with an RCD for washing machines. Can such an extension cord really protect someone, how to choose such an extension cord with an RCD, read the article.

How useful is such a device?

First, let's see how useful an extension cord with an RCD for a person in general and for washing the machine is shockingcars in particular. An extension cord with an RCD is essentially a conventional extension cord, into the housing of which a protective power off device is built-in. In the event of an overload in the electrical circuit caused by various reasons, the RCD urgently opens the circuit, de-energizing it.

In principle, it’s not bad if you use such a device somewhere at a construction site or during a repair to connect a rotary hammer, a grinder and other power tools. But we need to deal with the question of whether such an extension cord can be used in order to connect a washing machine? As a general rule, you can’t. The fact is that the washing machine is a large consumer of electricity, which must be connected to a separate moisture-proof outlet protected by an RCD, and even so that it feeds the outlet cable cross section had a suitable one.

The problem is that the washing machine does not give a peak of power immediately, but at the end of the program during the spin cycle. At the same time, with the wrong outlet and wiring, trouble can occur.

In our case, there is an ungrounded “ancient” socket with aluminum wiring, an extension cord with an RCD connected to it, and a washing machine is already connected to this extension cord. Like it or not, the weak link in this chain is a socket and an extension cord with an RCD here, "... what a dead poultice ...". In this situation, three negative outcomes are possible:poor wiring

  • the chain will break and the person will be corrupted by electric shock at the moment when, in his misfortune, he touches the body of the washing machine, and the RCD will be delayed;
  • an overload will occur in the circuit, which can ignite the wiring and the socket itself, with the chances that the RCD will work and prevent a 50/50 fire;
  • a voltage drop will occur in the circuit, literally in a second it will be able to burn the surge protector of the washing machine at least, and the control board to the maximum. The washing machine will stop working, and the RCD will not react to it at all.

Well, and how do you think, are there many benefits from an extension cord with an RCD, with which you equip a washing machine. We think that there is, of course, some benefit, but we need to think about remaking the socket with electrical wiring - without this in any way.

Features of choice

If you are convinced of the need to purchase an extension cord for a washing machine with a protection, you can, casting aside doubts, immediately proceed to discuss the features of the choice of this thing.

You can connect the washing machine through an extension cord that can connect the outlet to the power cord of the washing machine, that is, the device itself must have a power cord of sufficient length.

Extenders with UZO lengths are on sale:extension cord with RCD

  1. 1.5 meters.
  2. 2.5 meters.
  3. 3 meters.
  4. 5 meters.

Quite rarely, but you can still find extension cords with an RCD, in which the network cable has a length of 8, 10, 15 and 18 meters. Such extension cords, of course, are not used for domestic purposes. They have a place somewhere on the construction site, however, the situations are different, so we found it necessary to mention them.

Be careful! Some unscrupulous Chinese entrepreneurs supply RCD extension cords in which power cords with thin aluminum wiring.Such devices are potentially dangerous and should be avoided.

Next, you need to think about the cross section of the extension cord for the washing machine, as well as the maximum load that it is able to “hold”. Most extension cords with RCDs have a copper cable from 1.5 to 2.5 mm, rated for 3500 watts. Considering that most washing machines have power in the range of 2000-2500 W, such extension cords are quite suitable for our purposes and there is nothing to choose.

Overview of similar devices

We have already figured out that you can purchase almost any extension cord with an RCD, and it is suitable for our purposes. The exception is extension cords with a too long power cord and low-quality devices, but we will not talk about them anymore. Nevertheless, through which extension cord with protection it is better to connect the washer. Which device do we need? To understand this issue, a review of extension cords with RCDs that can be bought on the market today will help. Let's give this review.

  • Extension cord with RCD Brennenstuhl. This is a very high-quality device made in Germany. It is characterized by excellent copper wiring, a sensitive customizable RCD, a moisture-proof plug, a good switch with an indicator. Disadvantages: high price, minimum wire length of 5 m, bright black and yellow colors.
    german extension cord
  • Extension cord electric with UZO UB-17-u. This is a Russian-made extension cord from RVM Elektromarket. The device is 16A, the cable cross section is 1.5 mm, the RCD is sensitive, it works after a second. Power 3500 watts. Disadvantages: the color of the cable and the unit with the sockets is black, and the plugs are red, the wire length is at least 10 meters.
  • The extender electric with UZO UB-19-u. The device is from the same company, but with slightly different characteristics. 16A, cable 2.5 mm, waterproof plug, power 3500 watts. The disadvantages are the same.

That, perhaps, is all. Our experts could not find more good extension cords with RCDs in the market. Everything comes across some kind of consumer goods, which is simply dangerous to use. We hope that in the near future there will be more similar electrics and the quality will be better.

Summing up, we note whether it is possible to connect the washing machine through an extension cord equipped with an RCD? It is conditionally possible, but is there any sense in it, this is doubtful. If you want your washing machine to work long and safely, you should not rely only on an extension cord with an RCD. Make a normal outlet with grounding, and conduct high-quality wiring to it directly from the shield and then it will be possible to say for sure that everything will be in order!


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