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What to do if the glass of the washing machine breaks

What to do if the glass of the washing machine breaksIf the glass on the door of the machine has broken or cracked, it will no longer be possible to operate the unit until a replacement or repair has been made. Indeed, through a hole or slot in the door, water will flow to the floor, which will lead to serious problems with neighbors. In the article we will tell you what to do in this case.

Why is glass breaking?

First of all, note that one small crack is already unsafe for your machine. Indeed, when washing all the details, a tremendous load occurs, including on the glass of the hatch. And if there is at least one small damage, the glass may burst right in the process, and this will lead to even bigger problems: fragments will fall into the drum, break through the tank and “break the wood” with other details. Among the most common causes of damage to the hatch door, there are several.

  1. Bad location. Sometimes the unit is installed in such a way that something constantly beats, touches or touches it. Sooner or later, the glass of the door will not stand this.
  2. Overload of laundry. Some believe that the load indicator is an empty phrase, and if you put a couple more pounds of things in the drum, nothing will happen. This is a huge misconception.
  3. Foreign metal objects in the drum. Even a small coin, when washing at high speeds, accelerates to high speeds. Therefore, it can very easily break glass.
  4. Production damage. There is always a chance that you will get a marriage. Before paying, carefully look at the glass of the car. If it has bubbles or small scratches, it is better to ask for another unit.
  5. Drum breakage. Sometimes the holding connection bursts and the drum begins to move uncontrollably. Then the linen acts on the glass with even greater pressure.

Yes, some of these reasons have nothing to do with the activities of the user of the machine, but some could have been avoided with proper behavior and following a number of simple rules, namely:

  • install the unit so that nothing interferes with opening the door;
  • wash clothes with metal hinges in special machines;
  • all buttons, locks and zippers must be fastened before washing;
  • carefully check pockets;
  • periodically change the gaskets on the door.

If you follow the instructions and treat your home assistant with care and care, no problems should arise. At least because of you.

We take out the old part

glass replacement processGlass, like other parts, is not always universal and may differ from model to model. That is why you can not at random buy the first one you like and try to make installation. To understand what parameters you need, you need to remove the glass from the door of the washer. To do this, take a set of Phillips screwdrivers and follow the instructions.

  1. First of all, disconnect the washing machine from all supply systems (current and water) and open the door all the way.
  2. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the bolts that hold the door to the front of the machine.
  3. Now unscrew the bolts connecting the inner and outer door panels to each other, in the middle of which the glass is inserted.

Now just remove the glass and take it to the store to pick up a completely similar one.

Attention! If the glass is already seriously damaged, be careful when removing and transporting it to the store, so that the glass does not break the hatch and does not damage you.

We put a new part

The most important thing here is to do everything carefully and without sudden movements, so as not to break a new part, otherwise you will have to go to the store again and buy the same. To change the glass you need:

  • insert the glass between the front and rear panel of the door and screw the screws to fasten all this together;
  • place the door in its original place near the front wall and screw in the bolts;
  • check if everything is holding normally, the door opens and closes.

That's all! Almost everyone can cope with this task.

Where to get a new glass?

you may have to order the entire doorIt happens that in a small store of accessories for a washing machine it is difficult to find a particular part. And glass for the door is no exception. If you did not find what you were looking for, you can find many stores on the network that will send you the necessary part.

  1. For example, the Internet portal "Service-24" offers glass for hatches of cars of the Indesit and Ariston brands. The price of the first is 1.5 thousand rubles, and the price of the second is about 1400 rubles.
  2. There are glasses for washing machines of Zanussi, Electrolux, ElGi, Samsung, Virpul brands and others on the SPB Spare Parts website. The price ranges from 1000 to 1600 rubles.
  3. Some stores do not offer glass separately, but immediately a door with a panel, glass and a handle. As a rule, such a kit costs about 1800 rubles, which in principle is not much more expensive than buying glass separately.

In any case, the main thing is to wait for your new part and do not operate the machine with a broken door before replacing the glass.


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