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Top 10 washing machines of 2017

washing machine rating 2016There comes a time when our old washing machine goes into oblivion and you have to buy a new one. Naturally, I don’t want to take what’s horrible and it all comes down to the problem of choosing a good, or maybe the best washing machine. In this publication, we will not only give recommendations on choosing a good washing machine, but also give the top 10 best washing machines sold in 2017 in our country, dividing them into groups for convenience: standard, narrow, high-load, compact.

Features of choice

Before you decide to choose a dream washing machine, it will be nice to study the nuances that will help make this very choice. Experts recommend first determining for themselves a list of general selection criteria, and then, gradually characterizing them, decide to purchase a specific model of a washing machine. These are the criteria.

  • The location of the hatch. There are front-loading washing machines and top-loading washing machines. For front-loading machines, the hatch is in the front, and for top-loading washing machines, the hatch is in the top cover.
  • Drum size. Washing machines have a completely different load. There are models with a small load of 3-4.5 kg, there are washing machines with an average load of 5-6 kg and with a large load of 7 to 14 kg or more.
  • The number and composition of programs. There are dozens of different washing programs in modern washers. Not all of them are in demand by the user, but many of them allow you to wash things in the best way. The buyer’s task is to choose a model of a washing machine with the best composition of programs, you should not chase the quantity.
  • Functions Functions for washing machines are also invented and implemented a lot, but about half of them are worthless. The following functions can be considered useful: intelligent control, drying, additional water injection, protection against creasing.
  • Materials The materials from which the most important parts of the washing machine are made are very important. If the machine is made of the best materials, it will last a long time. Especially you need to look at the material of the drum, tank and body of the machine.
  • Spin speed and power consumption. Some types of things simply cannot be squeezed out at low speed, so modern washing machines must squeeze laundry at a speed of at least 1000 rpm. At the same time, energy consumption should be kept at a sufficiently low level, not lower than class A.

The criteria for choosing the best technique can be discussed for a very long time. We will not bore you, giving examples further. If you want to read more about this, open an article called How to choose a washing machine according to the parameters?

You can go a different way, considering the ratings of the best washing machines, which are often compiled by professionals. Making up the top 10 or top 15 of the best washing machines, experts study in advance the characteristics of the models presented in the rating, giving a motivated conclusion, which you can rely on when choosing a “home assistant”.

In particular, our top 10 best washing machines of 2017, presented in this article, was compiled by our specialists, taking into account many features of such equipment that the average user is not aware of. But we will not beat around the bush and go directly to the consideration of the best models.

Note! Not only the washing machine repairman, but also professional marketers, even in absentia, had their hands on our top.

Standard washing machines

We decided to start the rating of 2017 with standard models, especially since they are in demand and occupy the top lines of this kind of “hit parade of home helpers”. We list them.

LG F1296SD3. A fairly simple, inexpensive, but at the same time reliable washing machine from the famous Korean manufacturer LG Electronics, assembled in Russia. The load of her, by modern standards, is not impressive only 4 kg of linen. But you live alone or together with your wife, this is quite enough.At the same time, the machine is equipped with a bunch of useful functions, direct drive, and it just erases perfectly, and all this for some 340 dollars. It’s worth considering, isn't it!


BOSCH WLG20265OE. And this is already a standard masterpiece of German engineering, released at a Russian company under the Bosch brand. This model is not in vain that got into our top, because it is super reliable, inexpensive, no frills, erases on a solid five and "does not warm the head of the owners." Loading things - 5 kg, spin speed 1000 rpm. There are a lot of very valuable functions, for example, the intelligent control function, adding linen in the middle of the wash cycle, delayed start, and many others. Good car for 350 dollars!


SAMSUNG WF8590NMW9. Another good “Korean” with very simple technical specifications. A simpler modern washer is quite difficult to find, because it does not even have a display. But behind the apparent simplicity lies a very decent model. Its drum holds 6 kg of things, spin is carried out at a maximum of 1000 rpm. Add a considerable number of washing programs and functions here and you will get SAMSUNG WF8590NMW9 at a reasonable price - $ 275.


Important! SAMSUNG WF8590NMW9 is the cheapest washing machine that has similar specifications. Currently, in many retail outlets you can buy it for stocks for a penny, so hurry.

With a big load

Let's move on to the best models of high-load washing machines. We remind our readers that these are models in which the drum holds 7 or more kg of laundry. These models are:

  1. Siemens WD14H Very expensive, but at the same time a great model of a washing machine, which is assembled mainly in Germany. This is not just a washing machine, it is a washer-dryer that can cleanly wash 7 kg of laundry, and dry 4 kg of laundry at a time. The model has a very stylish design and a bunch of functions, while it is also very reliable, but you will have to pay as much as $ 1,460 for it.
  2. Electrolux EWF1408WDL. This is truly a machine with super load, because at one time it erases 10 kg of laundry. She cannot dry clothes, but she can treat dry clothes with hot steam, if, for example, there is no need to wash them. The model has many programs and important functions, the price is $ 1,040.
  3. SAMSUNG WW70J5210HW. And this is already much less expensive, but not at all a simple washing machine from SAMSUNG. It has a load of 7 kg, spin at high speeds - 1200 per minute. At the same time, it is quite quiet, at 1200 rpm it produces only 76 dB, which is a kind of record. The price is 476 dollars.

The records of the SAMSUNG WW70J5210HW washing machine do not end there, after all, washing 7 kg of laundry, it spends only 42 liters of water, and it erases very high quality.


SAMSUNG WD80J7250GW / LP. Here's a great example of a narrow washing machine (46.5 cm deep) with a large and spacious drum that can wash 8 kg of laundry in one go. This model is not only remarkable for the depth of the case and the drum, but also for its magnificent design. It is difficult to find a more beautiful modern washer.

The machine squeezes the laundry at a speed of 1200 revolutions, while it makes a noise of only 73 dB, which is very good! Another advantage of the model is drying. This machine dries up to 4.5 kg of linen, and given its cost of $ 1070, which is a very good result compared to competitors from Europe, this model can be considered truly the best in its class.


LG F12U1HCS2. This machine is available in a much cheaper segment of the market, however, it just fell into our rating and that's why! Firstly, this narrow washer is 45 cm deep. Secondly, it holds 7 kg of linen, which is a real record for a narrow car in a cheap price category. Thirdly, she squeezes the laundry, at 1200 rpm making it almost dry, and this, in some cases, is worth a lot. And finally, in the fourth, this washing machine has many good functions, for example, “Refresh” (steaming). The price of the model is 430 dollars.



Well, here we get to the compact models of washing machines. First, a few words about these washers.They are called compact because the dimensions of such a technique are that in width, in height, in depth, they differ significantly (down) from standard washing machines. Which models have become the best?

CANDY Aqua 1D1035-07. A very small machine that can be crammed into a place where a standard-sized machine simply cannot fit. Its parameters H x W x D are 70x51x44 cm. Of course, it does not have any impressive parameters. The small dimensions were sacrificed: loading, here it is 3.5 kg, a display (it simply does not exist), the diameter of the hatch, and so on. Nevertheless, in its arsenal the washing machine has saved 16 washing programs and many useful functions. The cost of the model is 276 dollars.


DAEWOO DWD-CV701PC. Our rating also included a very unusual DAEWOO washing machine, which can be mounted on the wall, it is so small and light. This miracle of technology can wash only 3 kg of things, but its dimensions are impressive H x W x D - 60x55x28.7 cm, and this weighs 16.5 kg. It costs such a useful "toy" in the household $ 350, which is not cheap.


In conclusion, we note that choosing a washing machine to your liking, do not limit yourself to just studying the characteristics of the “home helpers” models you like. Look at the ratings of the best washing machines, which were carefully compiled for you by specialists. It is likely that this information will help you make the right choice. Have a good shopping!


13 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Max Max:

    So my LG wd10150n has worked for 14 years, it's time to change!

    • Gravatar Marina Marina:

      My Ariston Margarita 2000 has been working for 17 years, only I changed the pump a year ago. I began to look for a typewriter in a new apartment; It turns out you need to buy or expensive, or none.

      • Gravatar Love Love:

        And my Ariston Margarita 2000 has been working 17 years without repair, 2 washings a day. Now I started to leak, but which one to change? I do not know…

  2. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    About the quality of Siemens, at a price of 500 dollars. She lasted four years and burst the cross, washed two three times a week, the cross from silumin, the weight of the cross with a shaft of 1.3 kg !!! Repair 350dol.

  3. Gravatar Roma Roma:

    Bosch and Siemens with a round hatch - crap. The crosspiece + non-separable tank bursts. Any master will say that.

  4. Gravatar Nikita Nikita:

    Here would be some model from Hotpoint, their washing machines are excellent. And they look outwardly funny, there are such hatches big, very modern.

  5. Gravatar Arkady Gavrilin Arkady Gavrilin:

    Indesit has a lot of good models, they do not stand still.

  6. Gravatar George George:

    I bought a washing machine 2 years ago - Hotpoint-Ariston. My wife is very happy with this washer, she buzzed all her ears, how she erases cool 🙂

    • Gravatar Patricia Patricia:

      Of course. I also heard a lot about Hotpoint, they say they are very good. But I'm afraid that they will be very expensive.

      • Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

        No, I would not say that Hotpoints are expensive now. It’s quite an average good segment.

  7. Gravatar Ella Ella:

    In 2017, we bought Whirlpool with fresh care - one of the most successful home acquisitions in recent years 🙂

  8. Gravatar Lena Lena:

    Indesit has a newer one of the more direct models to choose from, many still have a cool feature - push and louse, which launches one-button washing. I just bought one of these new washing machines myself.

    • Gravatar Arisha Arisha:

      I had never heard of “Push and Wash” before 🙂 I was thinking about buying Indesitovskaya, now I’ll look specifically for this function. If washing can be started with one button. The idler in me rejoices 🙂

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