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How to use a cleaner for Tiret washing machines?

How to Use Tiret Washer CleanerModern automatic machines are assembled in such a way that they can function smoothly for several years. Accustomed to the automatic assistant, users perform the washing according to the pattern: they quickly fill the powder into the tray, load things and turn on the usual mode.

Very few periodically clean the internal and external elements of the machine from dirt and plaque. Therefore, one fine day you can feel the unpleasant smell from the car, see the mold on the sealing cuff, stains on the surface of the drum. You can correct the situation if you use Tiret. The tool is universal and is used for cleaning washing equipment.

Application procedure

Use a cleaner for washing machines should be very careful. The composition of the product is quite aggressive, so when using it you need to wear tight gloves. This will prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction to chemical components and protect the delicate skin of the hands from irritation.

Before using Tiret, read the instructions carefully.

The procedure will be as follows:

  • remove things from the drum;
  • apply a little cleaning agent to the rag;
  • process the tray for washing powder and conditioner, the area around the dispenser;
  • wipe the surface of the drum, the cuff of the hatch.

So, you need to treat all accessible parts of the machine with a rag soaked in Tiret. The tool copes with any visible dirt, cleans the glass of the hatch door to a shine.put Tiret on a cloth and wipe the washing machine

After that, approximately 200 ml of the composition must be poured into the powder section. Next, you will have to start any washing mode, in which the water warms up to 60 ° C and there is a possibility not to apply the spin. It is advisable to enable the additional rinse function so that the product is completely washed. At the end of the machine cycle, the washer will cease to emit an unpleasant odor.

How often do you need to clean?

You should not use Tiret every week, the effect after applying the drug will remain for a longer time. It is optimal to clean the washing machine with a cleaner once every six months. According to the instructions, the composition can be used more often, as the unit becomes contaminated.add Tiret for complete internal cleaning of the machine

Periodic washing of the machine will help to extend the operational life of the equipment, prevent the formation of mold, dirt deposits on the inside of the equipment. The wash has the ability to gradually accumulate debris, particles of detergents, impurities from tap water. Tiret helps to remove scale on the heating element, remove residual powder and conditioner from the internal hoses of the machine, flush dirt from the surface of the drum, sealing gum, etc.

If you notice a coating on the parts of the washer, or the washing quality has become much worse than it was originally, it is better to use a special cleaner. Continuous care of the automatic washing machine is simply necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.


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