All about washing machines


Test 1 - How the washing machine works

Questions in the test are related to the knowledge of the device of the washing machine. And also with the determination of malfunctions in various breakdowns and methods for their elimination.

It is recommended for those who have experience in self-repair of this type of household appliances or are familiar with the theory of this matter.

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Test 2 - How to wash in a washing machine?

Test questions are related to knowledge of the rules for washing clothes in the washing machine.

There are also questions regarding the designations on clothing labels, the proper handling of different types of fabrics and the differences between washing powders.

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Test 3 - Proper Operation of the Washer

In this test you will find questions about preparing the washing machine for use, as well as about its use.

You will also come across questions about safety in handling household appliances of this kind, about the correct installation of the machine, about the modes and temperature of washing, about the purpose of some parts, and about the correct choice of washing powder.

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