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How to test LG washing machine

LG washing machine testThe test mode of the LG brand washing machine is the best way for the average person to determine the performance of his "home assistant". The test can be conducted by anyone with any skills, for this you do not need to have any special knowledge, the main thing is to follow some simple rules, which we decided to talk about in the framework of this article.

What is it for?

Service test of the LG brand washing machine is a special program embedded in the control chip by the manufacturer. This is a whole complex of actions that the washing machine itself performs LG to check how correctly its key components and assemblies work. The user starts the service test of the LG brand washing machine when it seems necessary to him, but in the future his participation is minimized.

error code

The service mode is activated with special keys and does not last long, but it allows you to identify many breakdowns of the LG washing machine and, thus, help the master to locate the problem as quickly as possible and make a quick repair. Of course, the test mode will not help to determine any breakdown, in this case the master will have to strain the brain somewhere. But overall this is a very, very useful feature that quite often helps users save a little.

For example, if your washing machine has problems with the inlet valve, then at a certain stage of the test you will see on the display IE error. Easily deciphering this error, you will learn about the reasons that gave rise to it.

The call of the master in Moscow can cost the user of the LG washing machine $ 25-30. The test mode will help you determine the breakdown yourself and decide whether to trust the car master, repair it yourself or throw it in the trash and buy a new one.

Where to begin?

Why do we need the “Test” mode of the LG brand washing machine, we figured out, now let's talk about how to properly prepare for its launch. In fact, everything is very simple, it is not a space shuttle to launch! Nevertheless, some points should be remembered.

  • First you need to make sure that the washing machine is connected to all necessary communications: water supply, sewage and electricity.
  • Starting the “Test” mode, remove the powder receptacle and rinse it off the powder residue.
    remove powder collector
  • Remove all dirty clothes and any foreign objects from the drum of the LG washing machine. Test mode can only be run on an empty drum. This is a good rule to remember for lovers to keep dirty laundry in the drum of a “home helper”.
  • We close the hatch tightly the hatch and that’s all, this simple preparation is over, you can run the “Test” mode of the LG brand washing machine.

Test progress

To start the test mode on the LG brand washer, you must immediately press the following keys: “on”, “temperature”, “spin”. An example is shown in the picture below.

Test Start Buttons

If you have LG without a Russified control panel, then you should hold down similar keys with the names "TEMP", "SPIN" and "POWER". After taking this simple step, you will see that the control panel of the washing machine LG lit up with all the lights just like a Christmas tree.

Now we just have to press the “start” key and the test of the machine will begin safely. Then a logical question arises: where does such a test begin, what will it be checked and, most importantly, what should the user do? Everything is simple here.

  1. As soon as you press the start key for the first time, the LG washing machine will begin to test the rotation of the drum in the opposite direction, that is, counterclockwise.

The progress of almost every test of the washing machine will be displayed on its display. In particular, the first test will display the number of revolutions of the rotating drum.

  1. A second press on the “start” key will check how the drum will rotate when starting the pre-spin mode.
  2. Press the “start” button for the third time and the LG washing machine will check how the drum rotates at the maximum possible speed.
  3. A fourth press on the same button will start the check of the intake valve and pressure switch. During this test, the machine will fill a full tank of water. Moreover, the process of the gulf you can observe on the display in the form of a digital value. An empty tank is indicated by numbers, approximately 261-263, and when it is normally filled with water, you will see the number approximately 230.
  4. The fifth press of the "start" button activates the test of the heating element. Nothing changes on the screen.
  5. The sixth press "start" controls the temperature of the water. Again, the display is still the same.
  6. We poke the "start" button again and the check of engine operation in normal mode starts, that is, clockwise rotation. The display will show the changing numbers indicating revolutions.
  7. The eighth stage of the LG washing machine test is to check the heater for quick on / off. The control chip activates the heating element several times for 3 seconds. At this time, the display will show a number indicating the temperature of the water in the tank.
  8. And finally, a ninth press of the “start” key will allow the washing machine to start checking the drain pump, which will immediately begin to drain the water from the tank.

As soon as the drain pump removes all water from the tank, the numerical value on the display will increase from 230 to 261-263. If the water has not completely gone, then the final number 252-259 will appear on the screen. In this case, it will be necessary to understand why the water from the tank does not go to the end. Having pressed for the last time the “start” key of the brand washing machine LG, we are completing the test mode.

So, as you can see, there is nothing complicated in independently testing your LG washing machine. The main thing is not to change the procedure described in this publication and then everything will go well. Good luck


17 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    If the hatch door is faulty, then no testing is possible - this is a major flaw in the design of the machine.

    • Gravatar str str:

      And how do you imagine a set of a full tank of water with an inoperative door, huh?

  2. Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

    Is it possible to do such a test right in the store, without water and connecting to the word?
    And how does this threaten the typewriter? Or will she just show an error? Thank.

  3. Gravatar Glory Glory:

    At the first press, the drum rotates clockwise, what could be the reason?

    • Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

      Probably the diode in the micric is sealed on the contrary or the contact in the motor is reversed. If it works, then what difference does it make?

      • Gravatar Micah Micah:

        There is a difference. The nut will loosen over time. The thread on the pulley is right and the drum is spinning at high speed should clockwise.

        • Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

          This nut will not loosen, as twists initially using a thread lock.

  4. Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

    The water has gone almost completely, but the number on the display has stopped at 255. Which means that the water has not gone completely. Because of what the machine does not wring. Where to start checking and how?

    • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

      How was it decided?

  5. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Yesterday, the LG F1269ND flooded its neighbors. I checked the filter and all the pipes. All is well, drove all evening, dry ...

    I decided to run the service test - three points surfaced:
    - when you first press the drum goes clockwise;
    - when checking the heater, I waited 2 minutes, the water did not heat up;
    - drains the water to 255, then the pump buzzes, does not stop, and the water no longer drains.

    Where to dig for 1 and 3 points?

    • Gravatar Rex Rex:

      Digging towards the service! Otherwise, the neighbors will ask to change floors ... And so on until the first ...

    • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

      How was the problem solved? Actual for me, exactly as you described.

  6. Gravatar Roman Novel:

    I have a WD80150N. The test is activated with the buttons spin mode + mode, timer + on. But the algorithm is different, there is no check of the drain pump.

  7. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Nothing about water heating. Passed without evidence. And how does the test show the serviceability or breakdown of the elements?

  8. Gravatar Constantine Konstantin:

    The sound disappeared on the typewriter, all the chains are intact, the buser too. Replaced uln2003, but the sound did not appear. There is no power supply to the booster through the key transistor and there is no sound itself. Maybe it somehow shuts off programmatically and it was accidentally turned off?

  9. Gravatar Albert Albert:

    SMA LG type F12 ... for example f1222SDP. There, the speed adjustment is “twist” and not a button, how to enter the test? Maybe someone in the know. There are not enough hands to simultaneously press the switch, the temperature and rotate the speed knob 🙂

  10. Gravatar Max Max:

    After switching on, it gets into the “cotton” mode and you can’t change anything, what should I do?

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