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What is the temperature of the water in the dishwasher during washing?

What is the temperature of the water in the dishwasher during washingKnowing the temperature of the water when washing dishes in the dishwasher, you can not only satisfy your curiosity, but also predict the degree of cleaning of the plates. Modern machines can be launched in cold and hot water, and the final cleanliness and consumption of detergents will depend on the mark on the thermometer. We will tell you more about the optimal values ​​and how to measure them in the article.

What are the maximum values?

The machine will not be able to heat water above the temperature maximum laid down by the system. Each model has its own and is determined by the type of dishwasher, its design features and power. As a rule, one of two options is assumed.

  1. Work at high temperature, when washing, rinsing, and drying takes place when the water is heated to 82 degrees. Such machines are equipped with an additional heating element, which allows you to "accelerate" to the optimum temperature. Thanks to boiling, the plates and cups are quickly cleaned and dried even without the use of detergents and rinse aid.

An advantage will be the complete disinfection of dishes. But there is a drawback - for the daily operation of such a dishwasher, it takes several times more electricity.

  1. Low-temperature vending machines wash dishes at 60 degrees, but cleaning agents cannot be dispensed with to obtain perfect cleanliness. But the "bonus" will be the economy of models and relatively low power consumption.

Dishwashers of the second type are more common, but you can understand which model is before your eyes by the factory marking. The maximum temperature is also determined using a special thermostat. The main thing is to take measurements throughout the cycle in order to eliminate erroneous indicators.

Optimum temperature

Modern machines can work at different temperatures, "adjusting" to the loaded dishes in the framework of a given mode. To understand which degree is the most effective, you can only experimentally - try all the programs offered by the manufacturer.

  • Standard sink. This is the basic mode, which is available on both cheap and very expensive models. As a rule, the cycle runs at 50-60 degrees, which provides quick and efficient removal of contaminants.
  • Intensive washing. Not all cars can boast of an intensive program, in which loaded plates are subjected to several stages of high-quality cleaning. Water is heated to 60-80 degrees, which allows the machine to clean and completely disinfect dishes. But it is worthwhile to understand that such a purification is longer and more energy-consuming than the standard cycle.
  • Delicate mode. An extra feature designed to gently wash fragile materials like porcelain or crystal. Heating is limited to 40 degrees, and the cycle does not take more than 30 minutes. The use of special detergents that dissolve at low temperature and do not contain abrasive substances is also mandatory.the maximum temperature mark can be on the control panel

If the dishwashers are equipped with a special dish scanner, the temperature is set automatically.

More precisely, the optimal degree can be determined by looking at a special temperature sensor, which is provided in most modern units. If the “thermometer” breaks, then it is better to fix the problem faster, otherwise the machine is not as practical and efficient as before.


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