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where do they collect bosh carsSome people still believe that the country where Bosch brand washing machines are made is certainly Germany, but in reality this is not so at all. Today's realities are such that Bosch machines are assembled in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the CIS countries and Southeast Asia. Yes, what is it - all of Eurasia uses washing machines of this brand, but the problem is that Bosch machines assembled in one country are different from similar models assembled in another country. We have to figure this out!

How it all began?

The brand name Bosch appeared thanks to the father of the founder of the company that produces electrical equipment, Robert Bosch, who began his entrepreneurial activity in the last quarter of the 19th century. The development path of his "brainchild" of the electrical equipment company and the Bosch brand was more than thorny.

Political upheavals and two world wars almost completely destroyed Robert's company, but it, like a Phoenix bird, invariably revived from the ashes, capturing the electrical markets of many countries and surprising people with its technological innovations. Thanks to the efforts of the founder first, and then his family, the company is developing steadily to this day, exploring more and more new markets.

Today, under the Bosch brand, several thousand items of various goods are produced in dozens of countries in hundreds of factories. At the same time, the company does not change its motto “quality to the detriment of quantity”. Bosch began to produce washing machines relatively late. The first successful commercial washing machines with their logo appeared on sale in Germany in 1958.

The revival and development of Bosch was ensured by the fact that its board always made bold decisions regarding the introduction of advanced technologies in production. The company did what others were afraid to do and very successfully.

Bosch machine manufacturingIn 1972, Bosch made a massive flush to the automatic washing machine market, which created a sensation among the female half of consumers of their products and increased the company's reputation and its income. The company entered the Russian market relatively recently, already in 1997, but this did not prevent it from gaining a foothold in this market and mastering it calmly and systematically until today.

Today, under the Bosch brand, hundreds of models of automatic washing machines are sold on the Russian market, which have a variety of characteristics, but not all are produced in Russia. Where are Bosch washing machines loved by Russian consumers going?


Bosch washing machine factory in GermanyThe reference production of Bosch brand automatic washing machines is, of course, in Germany. Germany is the first country where the company has truly managed to turn around. Today, Germany has the largest production of the technical concern BSH, specializing in the production of automatic washing machines Bosch and Siemens in the city of Noen, which is located near Brandenburg. This company produces the most technological models of washing machines Bosch WLX and WAS series.

In general, since the mid-1990s, BSH (the owner of the Bosch brand) has been pursuing a policy of optimizing production facilities located in Germany and creating new facilities in third countries with cheaper labor and more favorable business conditions. On German soil, only 4 factories produce washers. Germany is now turning into a research center of the concern.

factory sign in GermanyIn Berlin, and in other German cities, technology centers, laboratories and pilot plants are opening up, providing the group of companies with new technologies that they then implement, including in their washing machines. Nevertheless, no matter how you would like to buy Bosch washing machines made in Germany, this is not always easy, because only 7% of all washing machines that are launched on the market by the group of companies are manufactured there.

What are the specifics of German Bosch washing machines? No matter how their representatives of the Bosch concern assured their consumers that any of their products is of consistently high quality, no matter in which country they were produced, the craftsmen know that the equipment marked "Country of origin Germany" is superior to the equipment assembled in other countries of Europe and the USA , not to mention washing machines made in China, Latin America or Russia.

It's all about the highest quality of assembly and components. Boshi collected in Germany wipe out on average 5-7 years longer than their foreign counterparts, and these are average statistics. Germany provides hundreds of thousands of washing machines annually marked WAS, WLX, WAY, WIS and WKD.

Note! Surprisingly, in Germany, the BSH group of companies does not have a production facility capable of producing the latest washing and drying machines.

Where else are Bosch brand washing machines assembled. The largest number of factories of the BSH group of companies are concentrated in Europe. Apart from 4 German manufactures, 37 enterprises producing washing machines and their units are located in Europe.

  • In Poland, automatic washing machines with the marking WAA, WAB, WAE, WOR are manufactured.
  • In France there is a factory producing WOT washing machines under the Bosch brand.
  • Spain produces washing machines marked with three letters WAQ.
  • Bosch cars are made even in partially European Turkey, putting on them the WAA and WAB markings.

In what countries do BOSCH cars are made?In addition to Europe, such equipment is produced in Russia. Bosch washing machines manufactured in Russia are marked WLF, WLG, WLX. All Russian Bosch washing machines are manufactured in two large factories. One is in the city of Engels, and the other is in the city of Tolyatti.

The latest Bosch washers and dryers are manufactured in Southeast Asia in the PRC. The machines that "this country produces" are distinguished by high load, the presence of drying and a whole bunch of innovations introduced. Their marking is WVD, WVF. In addition, in China they make washing machines WLM, WLO.

The lineup

Today, under the Bosch brand, about 500 models of modern automatic washing machines with completely different technical characteristics are produced. From such a diverse range of products, any consumer will certainly choose a "home assistant" to their liking. What are the main advantages of all models of washing machines Bosch?

  1. High quality of components in comparison with competitors, which function for a long time and rarely break.
  2. High build quality, especially when it comes to Bosch washers from Europe.
  3. A large number of innovative developments that make the washing quality higher, save time, electricity and water.
  4. The company's flexible pricing policy makes many Bosch washing machines as cheap as possible. Even despite the significant exchange rate differences, Bosch's European washers remain competitive in Russia.
  5. Bosch washing machines are easier to repair and it is easier to find parts on them, if, of course, your car needs repairs at all.

Currently, in the territory of the CIS countries, you can buy many interesting models of "home helpers." To illustrate this, we decided to make a short review, which, we hope, will complement this publication as much as possible.

  • BOSCH WLG 20060 OE. Simple reliable and inexpensive washing machine with a load of 5 kg. The equipment does not have special “bells and whistles,” but it does have protection against leakage, excessive foaming and imbalance. A washing machine is being manufactured in Russia, and therefore the price is more than acceptable - within $ 310.
  • BOSCH WVH28442OE. A beautiful washer-dryer with a huge number of functions and sixteen washing programs. Here are some examples of functions: automatic weighing of things, loading the drum halfway, re-rinsing, easy ironing and the like. This machine is capable of washing 7 kg of laundry in one run, and drying 4 kg. Such equipment is made in China.
    Bosch machines

Any Bosch washer-dryer is very expensive. For example, our model made in China will cost about $ 1,500.

  • BOSCH WAW32540OE. And this is already a "purebred German" assembled in Germany. The model is quite expensive, but with good technical characteristics. The laundry load is 9 kg, the spin speed is 1600 revolutions, there is auto-weighing, non-spin washing, simple ironing, a stop during washing and other functions. 14 washing programs will provide care for almost any thing. The model can be purchased in Russia for $ 1,260.
  • BOSCH WAW24440OE. A slightly cheaper model from Germany, which, however, has more modest characteristics. Loading 9 kg, spinning at a speed of 1200 rpm, less economical, but it costs $ 1010. Noticeable, especially when compared with the above model. Reviews You can read about these and many other models of Bosch washing machines in a special publication.
    Bosch 2 machines

So where do they collect Bosch washers? It would not be an exaggeration to say that everywhere. Not all industries have enough information, but it is known for certain that the BSH concern, which owns the Bosch brand, has production facilities in Europe, North Africa, Russia, Central Asia, China, the USA and even 6 Latin American countries. So these washing machines know and actively use the whole world!


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    I want to share. Bosch WAQ Spain. Loading 7 kg. Ownership of the device 4 years 6 months. The bearing on the drum fell apart. The case had to be cut with a grinder, non-separable unlike other manufacturers, then all this was glued to sealant, twisted with screws. Day business, spare parts are good. The issue price is 850 rubles.

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