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There is water in the pan of the dishwasher

water in the PMMIn the event that you find water in the pan of the dishwasher, you must immediately de-energize the "home assistant" and begin to search for the cause of the breakdown. Why do I need to urgently de-energize the dishwasher? Very simple, because we don’t know where the water leak comes from. Suddenly a gap was formed in the pipe, which is located next to the relay of some device, a short circuit is completely useless to us. How to look for the cause of the leak and how to remove water from the tray yourself. We will talk about all this in this publication.

For what reason did this happen?

Obviously, the water in the pan of the dishwasher got from some kind of malfunction, but here are some. Some people think that if water flows into the sump, then there is a leak somewhere. But with dishwashers, things are not so simple. Water may, for example, leave the washing chamber, but we will not get ahead of ourselves. We list the possible causes of the problem.

  1. Clogged trash filter and overflow of the washing chamber.
  2. Leakage due to damage to the nozzle.
  3. Violation of the integrity of the circulation unit.
  4. Defective washing chamber
  5. Blockage or damage to the drain pump.

With severe blockage of the pump, excess pressure can be created inside the part, and water will be squeezed out directly through the part body.

Experienced masters say that usually out of the blue named causes of breakdowns can turn out to be a dummy. Until you open the case, you will not know what actually broke. This is what we will do now.

Do it yourself

Do not rush to disassemble the dishwasher. First, check for possible defects that are visible from the outside. Let's start with the trash filter.discharge of water from PMM

  1. Open the door of the dishwasher.
  2. We’ll roll out the lower basket, which will probably hinder us, remove the lower sprinkler.
  3. We take out the trash filter and the grate, which is nearby.
  4. We rinse the extracted parts and put in place.

If the filter turned out to be clean, then this is not the case. You will have to partially disassemble the dishwasher, but first you will need to drain the water. Turn off the PMM and pull it out to where you can safely work with it. The machine is not too heavy, one pair of male hands will be quite enough.

To remove water, you need to remove the side walls of the dishwasher. Removing the walls will help later, when we look for a leak, because almost all the details of the pallet will be clearly visible through the formed openings. After removing the walls of the case, we lay the rags on the floor and tilt the dishwasher to one side. You need to tilt it hard, almost put it, then the water will quickly spill onto the floor. If there is a large flat container of suitable size, it is better to use it, since there will be a lot of water and it should not be drained on the floor covered with a laminate.

PMM insideHaving removed water, we check places where leakage could occur. You will have to feel the nozzles, the places of their connections with the details of the pallet, in general, everything. It will be necessary to remove the drain pump, disassemble it and check for blockages. If instead of a blockage you find a serious breakdown, you need to replace the pump in the dishwasher. You can read about how to do this in the article of the same name on our website.

If the leak cannot be detected, take a large bucket of water, unscrew the waste filter and pour a little water into the hole where the waste filter was installed, inspect the bottom pan. Most likely, water will begin to drip in any place and this will give out a leak.

Do not stick damaged parts. It’s better to just replace it with a new one. Otherwise, after some time, the flow will resume, and you will have to climb into the bowels of the dishwasher again.

So, we figured out what to do if there is water in the pan of the dishwasher. The most dreary stage is the search for leaks, but if you have patience, everything will work out even for the average person.But if suddenly you yourself cannot find and fix the problem, call the wizard, it will help. Good luck


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