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Washing machines ZanussiaFor many generations of Europeans and Americans, Zanussi is known as a manufacturer of low-cost and high-quality equipment, including automatic washing machines. Currently, the company has long been selling its products in more than 100 countries, this brand is known everywhere. But what exactly is a modern Zanussi washing machine, what models are produced under this brand, how competitive are they and what do consumers think of them? Let's get it right.

Where did these cars come from: company origin

The history of the world's largest multinational company begins with a small production of wood-burning stoves organized by Antonio Zanussi in the north-eastern part of Italy back in 1916. The company is successfully developing, increasing capital, expanding its product range, increasing the number of jobs and in 1935 created a new production facility in the suburbs of Pardenon. In 1954, the company, continuing to produce stoves for various fuels, mastered the production of refrigerators.

Note! In the thirties of the twentieth century, the Zanussi company produced not only wood, but also gas, as well as electric stoves.

In the same 1954, the company, under the leadership of the founder's son Lino Zanussi, opens the production of washing machines. And to this day, this production is considered one of the largest in Europe. Since 1959, the company has been producing horizontal-loading washing machines, in the arsenal of which there are 4 washing programs. The 60s and 70s were the heyday of the company. A huge number of new industries appeared, a refrigerator with a freezer was launched and gained great popularity among consumers.

Zanussi factoryThe economic crisis in Italy of the 80s greatly damaged the company, but it remained afloat due to the fact that in 1984 it became part of a large concern for the production of household appliances Electrolux. The consolidation of the capital of these two companies has largely saved the situation and led to the fact that both Electrolux and Zanussi did not only survive the economically unsuccessful years, but were also able to increase production, not allowing competitors to seize the palm in this segment of the market.

Already as part of the Electrolux concern, the company Zanussi in 1984 begins to mass-produce automatic washing machines, in which you can adjust the amount of energy and water spent when laying a certain amount of linen. Zanussi company entered the Russian market in 1994 and to this day continues to increase the production of its products in our country.

Model cars: features, pros and cons

Zanussi ZWSO6100VWe will give a brief overview of the washing machines that the manufacturer Zanussi offers us. And we will start with a very budget model of the machine front-loading machine Zanussi ZWSO6100V. Just think about it, the average price of such a machine is 195 cu In Europe, you can't even go to a good restaurant for that kind of money. But it’s also true that the manufacturer of this model of machine is a country outside the Schengen zone - Ukraine.

Zanussi ZWSO6100V has a high-quality metal drum, maximum loaded at 4 kg and rotating at a speed of up to 1000 rpm. Due to the high revolutions of the spin cycle, the laundry at the outlet turns out to be slightly wet, which we regard as a plus. The model is quite noisy, although the indicators are not critical up to 77 dB, which cannot be considered an unambiguous minus. The machine is quite economical, both in energy consumption (A +) and in water consumption (46 liters). Also, experts assigned this machine model the highest class in terms of washing (A).

This model has an impressive package of washing programs, which is worthy of models of an average, but not a budget classwhich makes her very attractive. In addition, Zanussi ZWSO6100V can "boast" a good set of additional features, such as:

  • half drum loading;
  • the possibility of a differentiated choice of washing temperature;
  • linen without folds;
  • delaying the start of the wash program;
  • accelerated washing;

Note! This model also has a Fuzzy Logic function, as well as cooling the water before draining it. Some companies integrate these functions exclusively into expensive models of “washing machines”.

The safety of the washing machine is also at a fairly high level. There is protection against overfilling the tank, from the formation of excess foam, from the imbalance of the drum, from excessive heating of the heating element. Dimensions 85x59x38 cm.

The following model belongs to the middle class of Zanussi ZWY61005RA washing machines. Machine loading vertical, country of origin Poland. In terms of performance, this machine is slightly superior to the model that we described above. The maximum weight of items that can be loaded for washing is 6 kg. The drum rotates at a speed of 1000 rpm, you can adjust the spin speed. The washing machine is not noisy, at a maximum speed of 72 dB - within normal limits. It is economical in terms of energy consumption (A) and water consumption (48 l).


This model has a digital display, although quite primitive and only 8 washing programs, which is not enough for a middle-class washing machine. With additional functions, too weak, there are:

  • excessive foam control;
  • childproof control panel lock;
  • leakage protection.

In general, everything you need is there, but at that price I would like more. The average cost of a machine is 370 cu Dimensions 89x40x60.

Zanussi FCS825C is an example of a compact washing machine with front loading. Naturally, you have to pay for compactness with more modest technical characteristics.

  1. The drum is only loaded at 3 kg.
  2. Spin speed 800 rpm.
  3. Useful volume of 27 liters.

In addition, this model of the washing machine can not be called economical, because with a modest usable volume, it spends almost 40 liters of water per wash at a power of 1600 watts. The spin on the machine is frankly bad. The residual humidity of things goes from 72%, which would be normal for equipment released in 1989, but not for the machine of the second decade of the 21st century. There are also few washing programs, only 8, but among them the most needed. With additional functions, things are better; there are:

  • half drum loading;
  • linen without folds;
  • delaying the start of the wash program;
  • washing with a spin-off;

The design of the machine is more than primitive, of the protection elements there is protection against excessive heating of heating elements and overflow. Dimensions 67х50х55 cm. The average price is 340 cu Country of manufacture Poland.


How consumers respond to these typewriters

The long-term positive reputation of the company and its brand is, of course, good, but all the same, the opinion of consumers on products is volatile. Today, they love these washing machines, and tomorrow sales are falling, and the reputation is tarnished. What about the Zanussi brand? How do Russian consumers respond to washing machines manufactured under this brand?

Note! The opinions of users are largely subjective and do not always reflect the real picture, but they cannot be ignored.

Vyacheslav 29 years old, Moscow

built-in washing machineI bought a small Zanussi FCS825C washing machine, I was flattered that she climbed into the sink well. I have been using it for 1 year 2 months, the machine is normal, it erases and does not break. It looks ugly, but I still have it closed, so I do not care. It’s also bad that all pastel linen doesn’t fit into it at one time, you have to wash it in two steps. So the machine’s norms, it doesn’t shake during the spin cycle and does not hang like my previous Korean girl and is inexpensive. Grade 5 washing machine.

Maria 43 years old, Kaliningrad

I like cars in which the vertical loading of linen, so I bought Zanussi ZWY61005RA, I have been using it for 4 years with varying success. Once they gave in for repair due to the fact that the machine stopped turning on at all, and the second time they called the master to the house to replace the heating element. It seems that the assembly is European (it was specially chosen so that the country of origin is Poland, and not Ukraine or Russia) and all the same, in the first six months of use, two breakdowns at once.But then, as the ten was changed, it stopped breaking and 3.5 years worked without problems. Washes things well, wringes out too, without complaints. Not noisy and loading the drum just right. If not for these breakdowns, the machine would be at 5+, and so would 4-.

Eugene 23 years Verkhnyaya Pyshma

I bought a ZANUSSI FCS825C car with my friend for student clothes. Small neat, connects without difficulty and erases very cleanly. The underwear after it is quite wet, you have to put a second spin, but, as it is, everything suits. Rating 4.

Elena 38 years old, Ivanovo

I used to have an automatic front-loading washing machine, now I decided to choose if the country of origin was European and the loading was vertical. I stopped at the model Zanussi ZWY61005RA. I use the machine for 8 months, really, really like it. It does not make noise, does not freeze, does not bounce, erases and wringes well. Before her, I used three cars from different manufacturers, this is the best. Recomend for everybody.

To summarize, we note that a washing machine manufactured under the Zanussi brand is today the standard of quality. It doesn’t matter what kind of machine the load is horizontal or vertical, it doesn’t matter what dimensions or volume of the drum it has. In any case, you can count on European quality and the necessary amount of useful functions.


16 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Upton Upton:

    Hello. I bought my Zanussi machine in 2004. The machine is generally great. I worked for 12 years and only in 2016 broke down, the bearing jammed. Replaced it and the machine as new. Many thanks to the manufacturer !!!

  2. Gravatar Alina Alina:

    The car is excellent, they probably bought the simplest model, for 8 years not a single breakdown

  3. Gravatar situlia situlia:

    And my Zanyushka is 15 years old, she stopped working. Cool car. Recomend for everybody.

  4. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    The disgusting car crashed after a year and a half. Repair costs 4 thousand. We are in shock

  5. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    Great car, serves 16 years and does not think to break)))

  6. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Our car worked for 15 years and only now it began to fail, stopping in the middle of the program. From the reviews on the Internet, I concluded for myself that people who bought equipment more than 8 years ago are very satisfied, and those who have recently purchased are sharply negative. Apparently, the quality of materials and assembly has deteriorated.

  7. Gravatar Vlad Vlad:

    It has been working since 1997. There are minor issues, but it works fine.
    I just clean it from dust every year and lubricate the mouth and (rubber) with silicone grease.

  8. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    After four years of operation, the bearing flew. To replace it, I had to disassemble the whole machine and saw a plastic drum, which in Ukraine is made inseparable for reasons of economy. I do not recommend it.

  9. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Zanussi FJ 903CV worked for 21 years, after which it restored the shaft, replaced the bearings and work continues, six years ago there was a single failure in the control unit. Satisfied with the machine, the repair specialist noted the high quality of manufacturing equipment.

  10. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    I have been working for 22 years !! A friend insisted on a new one, but I wouldn’t throw it away.

  11. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    I have a Zanussi machine, bought in 2002. And it still works. Thanks to the manufacturers!

  12. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    I have a Dutch machine Zanussi FL 1002. She is already 18 years old. Not a single breakdown, nor any problems!

  13. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    Bought in 2008. Two kids. Washed without a break and only in 2018 did it break. Water stopped typing where the powder was pouring. On Monday I’ll call the masters, and everything’s great.

  14. Gravatar Love Love:

    And I have a machine since 2001 ... and there were no problems. Only now the drum is jammed, but I hope to fix it. The new ones are all unreliable.

  15. Gravatar Larisa Larisa:

    My assistant, beloved typewriter, is 21 years old. And just now, the washing mode controller has not broken.
    So I do not want to part with it (

  16. Gravatar Violet Violetta:

    My Zanussi has been working for 19 years, since 2000. Not a single problem, not a single breakdown. I love my car. Thanks to the manufacturers!

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