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Washing machine samsungWho does not know the brand of Samsung washing machines. In the Russian market, this company is one of the three most famous. Samsung washing machine differs from its competitors in innovative technologies, stylish design and a huge selection of models designed for different categories of the population. What is the reliability of such machines, what is their service life - we will try to answer these and other questions.

Brand history

Samsung's history begins back in 1938, when entrepreneurial Korean Chull Lee founded Samsung Trading Co. in Daegu. At first, the company was engaged in the supply of rice and sugar, then money was invested in its own sugar production, as well as the insurance business. During World War II, almost all production was destroyed, and the business had to be started anew.

In 1951, Chull Lee revived a company that achieved unprecedented success in a year. During this time, the company had to engage in securities trading, broadcasting, and publishing. Only in 1969 the production of TVs under the Samsung brand began. This gave impetus to the creation and development of the industry Samsung Electronics Co.

In 1974, the first Samsung refrigerator and washing machine appeared.

samsung factoryIn 1979, the production of microwave ovens began, and in 1983 - the production of personal computers. In the 90s, digital TVs, mobile phones and smartphones appeared. Today the company has a representative office in 60 countries. They assemble washing machines in China, Korea, Thailand, and the USA. In Russia, the Samsung factory was opened in 2008 in the Kaluga region. The assembly of washing machines is carried out mainly from Chinese spare parts, only some components are produced directly at the factory.

Features of washing machines

Samsung engineers are trying to develop and implement the most advanced technologies in washing machines, which improve the quality of washing and reduce energy consumption, as well as water consumption. Here are some of the technologies that can be found in various washing machines of this brand.

  • Eco Bubble technology, which means washing with air bubbles. Thanks to such bubbles supplied to the water, the powder dissolves better, the fabric fibers are not damaged, and things are better rinsed.washing machine samsung
  • The technology of balancing Can Balance, thanks to which there is no imbalance in the load of laundry in the drum. Special balls are built into the drum in the rear and front part, which during rotation move to the side of lower weight, due to this, the uneven distribution of things is compensated.
  • Honeycomb Drum Diamond. The inner surface of the drum resembles the facets of precious stones, the water intake holes are several times smaller than in a regular drum. Such a surface does not spoil the fabric and does not reduce the time of their service, so you can wash even the most delicate things.
  • Ceramic heater is another innovation from Samsung manufacturers, according to which, such a heater is not subject to scale formation even in the most hard water, which ensures a long service life.
  • The original Jod Dial switch, developed by Samsung, makes it easy to select the desired program by turning one knob.
  • Volt Control power management technology that protects the control module from power surges.
  • VRT-M technology, which reduces vibration and noise.

As for the reliability and quality of washing machines of this brand, much depends on the assembly. The Korean assembly is an order of magnitude better than the Russian one, but at the same time, the cost of the Korean machine will be slightly higher. In general, the life of the washing machine will depend on the quality of components.

Note! The manufacturer indicates inverter motors in modern models a warranty period of 10 years. The warranty period for the machine itself can be from one to three years.

Ambiguous and reviews about washing machines of this brand.Some are satisfied with the quality of washing, spinning, software “stuffing”. Others, on the contrary, write about the fact that for a short service life they repeatedly had to apply for repairs.

Model Overview

It is very difficult to say which Samsung washing machine has the optimal characteristics, such an assessment is very subjective, but there are too many models to compare all of them. Here are a few of the most popular and modern washing machines of this brand, and what is more suitable for you, decide for yourself.

SAMSUNG WW60H2200EWD / LP is a narrow automatic machine with a maximum load of 6 kg and an extraction of up to 1200 revolutions. It has a Diamond drum, built-in memory, and Smart Check technology, which allows you to control the machine through the application on your smartphone. Of the 12 washing programs, note the stain removal mode, quick wash in 15 minutes and super-rinse. The class of energy consumption and washing is the highest, and the noise level does not exceed 77 dB. Most users of cars with a long service life respond positively about them. The assembly country is Russia. The price for this model is from 22 thousand rubles.


SAMSUNG WW90H7410EW / LP is a full-size washing machine with a load of up to 9 kg of laundry and an extraction of up to 1400 revolutions. The backlight is built into the cell drum of the machine, which attracts users and makes it convenient to unload laundry. The maximum spin and wash class is A. In addition, the heating element in this model is ceramic, there is a drum cleaning function and troubleshooting through a smartphone. There are 14 standard washing modes, including “Easy Ironing”, “Soak”, “Stain Removal”. The assembly country is China. The disadvantage of this class is the lack of leakage protection. But in general, a great solution for a large family for a price of 50 thousand rubles.


Important! The average service life of Korean-made washing machines is 7-10 years, and the service life of the automatic machines from China is 5-7 years.

SAMSUNG WW10H9600EW / LP is a full-size automatic washing machine with a load of laundry up to 10 kg and an extraction up to 1600 revolutions. The spin and wash class corresponds to class A. The touch display is easy and intuitive to operate. A total of 18 washing programs have been programmed., including “Bedclothes”, “Jeans”, “Duvet”, “Dark fabrics”, “Washing pillows”. In addition, there are six spot recognition programs:

  • Garden;
  • Food;
  • Hygiene;
  • Children;
  • Job;
  • Sport.

This machine has full leakage protection. This model is collected in Korea, the price for it is from 96 thousand rubles.


Note! Samsung washing machine can have a load of 4 to 12 kg, while the maximum spin speed for such machines is up to 1600 rpm. In machines with drying, loading may be more.

SAMSUNG WW12H8400EX / LP is another model of the Korean assembly. Drum loading up to 12 kg and spin up to 1400 rpm. Unusual design attracts attention. The machine has 14 programs providing a differentiated approach to washing. There is protection against leaks and from children. Price from 77 thousand rubles.


SAMSUNG WD1142XVR is a washer-dryer machine with a load of up to 14 kg for washing and 7 kg for drying. During the spin cycle, it accelerates only to 1200 rpm, which provides only the spin class B. The energy consumption class is C, which leads to the conclusion that the operation of such a machine may become economically unprofitable. The number of programs is 13, there is a washing of bed linen, sportswear, delicate fabrics, etc. Partial leakage protection, there is a backlight in the drum. The price for the model is from 83 thousand rubles.

Samsung WD1142XVR

Thus, among the Samsung technology, there are both expensive and budget models of washing machines. At the same time, even in cheap models, the number of programs and functions is enough for a good wash. And the service life will be affected not only by the price and the country of assembly, but also by the operating conditions, the correct connection and maintenance of the equipment, which depends only on you.


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  1. Gravatar Lisa Liza:

    Tell me, the machine produces the H2 symbol, what does this mean?

  2. Gravatar Ardash Ardash:

    Hello, tell me please, the machine, when washing quickly in the middle, stops and gives out on H1, what could it be? Bought in October 2016.

  3. Gravatar Anatoly Anatoly:

    The machine draws water, erases, the centrifuge does not work.

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