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Hansa Washing Machine Reviews

reviews about hans washersA lot of people about the Hansa washing machine are looking for reviews. And in the end, they find only speculations, wound by copywriters, with the help of which they promote selling sites. In fact, most of these reviews are not relevant. In fact, this is not such a simple task to find reliable opinions of people about the Hansa technique, but we think we managed to do it. These are the reviews.

Hansa AWN510DR

Arthur, Moscow

As for the quality of washing, I can’t say anything bad, it launders things very well, even better than my old Indesit. The drum loading is quite satisfactory, the programs are suitable, and the appearance is normal. But still, the Hansa AWN510DR will not get more than 2 points from me, because it is the noisiest machine that I have encountered, and I used machines from Indesit, Samsung, LG, Bosch, Siemens.

With Hansa, we constantly have different incidents. Once, after the start of the extraction, the cat jumped out of the bathroom with a bullet and flew into the closed bedroom door, dispersed for half an hour, and couldn’t recover. And once a neighbor came to me to complain that in the evening I turn on the hammer. I explained to him that my washing machine works this way and even showed a spin, to which he did not say anything, only asked not to wash the laundry in the evening. I bought a toy for myself, now I’m thinking how to reduce vibration and noise. BUTanti-vibration mats almost did not help, I want to try to better strengthen the floor and again set the machine to level. People, do not repeat my mistakes, buy normal washing machines.

The best basis for a washing machine that dampens vibration and noise is a powerful concrete pedestal. It is a pity that not in all cases you can afford such a structure.

Hansa AWN510DR

Alexey, Ekaterinburg

I have been using the Hansa AWN510DR washing machine for 5 months and there is one negative on my mind. Worst of all, constant imbalance errors. Moreover, it is impossible to guess how much linen is optimal to put in the drum of the washing machine. Put it a little, the error flies out, you load the drum halfway, sometimes the error flies too, and if you stick something voluminous, like a down jacket, it will hang tight. In addition, I do not like loud noise and poor spin.

Specifically, for 10 washes, 4 hangs associated with an imbalance error. This is no good at all.

Hansa whc1246

Olga, Omsk

I have a short experience with the Hansa WHC1246 washing machine, but I already liked it. But I’ll start with the flaws. Firstly, the machine is noisy, although it does not vibrate very much, and secondly, a rather strong smell of plastic did not disappear for a long time. Thirdly, there were stains of some dried grease on the hatch’s elastic, which I could barely wash off with a brush and dishwashing detergent because I had soiled a kitchen towel after the first wash.

Hansa whc1246But these, in my opinion, are trifles that should not be paid special attention. They got used to the noise, and the rest of the shortcomings were safely eliminated. Now about the pros:

  • very informative and beautiful display;
  • stylish design;
  • the hatch opens and closes almost silently;
  • the powder tray is easily removed and washed;
  • wide loading hatch;
  • excellent drum capacity - as much as 7 kg of laundry;
  • many useful washing modes, especially: quick wash 15 minutes, anti-allergy, hand wash, wool and sport;
  • economical consumption of water and electricity.

I am completely satisfied with the Hansa WHC1246 washing machine, although I can’t put five points, I still had to wash the grease and get used to it. But the model has earned a four-plus plus, I will advise my friends.

Hansa whc1038

Konstantin, St. Petersburg

Hansa whc1038He led on a Hansa WHC1038 washing machine thanks to the efforts of the seller, and I liked the look of it, not to mention the price. I read the characteristics, everything seems to be fine too, nothing guarded me. But if I had the opportunity to turn on the spin in the store, I wouldn’t buy it for anything, even if I would ask for only a hundred dollars.I used to hear somewhere that Hansa washing machines are noisy, but I didn’t attach any importance to this. And now I came across this “jackhammer,” another comparison, sorry, doesn’t occur to me.

If we discard the noise as a drawback, the washing machine has solid advantages. A lot of washing programs, loading 6 kg, washing mode 15 minutes, all sorts of other "lotions", but the noise spoils everything. This is just the notorious fly in the ointment. In general, I advise you to buy the Hansa WHC1038 model only if you yourself do not hear well and your neighbors are deaf, you have not come across other Hans, so I can’t say anything bad or good.

In conclusion, we note that Hansa brand washing machines are generally very decent. True, most users note an increased noise level during the spin cycle, but not everyone reacts to this drawback. The main thing erases well, management is clear and inexpensive.


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