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Washing machines haerHaier washing machines in Russia are not as popular as Bosch or LG, so few can tell who the manufacturer of such a machine is. In fact, Haier is a very famous Chinese home appliance company. This technique attracts many at a price, but here's the quality of the washing machine of this brand, what are its capabilities, what are the disadvantages, let's try to find out.

Manufacturer Haier

Haier is located in China and was founded in 1984. Translated from Chinese, haier means “sea”, this name really suits her, because under this brand not only washing machines are produced, but also other household appliances and electronics, for example, televisions, computers, telephones, refrigerators, etc.

In fact, a plant for the production of equipment was built back in the 20s of the 20th century, and carried out the production of refrigerators. By 1984, the plant was on the verge of bankruptcy, which is why it was decided to give the leadership of Qingdao Refrigeration Company to the new manager, and rename the plant to Haier.

The main goal of this company: taking into account the needs of customers, to present them innovative technology of excellent quality and at an affordable price.

The production of washing machines under this brand is conducted not only in factories built in China, but also in factories located in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Jordan, and the United States; five factories were built on the African continent. In Russia, the Haier plant is located in Naberezhnye Chelny.

Advantages and disadvantages of cars of this brand

Analyzing consumer reviews and masters of service centers, there are a number of advantages of Haier washing machines.Washing machines haer

  1. Profitability. These automatic machines are not only economical in energy consumption, but also water. According to consumers with such cars, you can save on utility bills.
  2. The quality of the wash. This indicator is also attractive, especially they note the good quality of washing children's things, as well as down jackets.
  3. Dimensions of equipment. The Russian consumer was attracted by narrow washing machines, which turned out to be quite capacious (up to 6 kg), while the washing quality is also good.
  4. Low noise. This technical characteristic is provided by direct-drive engines. Moreover, the manufacturer gives a guarantee for these engines for 12 years.
  5. Functionality. A large number of programs are in almost all models of machines, the presence of convenient and intuitive controls. A quick wash lasts only 15 minutes.
  6. The introduction of modern technology in production. For example, Smart Dosing technology, which automatically determines the required amount of powder and conditioner for one wash cycle, depending on the washing mode, pollution and water hardness. The latter is also determined by the machine. Another technology introduced in their cars is the Smart Dual Spray feature - cleaning the drum cuff.
  7. Price. The cost of these machines varies from 25 to 70 thousand rubles. That allows you to attribute this technique to the middle price category. At the same time, we note that for such good quality, this is quite an acceptable cost, as consumers themselves note.

Note! The Haeir washing machine warranty is 3 years, one of its advantages.

These automatic machines are not without flaws, among which the following are noted:

  • according to users, spinning things at high speeds leads to damage to things;
  • some note the poor quality of rinsing with high quality washing, which makes rinsing things again;
  • functional lack of thought in some models, the absence of such important modes as a separate rinse, manual setting of spin speed;
  • breakdowns are noted in machines that have not yet reached the warranty period and short life.

Model Overview

Consider the models of washing machines, compare their main technical characteristics.We chose these models not by chance, but those that are most often mentioned in customer reviews.

Haier HWD70-1482S is a full-size automatic washing machine with built-in dryer and the presence of a liquid crystal display. Laundry up to 7 kg is possible (drying 4 kg). Equipped with antibacterial cuff processing technology. The number of modes 12, revolutions during the spin cycle up to 1400. The powder tray is coated with anti-mold material. Of the entire 9-step protection system, we note protection against engine overheating. The average cost of 50 thousand rubles.Haier HWD70-1482S

Haier HW60-12266AS is a front-loading washing machine with a depth of 45 cm. It can wash up to 6 kg of dry laundry and spin at speeds up to 1200. It has all the main modes, including washing children's things, sportswear. In general, this car, according to consumer reviews, perfectly launders and does not make noise. Among the shortcomings, a high price is noted for limited functionality, the absence of a separate rinse mode. The average cost of 25 thousand rubles.

Haier HW60-12266AS

Haier HW60-1082S is a narrow automatic washing machine with a load of laundry up to 6 kg and an extraction up to 1000 revolutions. Of the 12 washing modes, we note the presence of a stain removal program. The machine, according to consumer reviews, has an optimal price-quality ratio. Among the shortcomings note the quick shutdown of the display backlight. The average cost of 27 thousand rubles.

Haier HW60-1082S

Haier HW80-BD1626 is a full-size washing machine with a load of laundry up to 8 kg and spin speeds up to 1600 per minute. In this model, 16 washing programs are built-in, the washing mode of jeans, stain removal, starching are added. There is technology against the formation of microbes, built-in full protection against leaks, self-diagnosis from malfunctions. The average cost of 64 thousand rubles. With this functionality, this machine can be considered not entirely successful in comparison with competitors.Haier HW80-BD1626

In general, we can note that Haier washing machines from China have good quality and design. Even Chinese cars can work well if these cars are not clandestine. A company such as Haier has established itself in the global market, has quality certificates that meet European standards.


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  1. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Haier washing machine does a poor job: it spoils things, does not stretch stains. Does not flush detergent. After washing white, it is imperative to clean the entire machine, otherwise white strings fall on dark things, and vice versa.

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