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washing machine FairyDespite the high popularity of automatic washing machines, semi-automatic spinning machines are in demand. The Fairy brand is especially known among users of such technology. These washing machines have their advantages and disadvantages, and we'll talk about them.

Machine device

Semi-automatic washing machines are arranged quite simply. They have:

  • plastic case;
  • drive belt mechanism;
  • an activator that rotates the laundry in the tank;
  • mechanical timer;
  • spin models have a centrifuge.

The Fairy washing machine with the spin is divided into two compartments, the first one is intended for washing and rinsing, the second one has a centrifuge for spinning. The process is carried out as follows: heated water is poured into the tank using a bucket; in heated models, cold water can be drawn. Then the powder is dissolved in water and the sorted things are put.

Machines of this type can hold 2 to 6 kg of dry laundry, depending on the size of the tank.

The machine turns on by turning the timer knob. On some models, 2-3 modes may be provided. For example, delicate wash, quick wash and main wash. Modes differ in duration. After washing, change the water and rinse the laundry in the same way. Some people prefer to rinse the laundry in the bathroom. And in the end, all the washed items are put in a centrifuge tank and the spin is started by turning the knobs. The entire washing process, not taking into account the time of heating the water, takes about 20 minutes.

As for draining the water, water is drained from the washing tank through a special hose. Water leaves the centrifuge either through a special hole in the tray or flows into the washing tank, from where the water is drained through a hose into a bucket.

Advantages and disadvantages

In such a simple device, the washing machine has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of these washing machines are as follows:

  • low weight of the machine;fairy washing process
  • mobility and transportability - the machine is easy to install and transport to the country, move from room to room;
  • design reliability due to a simple device and the lack of complex electronics;
  • ease of connection to communications - does not require a water supply system, tapping into a sewer and a separate electrical network;
  • simple and intuitive controls;
  • saving time for washing.

As for the minuses, most often people in Fairy washing machine reviewsindicate the following disadvantages:

  1. small capacity leads to the fact that down jackets and large rugs can not be washed and wrung out;
  2. low spin speed - the laundry stays too wet. But do not write off to make a conclusion about this, because different models have different spin speeds.
  3. lack of choice of washing modes and the ability to wash delicate things;
  4. ill-conceived drainage of water, often in typewriters of this brand there is a problem with drainage of water during the extraction;
  5. unreliable plastic case.

Model Overview

Washing machines from the manufacturer Fairy are presented in several versions. Consider these models and their differences.

Fairy SMP 20 - a miniature machine with a load of 2 kg. The centrifuge in this machine presses out at a speed of 1320 rpm. This is enough to keep the laundry almost dry.

Fairy SMP-40H - activator machine with a drum loading for washing 4 kg. In addition to the main wash, the machine has a cycle for washing delicate items. In this model, water is drained by a drain pump.

fairy 20 and fairy 40

Fairy SMP-50H - a machine similar to the previous one. That's just loading it a little more and is 5 kg of dry laundry.

Fairy SMP-60N - a machine with a load of 6 kg. Has modes of delicate and daily washing. The spin speed of this model does not differ from those listed above by the machine and is 1320 rpm.

fairy 50 and fairy 60

As you noticed, all the cars of this manufacturer that have the spin function have numbers in the markings.These numbers mean loading the tank.

In their appearance, these washing machines also practically do not differ from each other. The case is made in white, the cover can be either white or blue. On the front panel there is a logo "Fairy". Whatever model you choose, it copes well with the washing function and will facilitate your work, especially in the conditions of a summer residence. Have a good shopping!


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