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washing machines BrandtThere is a fairly stable stereotype, they say, the best top-loading washing machines are manufactured under the Brandt brand. Indeed, there is some truth in this; Brandt washing machine is a quality standard from Europe, which is supplied in small volume to the Russian market. Let's get acquainted with washing machines of this brand closer.

Where do Brandt cars come from, who makes them?

Brandt, the owner of several million washing machines every year, is owned by the French Elco Brandt Group. This group of corporations has existed since 2002, but the Brandt brand itself has been gaining a reputation since 1946, and since then it has been well known and loved by all Europeans. Brandt washing machines have already gone beyond the borders of France for 50 years and are successfully manufactured and sold in other European countries in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland.

Europe is currently not the only market for Brandt brand washing machines. These cars can be found in retail outlets of all continents in more than 100 countries. And about the advanced developments of the brand owner Brandt "make up legends."

Note! Brandt brand washing machines cannot be called French at present, since they are produced in dozens of countries around the world.

washing machines BrandtFor example, Brandt is the foregoing brand owner - Brandt Group, the first in the world to launch automatic top-loading washing machines that incorporate drying. Moreover, the quality and technical implementation of the drying mode was very decent, even by modern standards. Elco Brandt Group also manufactures horizontal-loading washing machines, but their quality is much inferior to the verticals that the company has specialized in for many years.

Generally speaking, Brands produced in any European country are significantly superior in quality to their analogues from Southeast Asia. This technique, of course, is an order of magnitude more expensive, but it is worth it, because the term of its uninterrupted operation will be tens of years, while the Chinese counterpart can work only 3-4 years. As they say, consider for yourself!

Examples of models of Brandt cars and their characteristics

Now we give examples of the best models of Brandt brand washing machines, which can be purchased on the CIS market. Not always these models can be freely bought at retail outlets that sell household appliances, moreover, at present, due to the mutual sanctions policy of some countries, even a certain deficit has formed. Meanwhile, it’s worth looking for such cars, because they have their own unique characteristics.

Brandt WTD6384K. Top-load washing machine with intelligent software control. It features an original and ergonomic design, the presence of 13 washing programs and good drying. I would especially like to note the spin speed of up to 1300 rpm. The linen is wrung out so well that the drying function can either not be started at all, or run every other time. Reliable steel tank plus protection against leakage and overflow makes this machine one of the most protected and safe, with it you are not threatened with torn hoses and water under the bottom.Brandt WTD6384K

In addition to all this, there is protection against children's intervention, control of imbalance, as well as a delayed start. This washing machine, if you do not include drying, is quite economical. Energy consumption class B, wash class A, spin class B. The maximum load of laundry per wash is 6 kg, if you activate the drying mode, then about 4 kg. Dimensions 85x45x60. The average price of 940 cu Additional functions:

  • automatic weighing;
  • secondary rinse;
  • indication of the course of washing;
  • easy ironing mode;
  • washing wool and delicate fabrics.

Note! Despite the rather high price, Brandt WTD6384K is popular among lovers of vertical cars.

Brandt WTD1071K. Typewriter with display and program control. Good design is combined with European reliability and quality. There is nothing superfluous in this machine, only 9 of the most important and necessary washing modes. Spin up to 1000 rpm, things wring out normally, no worse than automatic middle-class washing machines.Brandt WTD1071K

There is a system for locking the control panel from children, there is also an imbalance control. Despite the fact that the model is budget, the parts in it are very high quality, in particular an electric motor or tank, the service life of which is estimated at decades. You cannot name this washing machine economical, its energy class is C, while it will not become the main consumer of electricity. The washing quality corresponds to class A, the spin - to class C. Dimensions 85x45x60. The average price is 280 cu Additional functions:

  1. "Easy ironing";
  2. secondary rinse;
  3. bio wash mode;
  4. handwash;
  5. Fuzzy logic.

Brandt WTC1084K. Pretty primitive in terms of design, the machine "vertical" with a liquid crystal display. The set of 16 programs. Squeezes at speeds up to 1000 rpm, the quality of the spin is above average. There is protection against the flow of water, overflow and children, there is also an imbalance control system. Consumes little energy (class A). Spare parts are quite high quality, but the plastic tank is alarming. Dimensions 85x40x60. The average price is 460 cu Additional functions:Brandt WTC1084K

  • automatic weighing;
  • secondary rinse;
  • indication of the course of washing;
  • quick wash;
  • “hand wash” mode;
  • "Easy ironing";
  • delicate fabrics;
  • Fuzzy Logic.

Note! For this complete set of a washing machine, the price from the manufacturer is somewhat overstated, especially if you discard some purely advertising functions that you do not use in everyday washing.

Consumers about the quality of Brandt cars: reviews

Brandt washing machineNow consider a few Brand washing machine reviews. Reviews are randomly selected and received from consumers of different ages and sexes living in different regions.

Natalya 26 years old, Novosibirsk, Brandt BWT6410E washing machine.

The washing quality is mediocre, with a spin, it’s a disaster! Ten flew, so now we are off our feet. We are looking for a new one, there are no spare parts at all, and ordering from Europe is crazy money, it’s easier to buy a new machine. Externally, the washing machine looks good, but this is where its merits end. Conclusion - it’s not worth its money, do not buy this crap.

Sergey, 34 years old, Moscow, Brandt WTC1084K washing machine.

Super device, sports uniform after it, as if from a store. The machine is outwardly rustic, but I do not care if only it erases normally. I bought the device 4 years ago, the flight is normal, there are no complaints. There are a lot of different functions, but I don’t use them for garlic. Good washing machine, did not regret what I bought.

Svetlana 21 years old. Vladivostok, washing machine Brandt WTC6010.

The term of use of the machine is 6 months. The washing machine pleases from the moment of purchase, we can say that this is my ideal. I have a small child and have to wash a lot, the machine really helps me out. Especially often I use the programs Quick and Optimal, as they provide high-quality and fast washing. For all 6 months, the machine never hung, and there were no interruptions in work. I appreciate the model for a solid five!

Eugenia, 41 years old, Moscow, Brandt WTD6384K washing machine.

The term of use of the machine is 5 years. The washing is good, washing, rinsing and spinning suit. Recently, the heating element broke, so the master repaired it in 10 minutes, the repair was cheap, since spare parts were not needed. The presence of drying is especially pleasing, since there is really nowhere to dry things. I am satisfied with Brandt brand, I advise everyone.

To summarize, we note the washing machines manufactured under the Brandt brand can by no means be called the ideal ratio of price and quality. Some models are truly successful, while others are not worth buying.Also, there are often problems with the repair of such machines due to the lack of spare parts, but in general Brandt is the brand that is worth dealing with! Have a good shopping!


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  1. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    I use a Brandt top-loading washing machine. I almost did not use drying, because the spin was decent. I have a large family. We start the car sometimes 3 times a day. It has been working for 11 years. Only now the thread on some drain tank or something has broken. My husband fixed it somehow and while we erase it, looking for a new spare part. The machine is excellent, I advise.

  2. Gravatar Vera Vera:

    I have 10 years. I want the same. Super!

  3. Gravatar Alla Alla:

    Our Brandt washing machine has worked 17 years without repair!

  4. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    Wash Brand since 1999 is super. Still erasing!

  5. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    The BRANDT BWT3RY63 top-loading washing machine is my first washing machine. I chose for a very long time, having analyzed all the options, I settled on this model. She has something that is not in other cars - an additional tank for water. Thanks to it, you can save water during daily washing. Although she already has an economical consumption for 1 wash - 36 liters. The machine is wonderful, in all respects, not counting the powder container. She served 4 years, and would still serve for a long time if the lock on the cover had not broken. Tell me a trifle? But the master said - it's rubbish. There are no such parts, there is no point in ordering either, take them for an exchange (the machine is equipped with an additional guarantee). What to do? I fell in love with her, looking for a suitable option.

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