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Washing machines Bosch submachine gunBosch washing machine is known worldwide as one of the most reliable and practical machines. The German quality, proven by many years of history is not in doubt. Recently, however, the reputation of Bosch brand cars has suffered a bit, unflattering reviews of machines of this brand have appeared on the Internet. What is the matter here? Let's try to answer this question by studying the history of the brand, the advantages of technology, conducting a review of the models and comparing their characteristics.

Country of manufacture: brand history

The birth of the Bosch brand begins in 1886 in the German city of Stuttgart, when the enterprising Robert Bosch opens the Workshop of Precision Mechanics. The company worked on the principle of “Sell only the best!”, Which is why Robert constantly invested in business development. In 1901, the first Bosch plant appeared, and in 1906 factories were opened in other countries. And by 1914, Bosch became one of the largest and most successful in the home appliance market.Bosch factory

The company never stopped there, offering new and new developments. Initially, she was engaged in the production of refrigerators, refrigerators, power tools and electrical equipment for automobiles. By 1958, the first washing machine appeared, which was used only in production. Only some wealthy families could afford such a luxury. In 1967, Bosch merged with Siemens. In 1972, the first automatic machine appeared; already in 1986, the company's engineers began to develop the Aquastop system, which protects the machine from water leakage.

By 2000, the Bosch washing machine was equipped with detergent dosing technology, energy saving, water saving technology and reduced noise during washing.

They produce household appliances under the Bosch brand in various countries: Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Germany. In Russia, one Bosch plant is located in Samara, and another three plants in Engels.

The advantages of washing machines of this brand

A washing machine is an indispensable attribute in everyday life. But why do users like Bosch washing machines so much, what are their features and advantages?

  • The first advantage of the Bosch machine is its reliability and durability. Models of the German assembly, whose service life is 14-16 years, are especially appreciated. However, models assembled in other countries from original components also have reliability, because the company strictly monitors its reputation.
  • The washing class in such machines is the highest A.
  • The energy consumption in the machines of this brand is also reduced, and therefore they have a class A + or A ++, but this does not apply to machines equipped with a dryer.
  • The Bosch washing machine is economical because it has the function of auto-weighing, dosage of water and detergents, depending on dirt and the weight of the laundry.

    Note! The latest Bosch washing machines have built-in programs to remove 14 types of contaminants.

  • Another advantage is the design and installation of the AquaStop system. Thanks Bosch factoryin case of leakage, the water supply will be shut off to the solenoid valve.
  • The Bosch washing machine is able to measure and control the level of foam, changing the intensity of rotation of the drum depending on this.
  • The special design of VarioSoft drum attracts attention due to which it is possible to wash a wide variety of fabrics, including knitted items, which will not affect their condition. Products will look like new.
  • Most machines are equipped with an imbalance system that weighs wet laundry before spinning, determines the pressure on the drum walls and, in accordance with this, sets the optimal number of revolutions for spinning.
  • The advantages of washing machines include a variety of models, among which there are frontal and vertical. At the same time, the price range is quite wide, there are both economy class and premium cars.

Most car reviews this brand also indicate decent quality and reliability of units.

Masters of service centers note that the Russian assembly of cars is much worse than cars from Germany or Turkey.

Model Overview

Now we will conduct a review of specific models of washing machines from Bosch, consider their characteristics, compare prices and functionality.

The BOSCH WLG 24060 OE washing machine is a narrow automatic washing machine. The maximum weight of the loaded laundry is 5 kg, the spin is carried out up to 1200 revolutions. At the same time, the spin class is only B. There are 15 washing modes in total, including the “Mixed laundry”, “Thin linen”, and “Jeans” modes. The security system protects against leaks, from children, unbalance of linen, foaming, overflow. Many users note the usefulness of such a function as adding laundry during washing, automatic water adjustment. With small dimensions, the machine has a weight of 60 kg, which allows you to stand stably and minimize vibrations during the spin cycle. Country producer Russia. Price from 23 thousand rubles.


The BOSCH WIS 24140 washing machine is a built-in automatic washing machine with a maximum load weight of 7 kg and a spin cycle of 1200. The machine has 15 washing modes for various types of laundry, including a stain removal mode. At the same time, the “Easy Ironing” function will prevent excessive creasing of things. Safety includes leakage protection, imbalance and foam control. Dimensions 82x60x57 cm, machine weight is 81 kg. Country of assembly Germany. Price from 53 thousand rubles.

Bosch WIS 24140

The BOSCH WAK 20240 OE washing machine is an automatic machine with a load of up to 8 kg and a spin of up to 1000 revolutions, and therefore the spin class is only C. Also, like the previous models, it has 15 washing modes, among which there is the “Quick 15” mode. The WaveDrum drum allows you to evenly distribute water. There is also an ActiveWater system (water saving), AntiVibration system (vibration reduction) and a self-cleaning powder tray. Dimensions 85x60x62, weight is 80 kg. Country of manufacture Turkey. Price from 44 thousand rubles.BOSCH WAK 20 240 OE


The BOSCH WOT 24455 OE washing machine is a vertical automatic machine with a maximum load weight of 6.5 kg and a spin speed of 1200. This model has only 8 washing modes, but they are enough for everyday washing, for example, there is a “Shirts” mode "," Silk "," Wool "," Fast "," Children's ". It is possible to add things during the washing process. The security system consists of control of the level of foam and imbalance, protection against leaks, overflows and children. With dimensions of 90x40x65 cm, it weighs 59 kg and fits easily into a small bathroom. Country producer Slovakia. Price from 49 thousand rubles.


The BOSCH WAY28742OE washing machine is a full-size automatic machine with a load of up to 9 kg and an extraction of up to 1400 revolutions. In this model, 14 programs are built-in, including stain removal and self-cleaning of the drum. When washing, this machine is almost inaudible, because the noise figure is only 48 dB. It is possible to add laundry after the start of washing, to regulate the temperature of washing. Safety includes protection against children and leaks, control of imbalance and foam, a nap filter and hatch blocking. Dimensions 85x60x63 cm, weight 74 kg. Country of assembly Germany. Price from 102 thousand rubles.


The BOSCH WVH28442OE washing machine is a machine with drying function. The maximum weight of the loaded laundry during washing is 7 kg when drying is 4 kg. The hatch of this model of the car opens to 1800. Spin speed is adjustable from 400 to 1400 per minute. Built-in 16 washing programs and 2 drying functions (gentle and intensive). It is possible to add laundry during the washing process. The security system includes all levels of protection (from children, from leaks, overflows), control of foam and imbalance, pile filter, sunroof lock. Not a car, but just a “miracle”. Dimensions are 85x60x59 cm, weight 84 kg. Collect this model in China. Price from 109 thousand rubles.


After reviewing the Bosch washing machines, we can conclude that this is a functional and practical technique. At the same time, all cars have a good security system.That's just the price of some models is high, but it mainly depends on the country where the machine is assembled. On the domestic market there are not only cars that are assembled in Russia, but also Turkish, German, Chinese assemblies, which does not limit the consumer in choosing. We hope this review and other information will be useful to you.


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  1. Gravatar Viktor Viktor:

    2 cars with an interval of 3 years went to the trash. Top loading Bosh WOT 20352OE. The plastic reservoir, which can be punctured with a finger in both cases, was “sawn” with a 10-kopeck coin, water leaked onto the motor, shorted out, and electronics burned out. The master said that it’s cheaper to buy a new one! I repeat, TWO cars of the same brand with an interval of a couple of years! Sorry, but I believe that this quality is “below the plinth” and for 6 years now I have been using the Whirlpool AWE 7527/1 and a half times cheaper machine and I am VERY satisfied! And now I won’t get Bosch at gunpoint!

    • Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

      Before washing, check pockets for any debris and coins, including. It is unlikely that the reason for the breakdown was this, I'm afraid you are disingenuous ...

  2. Gravatar Maxim Maksim:

    Worst quality manufacturer with cheap parts, in a word made in Russia, cheap parts, high price, people will buy it anyway.

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