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Washing machine AEG L 46000

Reviews on the washing machine AEG L 46000Dan:

Just a great machine. Everything works clearly. Appearance is awesome. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. And when the light in the bathroom is off, then the light panel looks gorgeous!

By the way, this is my first washer. Most often, I wash with everyday washing. We take a detergent of the average price category. Things are washed off quite well. A variety of modes allows you to choose a mode for any type of tissue and dirt. From the lightest and most delicate fabric, to heavily soiled and dense things. Comfort buttons. Everything is clear and there is nothing superfluous.

I’ve been washing it for two years and the quality is still pleasing. Especially the machine does not vibrate. For all the time, I didn’t move a centimeter, although I do not put less than a thousand on the spin. And since I had forked out for such a washing machine, I decided not to save on the installation either. Put a professional master. I consider that in a question with the standing equipment it is necessary to address specialists. So reliable.

I can safely recommend this model to those who want to purchase a high-quality and reliable machine with good performance. But I’ll say right away that it’s not cheap.

From the pros: does not require a lot of free space. Most for small bathtubs or kitchenettes. I really like the fact that it is vertical loading. These are much more convenient for me than front-end cameras. And to put underwear and to get it is very convenient. No need to squat or bend. Loading linen - 5.5kg. It erases very high quality. Saves electricity and water.

Of the minuses: It happens that not all powder is washed out of the compartment. Lumps may remain. To prevent this from happening, wipe the compartment dry with a rag. Since these lumps appear from moisture. The price is a bit high. Spin four with a minus.

Washing machine AEG L88489FL

AEG L88489FLKirill:

I was in no hurry to buy a new washing machine. At first I climbed on the Internet, read what people write. Compare it with other options. I thought. And in the end he took it. Just took with a slight markdown. There were a couple of minor defects on the case. They made a good discount for this. And defects do not bother me much. After all, they did not affect the operation of the machine, but only on its appearance. Yes, and not really.

The machine is good. Italian assembly. For installation, called professionals so that everyone is well connected. Erases for a year and everything is fine. Of the minuses, it is worth noting that the time that is indicated on the display and should show how much is left until the end of the wash is often mistaken. But it’s not so scary.

This is not my first washing machine. Before her was an Indesit machine. Her TEN died after a month and a half of work. Well, at least I took her back to the store. And they say that some people have problems with the return of technology. I also have a good machine from zanussi european assembly. It still works pretty well. Only the functionality doesn’t quite suit me. Yes, and she’s already old.

What good did I find in the new typewriter?

  1. Good functionality. You can add various options to the main programs. For example, add a rinse or a higher spin. On the old zanussi this is not.
  2. It is very convenient to clean the drain filter. By the way, this procedure is recommended to be done once every six months. And sometimes it is very clogged. Therefore, I also recommend you.
  3. It erases and wringes out very quietly. No noise or vibration.
  4. Convenient and clear display.

I don’t quite like the fact that all cars of this model have only one color. I would like some kind of black or red. And then these faded white and beige washers are too commonplace. Although my girlfriend likes it like that.

And lastly, I want to give advice to all future buyers of washing machines. Do not try to save too much. After all, you want to get yourself a good technique, and not one that breaks in a year.I also thought at first to save, but then I decided that it’s still better to buy something normal once, so as not to suffer from repairs and other things later. And it’s better not to take washing machines of the CIS assembly and do not take Chinese either. Better look for European. It is much more reliable!

From the pros: not loud, convenient modes, additional options and functions.

Of the minuses: no different colors, I had to take a standard beige color.

Washing machine AEG LS 60840L

Washer AEG LS 60840L reviewsInocentius:

I bought only one AEG washing machine and now decided that I would not buy any more household appliances from this manufacturer. Parts are of poor quality. Wear out quickly and fail. And the parts are expensive. I would repair it myself. But it turns out that even doing it yourself is not profitable. The warranty period for repair has just arrived, as the bearings have deteriorated. In my opinion, everything is designed for them so that, at the very least, the machine works while under warranty, and then that it breaks faster. And worst of all, bearings cannot be changed separately for their insidious undertaking. The tank is plastic and non-separable, but sealed. That is, it cannot be disassembled to change the bearing. And you must immediately change the entire tank. And it is very expensive. Almost as much as a new washing machine costs.

But I managed to cut a non-separable tank. The bearing was replaced (it is cheap) and the tank was fixed with bolts and sealant. And all would be fine, but within three months electronics flew. The machine began to fail and fail. The control module is also far from the cheapest part. Yes, I could replace it, but I decided that for two years of use this washing machine had already drunk enough of my blood. And now I will buy a new one. But now it’s definitely not AEG. On this manufacturer I put a big and bold CROSS!

From the pros: good wash, popular manufacturer.

Of the minuses: breaks too often. It is not profitable to repair, even if the master himself, since the parts are not cheap.

Washing machine AEG LS 72840

AEG LS 72840 reviewsAlyona:

I really liked the car. It’s a pity you just can’t add an option for easy ironing to all programs. And you can only run it as a separate mode. It would be even better if I could add it to all the necessary modes. A very good thing.

The machine erases great! Although it makes noise sometimes, but the washing quality and great functionality make up for this slight flaw!

From the pros: erases well.

Of the minuses: it makes noise.


3 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    AEG L58547SL. When buying a very long time there was the smell of cheap plastic from the drum. A call to the service did not give anything. Quiet enough. Since the house is a fluffy cat, the wool just drives into the clothes when washing ... It cleans the stains disgustingly. Rinses are also not very, had to constantly add rinsing time. Two years later, she broke down, just does not turn on. I'm not even going to repair. Not recommend

  2. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    My AEG L70270VFF worked for 2.5 years, then the engine burned out, changed for 8000 rubles., Now you need to change the bearing, but the tank is not collapsible !!! A new one costs about 12,000 rubles and wait for the order from the manufacturer for at least 1.5-2 months. And then what, after 2 years to change again? I unscrewed the wheel behind the drum on the pin and attention! There is not even an oil seal that must close the bearing itself. The bearing is rusty. I have two children, we wash every day, we make an obligatory break between washings, we rarely squeeze it on max. revs and what? How to protect the car yet so that it lasts a long time? Hand wash? The previous machine served 8 years (I will not call). They changed it only because a second child was born and a machine with a large load was needed. I am very disappointed with AEG and I will not do experiments to make sure otherwise.The machine is unreliable, expensive to repair, and partially not repairable at all. One pathos and all.

  3. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    I have AEG 62610. Worked for 6 years. The door lock lock broke, the control unit was flashed (control unit + display board), - the repair pulled $ 110. All used parts. Renovated - after 2 washings the motor burned out. I started to understand - it turns out that Western engineers pre-program the breakdown and product life. In short - nonsense! Prior to this, METAL BREAKER (Money Slayer) was a "milestone". She worked for 10 years, took the fool away (made repairs, decided to buy everything new). The same thing with the AEG dishwasher - it worked and died for 2.5 years. In short, AEG is not worth buying !!!

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