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How to choose a top-loading washing machine?

Vertical washing machineNowadays, the issue with the modest size of the bathroom is relevant for many residents of Russia. Accordingly, certain problems arise with the selection of the most suitable modern machine. The problem is based on the fact that companies offer a huge and varied selection of products. One way to save space is to use a top-loading washing machine.

The main advantages and factors of this technique are described below, as well as the main selection tips. Many in the acquisition process rely on common myths that top-loading washing machines are more durable. This is not the right approach. Choosing a new home appliance should be based on other, more practical things. Such as functions, sizes, manufacturer and other important parameters.

Important! If the determining attribute or factor in the optimal choice is precisely the size, you can buy models with the possibility of vertical loading.

The main advantages of "vertical"

Top-loading washing machineVertical washing machines have some comfortable nuances. Often, users of household appliances who are of a considerable age experience health problems or physical disabilities. Some of them are difficult to bend over. They love just such a technique. In addition, machines of a similar design differ in more compact dimensions. Therefore, for rooms with a rather narrow doorway, this is the most optimal option.

To make the choice of the machine as reasonable as possible, you should pay attention to the common models of washing machines. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages, and also has its negative sides. Every buyer should know them.

Short review of modern models

Among the large number of household appliances, the following can be highlighted:

  • Whirlpool recently introduced Zen washing machines to the market. These items of household appliances, according to a large number of reviews, are among the most silent among a large number of models. An ordinary motor equipped with a high-quality belt drive is replaced by a special engine equipped with a direct drive that interfaces directly with such an element as a drum. It is due to this device that they erase very quietly;
  • Media Markt's bestseller is the Whirlpool model under the number WTLS 60912 ZEN, it is equipped with a special eco-display. Here you can see information regarding the consumption of electrical energy in the process of washing. There is another most useful feature of this washing machine - Clean +. It makes it possible to use a wide variety of powders in the most practical way, in order to get better washing results. And cleaner laundry;
  • One narrow machine from Bosch is very popular. Namely, the model WOT20254OE. Its main feature is the ability to control the level of foam. In addition, this product is equipped with an ideal protective system against a variety of leaks. There is a special timer for delaying the washing process. The average operating time is about 10 and even 15 years;
  • The washing machine, known as Bauknecht WAT 610, is in great demand, as there is a special high-quality coating, such as Microban, which prevents the process of reproduction of various viruses in the main compartment, designed for different categories. Such technology is able to ensure the elimination of various odors and impurities in the laundry. There is a special technology, which is characterized as energy-saving.It allows you to use less water and electricity when washing. This is very beneficial if meters are installed in the house;
  • There is another interesting option from the company Zanussi. Machine ZWY1100. In it, without any problems, you can wash a relatively small amount of things with rather modest energy costs. There is a mode in which you can easily and quickly wash a moderate amount of laundry. Half drum loading can provide high-quality washing at a relatively low temperature.

All models are in demand, as the consumer receives high-quality equipment in all respects that can last as long as possible without breakdowns.

To make it clear which washing machine to give preference, you can take into account the availability of accessories. Many of them protect the washing machine from a variety of damages, and there are also those that significantly increase the overall quality of the wash. There are also special tools:

  • for high-quality washing of a certain material;
  • for the first start of the machine;
  • for effective protection against a scum;
  • and so on.

Functional Selection Criteria

WasherTo make the most competent and optimal choice of a washing machine with a vertical load, you can rely on criteria that apply to certain external factors and functionality. These are such moments as:

  1. The choice between built-in appliances and the one that is installed separately. Here you should rely on the features of the room in which the machine will be installed. On the interior and the area of ​​the bath.
  2. The amount of laundry that can be washed at a time. This parameter usually refers to the amount of dry things that is measured in kilograms. And at which the washing process will be carried out as efficiently as possible. The modern market offers models with various indicators of maximum volume. There are designed for 3 kg, there are those that can wash twice as much laundry at a time, which is optimal for a large family.
  3. Control method and display availability. The way to control and manage household appliances is really important to the user. The simplicity and comfort of washing directly depends on it. Top-loading washing machines can have two types of controls. Namely, electronic and mechanical.

The last type of control is carried out using special switches. They are designed to control the heating of water during washing, to set the mode for different materials. And also you can select the number of revolutions during the spin cycle. Electronic control - here implies a wider and simplified regulation. Here you can set the spin parameters, temperature, as well as the number of rinses.

Important! On some models, there may be a display through which you can effectively control the entire operation of the washing machine. Such a machine is slightly more expensive, but the advantage is the ability to save water and energy used.

Important points when choosing a car

There are a small number of other factors and characteristics that should be taken into account and taken into account when choosing a machine. They are not as important as saving, but, nevertheless, are able to increase the functionality of the device and its simplicity in the process of use.

The following parameters deserve special attention:

  • It is advisable to have a protective system that will protect you from leaks. In budget models, hose protection is usually present. They are equipped with special protective devices (valves). As a rule, if the hose is slightly damaged, water immediately stops flowing. The housing of household appliances is also protected from excessive water. And in the event that there is too much water, the implementation of the established program will immediately cease;
  • Equally important is the special control over foaming. If a lot of foam is collected during the washing process, the washing machine will also stop the work process for a while;
  • Cars that are equipped with delayed start functions are very popular. This is a fairly useful option, because the washing process can be delayed for some indefinite time. Users of such machines choose night time for washing when electricity is much cheaper;
  • The ability to control noise. The optimal model will be a machine in which the noise parameters during the spin cycle do not exceed 70 dB, and during the washing process it does not exceed 55 dB.

To summarize

When choosing a vertical washing machine, you need to pay attention to a large number of parameters. If you pay close attention to the main ones, you can purchase just such a technique that is optimally suited to the individual preferences of each consumer.


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