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How to take a washing machine by installments

how to buy a washing machine in installmentsWas the washing machine broken, but there is no money for a new one? There is a way out if you buy a car by installments. Stores offer various conditions of purchase by installments and on credit, because these are the most popular consumer loans today. How to draw up an installment agreement not to be cheated - we’ll talk about this.

What does it mean to buy by installments?

Buying a washing machine by installments means paying in installments at regular intervals without paying interest on installments. Simply put, there is no installment plan for any overpayment and no interest. And this is its main difference from the loan.

An important difference of the installment plan is that the store employee (manager, seller) must deal with it, and the bank employee who can be in the same store must arrange the loan. A bank is an intermediary between a store and a buyer of goods; accordingly, he will have to pay a percentage of the transaction. In a rare case, the store assumes the obligation to pay interest. But in this case, be careful, because there may not be an overpayment, but the product will cost several thousand more than its counterpart in another store.

Note! Unlike a bank loan, an installment plan is issued for a short period and a small amount, so you need to be prepared to repay the installment plan.

installment planAs a rule, installments are granted for 1-10 months in the amount of not more than 150 thousand rubles, but there are exceptions. In some stores, installment payment for goods is a promotion that takes place on certain days. As for the down payment, its size is determined by the store, and for installments it can be 0 - 50% of the initial price for a washing machine. The installment process is faster because you do not need to confirm a good credit history and provide a package of documents.

What is the benefit?

Undoubtedly the installment plan, as a transaction between the seller and the buyer, is beneficial for the buyer. Its advantages are that:

  • you receive a washing machine at a given time and use it, and pay gradually in small installments;
  • You do not have to overpay for the goods;
  • registration of a transaction occurs rather quickly;
  • you have the opportunity to buy a washer without a down payment;
  • it is possible to choose a washing machine in an online store and purchase in installments online;
  • You do not need to provide the seller with a statement of income and look for guarantors.

But deciding on an installment purchase, remember:

  1. the store has the right to refuse to sell the washing machine by installments without explaining the reasons;
  2. installments for very expensive goods are not provided;
  3. installments may not be offered for all washing machines, or for a limited number of them;

    Important! To get the opportunity to buy a washing machine in installments, it is better to contact the outlet at the beginning of the month. The fact is that a store is required to complete a certain number of installment transactions if it declares such a service.

  4. the price of installment washing machines may be overpriced;
  5. payments must be paid strictly on the date specified in the contract, otherwise the store may impose a fine, as well as refuse to purchase goods by installments in the future.

What you need for a deal

To complete the transaction directly in the store, it is enough to have a passport with you. In rare cases, the seller asks for another document proving your identity, for example, a pension certificate, driver's license or passport.

Important! To apply for an installment plan only a citizen of the Russian Federation aged 23 to 70 years, who has a permanent job, residence permit and place of residence.

At the conclusion of the transaction, an agreement is drawn up, which indicates:

  • personal information about the buyer (name, address, place of work) and information about the seller (legal name and address);
  • obligations borne by the parties and their responsibility;
  • model, serial number and price of the washing machine;
  • signatures of the parties.

When signing the contract, you need to carefully read all the points. Including footnotes and notes, usually written in small print. They may indicate insurance and other contributions that the seller has not notified you about. Also specify in which bank you can make installment payments so as not to pay a fee for the installment. Payment is also possible via the Internet.

Advice! When completing a transaction, refuse insurance services after the bank approves the installment plan, otherwise the application may be rejected. And do not forget to refuse the SMS-mailing service, check the corresponding item.

After completing the transaction, the seller should give you:

  • one copy of the installment purchase agreement;
  • warranty card;
  • cash receipt.

When making a transaction via the Internet and delivering goods to your home, the listed documents must come with the goods. When you pick up the washing machine, the transaction is confirmed in the credit department of the store and the documents are handed to you.

What conditions do shops offer

installment planIn different stores, washing machines can have not only different installment prices, but also completely different conditions. Here are a few examples of the most famous stores in the country.

  • The Eldorado store often offers automatic washing machines by installments. Moreover, the range of goods is limited, and you can buy such a product only on the days of the action. Installments are issued for 10, 12 or 24 months without down payment and without interest for using a loan through Home Credit Bank. More precisely, there are percentages, but they are initially included in the price of the goods, so it turns out that you pay equal installments without overpaying.
    Important! Making such an installment plan, be careful, you may be forced to pay insurance premiums, but they must be voluntary.
  • The M-Video store also offers installments for 10, 12, 24 and even 36 months. However, when studying the conditions of such a transaction, you can understand that this is not an installment plan, but a 10% discount loan, which is provided by such banks as Alfa Bank, Renaissance Credit and others.
  • is another large household appliance store that offers washing machines at a favorable installment plan for 2 years. In fact, this is a loan issued through the Renaissance Credit Bank,% of the loan is laid down in the cost of the goods, so the overpayment from the price will be 0%.

So, the purchase of a washing machine by installments should be well thought out, you must remember to comply with the obligation of timely payment. Be careful, and then you really will make a profitable deal without overpayment.


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    Is it possible with a temporary residence permit?

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    Is it possible to terminate the contract for the purchase of a washing machine by installments if the goods have not yet been received and the down payment has not been paid.

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