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Washing machine is knocking

The washing machine knocks during the spin cycle.A modern washing machine is a great helper in the household! Many functions and various temperature conditions allow you to erase any types and types of fabrics. With its help, you can get rid of both strong pollution and just refresh your laundry.

But when it breaks, we can not always solve the problem on our own without detailed instructions. This article also acts as such an instruction. And if your washing machine knocks during washing or spinning, then this entry will help you!

Consider the possible causes of the malfunction

  • The first reason is not even a breakdown. This uneven distribution of linen on the inner surface of the drum.
  • The second is the problem with the counterweight. It may break. There is also the possibility that the bolts that fixed it were loosened.
  • The shock absorbers are out of order or the spring is broken.

Almost any repair of a washing machine should start with a blackout.

This is necessary so as not to expose oneself to unnecessary danger and not to receive an electric shock. Therefore, before proceeding with the determination and removal of a malfunction, unplug the plug from the outlet. Also, in some cases, it is better to turn off the tap, thus blocking the flow of water to our machine.

First, consider the most unpleasant option.

Shock absorbers defective or spring broken

The combination of shock absorbers and springs in the design of the washing machine allows you to create a semi-mobile fixation of the tank. It also serves to reduce vibrations and prevent the tank from touching other parts of the machine during washing. This avoids various mechanical breakdowns.

During operation, the springs and shock absorbers may wear out or get damaged. And because of this, the tank may skew. And during washing or spinning, they will hit the walls of the body. If you hear such a knock, then you need to immediately stop the wash. Then you need to find the fault and fix it.

Replacement of springs (suspensions)

Remove the top of the washing machine. Then remove the suspension spring. You may need to remove the counterweight during work. Then we change the spring to a working one. And we are doing the whole process in reverse order.

Washing machine shock absorber replacement

In order to replace the shock absorber, you need to familiarize yourself with the video instruction that we attach below. Rollers in English. But the video series is understandable without comment, so we look and repeat:

Counterweight Malfunction

Washing machine counterweights

The washing machine may also knock due to a malfunction in the counterweight. A counterweight is a special weight that is fixed in the lower part inside the machine body. It consists of concrete and is necessary in order to dampen the vibration of the machine during spinning and other operations. During prolonged use, the hold may be loosened. Therefore, the counterweight can come into contact with the body, producing a knock. Often this happens in the process of squeezing the laundry.

If the whole thing is in a weak mount, then you just need to tighten the bolts properly. But if, when you open the machine’s case, you see a counterweight broken or broken into parts, then tightening the bolts is indispensable. To solve this problem, you need to order a new counterweight and replace the one that broke.

Unevenly arranged linen

If the machine knocks, this does not necessarily mean that a breakdown has occurred. The problem may be that the laundry is not evenly located inside the tank of the washing machine. In this case, the tank may deviate so much during the washing process that it will hit the walls of the body. This problem occurs mainly in models that were made long ago. So, if you have an old washing machine, then be sure to pay attention to this.

In new models, such a problem, as a rule, does not occur. Since they automatically distribute erasable things so that this situation could not happen. When knocking on an old machine, it is necessary to stop the washing process and put things in the drum differently. Then restart the spin program.


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