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LG washing machine overview with steam function

steam washing machineThe first washing machine from LG with steam function was introduced in 2005. Similar models appeared on the Russian market much later. Steam technology has been adopted by other manufacturers. Let us dwell in more detail on what the essence and advantages of this function are, and most importantly, in what models of LG machines there is such a function.

How does a similar function work?

During washing, steam is fed into the drum through a flexible rubber tube, the end of which is fixed above the loading hatch. Steam comes from a steam generator located in the rear corner of the machine, to the left near the solenoid valves, through one of them water enters the steam generator. Steam can be supplied both during normal washing and separately when the “Refresh” function is activated without water supply.

Incoming steam promotes active and complete dissolution of the powder in water. When washing with steam supply, a constant temperature of about 55 is maintained throughout the drum0C, no matter what water temperature was chosen.

A washing machine with this function was first used in professional fields (in hotels, laundries, hospitals), today such a machine has become available to almost every housewife.

Advantages and disadvantages of steam

steam washing machineThe steam function in washing machines has been noted by many consumers. The following advantages of steam washing can be identified:

  • under the influence of steam, the pollution cleaves better, since small droplets of water penetrate deeper into the fibers, the washing efficiency is higher by 21%;
  • the process of vaporization occurs much faster than ordinary heating of water to a high temperature, which contributes to energy savings;
  • processing linen and things with steam is similar to boiling, only much more delicate, which allows you to use the function for products from thin fabrics. Besides, exposure to steam does not affect the fading of the fabric, unlike boiling.
  • the steam function in the washing machine can replace soaking, after such a treatment the laundry is washed better;
  • using the steam function, you can disinfect things without washing them in water, for example, new toys or a new woolen sweater;
  • Steam Refres function allows you to give an aesthetic appearance to the rumpled thing, as well as to prepare too dry laundry for ironing;
  • steam removes not only up to 90% of bacteria from clothes, but also various allergens, which is especially important for children and allergy sufferers.

But there are a couple of drawbacks in the function that people who bought the lg machine with this steaming technology note.

  • Firstly, many note that it is not possible for all washing modes to choose steaming.
  • Secondly, not all spots are cured by steam processing at 100%. For example, stains of wine or blood will have to be pre-washed, as if it would not be desirable.
  • Thirdly, some believe that the function of steam can replace ironing, in fact, this is not so, steam processing only makes ironing easier.
  • Fourthly, even dry things after steaming, need to be dried, because they become a little wet.

So, we can conclude that as steaming clothes, this function works wellabout. But as an additional function to the washing mode in the form of pre-treatment, this function is doubtful for many. It should be noted that machines with a similar function are somewhat more expensive than similar machines without a steam function.

There are washing machines in the middle and high price category. Do you need such a machine, only you can decide.

Model Overview

There are a lot of models of steam washing machines from the manufacturer LG. Consider only a few of them from different price categories and describe their features.

  • LG F14B3PDS7 - washing machine with electronic controls and a digital display. The stated dimensions are 60x46x85 cm. With these dimensions, the machine has a drum with a capacity of up to 8 kg.The color of the machine is silver. During the spin cycle, it can accelerate to 1400 rpm. The classes of washing, spin and energy efficiency are the highest. In addition to the steam supply function, we note the stain removal program, a total of 14 programs are integrated. There is complete protection against leaks. The cost of 57 thousand rubles.washing machine LG F14B3PDS7
  • LG F12U1HBS4 - the washing machine with True Steam and TurboWash technologies has touch control. Thanks to the spraying of water in the tank, the total time of washing modes, energy consumption and water consumption were reduced. The machine automatically determines the weight of the load and selects the washing mode in accordance with this. It is possible to control the machine through a smartphone. Dimensions are 60x45x85 cm, while the drum holds up to 7kg of laundry. Number of programs 14. Cost from 34 thousand rubles.washing machine LG F12U1HBS4
  • LG F12A8HDS is an electronically controlled washing machine with a drum capacity of up to 7kg. The stated dimensions are 60x48x85 cm. There is an intellectual memory of the washing mode. There is also protection against leaks, the ability to cancel the spin. A total of 14 washing modes, among them the hypoallergenic mode. Cost from 30 thousand rubles.washing machine LG F12A8HDS
  • LG F1695RDH - an electronic control washing machine with a drum capacity of up to 12 kg. There is also a drying mode, loading linen up to 8 kg. The stated dimensions are 60x64x85 cm. During the spin cycle it can accelerate to 1600 rpm. Automatic weighing of linen and determination of water consumption during washing. A total of 16 programs, including a drum self-cleaning program. Integrated leakage protection and self-diagnosis of malfunctions. The cost of 63 thousand rubles.washing machine LG F1695RDH

To summarize, I want to say that you can buy an LG washing machine with steam function at an affordable price. And if you have such an opportunity, then you should not deny yourself new technologies. If such technologies were a myth, then most of us would still exploit activator machines by type of "Baby". Of course, no one wants to overpay, that's why you need to study the offer well and find the right model for the price and quality. Good luck


4 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    For those who choose a steam car, look at Indesit, it’s much less expensive, and by functions and reliability at the level, if not higher, I judge by my reviews of friends who have other brands of equipment.

  2. Gravatar Nastya Nastya:

    We bought a LG car with steam. But I have a feeling that this does not work, because there is no pair as such. Just sprinkles of water. Then the linen is in wet spots, maybe I imagine something wrong. But actually it should be so?

    • Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

      I agree with Nastya.
      The function “Refresh” does not correspond to the one declared by the manufacturer. Not only does the term refresh do not correspond to what you can get from steam treatment (you can refresh it, for example, by hanging it outside in the freezing air), the function seems to work without steam treatment at all, as stated in the advertisement for the product. On my machine, I looked in detail at all 18-20 minutes of operation of this mode. After the start, 15-20 seconds, the reservoir of the steam generator of the machine is filled (about a glass of water). In the area of ​​3-4 minutes after starting from the nozzle above the hatch
      Hot water spills out. It’s about the same as water begins to pour out of a teapot filled under the lid on the stove at the time of boiling. Scalded with such boiling water, the fabric in the drum of the washing machine continues to tumble from 14 to 16 minutes until the very end. Here is the whole “steam treatment”. Wet spots on the fabric - the result of throwing half a glass of boiling water in the 4th minute. The warmth of the fabric is also from water (try splashing half a glass of boiled water on the cloth in the drum. Slam the door and see what happens in five minutes.The drum will be warm. The fabric will be slightly damp and wet with stains).
      I am currently struggling with the service on this occasion. They themselves do not know how it should be. They were taught that after processing the fabric in this mode, it should come out warm and moist. How warm, how wet, it is not stated anywhere. But in advertising, they say that in the “refresh” mode, the fabric is processed by a stream of steam. Let them prove that the fabric is processed precisely by a stream of steam, and not by water and fumes from it.

    • Gravatar Viktor Viktor:

      I totally agree. In my car, too, sprinkles streams of boiled water and no steam.
      It looks like either a batch with defective steam generators, or LG washing machine manufacturers are fooling our brother.

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