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Installing the washing machine under the sink - tips

Washing machine under the sinkQuite often, the owners want something to occupy the space above the washing machine. And the sink is a pretty good option. It is practical and, with the right selection and installation, will be able to fully perform its functions. Here we will discuss the issue of the pros and cons of such a design, how to make it look harmonious and other important details.

Pros and cons of this arrangement

Those who want the installation of the sink above the washing machine to go well will not mind finding out all the possible inconveniences and other disadvantages of such a plumbing arrangement. That is why we decided to start discussing this issue in the first place.


Cons of this position of the washbasin.

In order to install the sink over the machine, you have to tinker a bit.

Sink above the washing machineAnd this unpleasant procedure will begin with the selection and purchase of a special siphon, which differs from the usual one. The usual options for siphons are most likely not suitable for our task.

In order to find it, you may need to visit not one or two plumbing stores, but much more. And if suddenly the purchased siphon becomes unusable, you will have to repeat its search again. Although, this time it will be easier, because you already know where to look for it.

Perhaps this is not a particularly significant minus. And if you show some ingenuity, then there is a chance that you will do without long detours. If you are able to explain what you need by phone, then you can easily find the numbers of plumbing shops in your city using the Internet.

You can use search engines for this. For example, Yandex or Google. And also you can use programs containing the addresses and phone numbers of the necessary outlets. For example, "DulGis" (2GIS). In addition, you can see the various options for siphons in online plumbing stores.

The next minus is the possibility of clogging of pipes.

They say that the likelihood of clogging is slightly increased when using unusual washbasins. For example, water lily shells. This is due to the peculiarities of its structure. After all, such products have a drain, which is tilted back, and not down, as in an ordinary one. This allows you to place everything so that the washing machine under the sink comes in easier and snuggles as close to the wall as possible. But, according to some sources, such a drain is often clogged.

Another minus is a possible inconvenience.

The washing machine may protrude somewhat beyond the washbasin if it is larger. And the sticking corners will not look very pretty. Yes, and hit such a corner, just wanting to wash your hands, it’s real. There is also the possibility of some problems with using the machine, if the situation makes it difficult to approach it.


The advantages of a washbasin located above the washing machine.

The very first and, probably, an important plus is the saving of free space.

Naturally, if you place the sink on the washing machine, and not next to it, then you will free up space. That in a standard apartment with a small bathroom is quite significant. And on the other hand, often the space under the sink is not occupied by anything. And here we just kill two birds with one stone. And we’ll place the washing machine well and take a place under the washbasin.

In some bathtubs, the free space under the sink is occupied by a cabinet. It also turns out pretty conveniently. And if you do not want to put a machine under it, then you can buy a special washbasin with a special cabinet below or make it yourself. Nowadays, there are many different models of sinks on the plumbing market, and if chosen wisely, you can decorate your bathroom or kitchen and make it more interesting or unusual.

Below you can watch a video review, as well as recommendations from the user who installed the machine under the sink:

Water Lily Shells

Some believe that the design of lily-shells is monotonous and banal. But, as we wrote above, the modern market offers a lot of different options. And you can always find the right one for you. If we describe the various forms, then usually we will be limited to the following options:

  • Semicircular
  • Rectangular or square,
  • Sinks of other more non-standard forms.

Also, some options may have a small countertop, which is usually located on the right or left.

In addition, there are models that have a special hole for the mixer. Holes are not provided in all models. But this does not matter, because often the mixer is mounted on the wall. By the way, if there is no hole for the mixer, then the drain hole may be closer to the wall. That will allow us to push the washing machine away. That means saving a little more space.

Now discuss the drain. If it is different. For example, in some sinks it just goes down. And for others, he goes first to the back, and only then down. The latter option is more prone to blockage, so it is better not to choose it. The first is more convenient, as it takes up less space.

Proper installation

When installing the sink, keep in mind that it is important to keep the cord of the washing machine as dry as possible. To avoid water and short circuits. Therefore, you should find a sink, which will be slightly larger than the upper part of the body (cover) of your household appliances.

Fasteners also come with the sink. In case you purchase a Russian sanitary ware, then the brackets will most likely be attached as fasteners. Other types of fasteners are usually used with imported faience. If suddenly, for some reason, your kit does not have fasteners, then it can be purchased in special stores. We decided to add a video with a detailed explanation and showing the whole process of installing the sink with our own hands. See:

Choose the right machine

Choose a washing machinePerhaps one of the most important criteria for choosing a washing machine for the sink is its volume. And first of all, the height of household appliances. We recommend that you do not buy a machine that is above 70 cm. If you follow our advice, then it will be quite convenient for you and your family to use the sink, since it will not be located too high.

The choice of cars of this height is limited. In household appliance stores, there are fewer of them than ordinary-sized machines. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the models presented there, then you can look for other options in online stores. It is very simple and you won’t need to go anywhere; usually, such organizations deliver their purchases to their homes.

It should also be mentioned that small machines are usually limited to a smaller amount of laundry that you can wash at a time. Usually this amount does not exceed three and a half kilograms.


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