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The washing machine does not drain the water, how to fix it?

The washing machine does not drain the waterHave you decided to wash the laundry and noticed that the washing machine does not drain the water? Unfortunately, this problem is one of the most common. The reasons for its occurrence may be different.

But before talking about the reasons, let's look at how this problem manifests itself. And what kinds of it are:

  • Water draining is extremely slow, in parallel, a program may crash.
  • During the execution of the program, the process stalls at the moment when the water should merge. Water does not drain.
  • With some washings, the water drains, with others not.
  • During the main wash, everything is in order, but when rinsing, the drain does not occur.
  • The spin mode is blocked after draining.

What could be the cause of this malfunction? Let's list them:

  1. The connection pipe (between the tank and the pump) is clogged with garbage.
  2. There was an extraneous thing in the pump.
  3. Clogged filter pump (pump).
  4. The pump broke.
  5. Clogged sewer or siphon.
  6. Clogged hose through which water drains.

How to fix the washing machine by yourself?

Before you repair the washing machine, you must disconnect it. Do not neglect safety rules. And so, at first we disconnect the machine from electricity, pulling the plug from the mains.

We clean the filter

How to remove replace the washing machine filter

After that, check our filter. It is located in the lower part of the housing on the front side. In the process, some water may spill onto the floor. Therefore, it is better to prepare a rag or a small empty container in advance. If you see that the filter is clogged, then simply clean it of foreign objects. This procedure can solve the problem.

For clarity, we demonstrate the entire process of removing the filter of the washing machine in the video:

Check the pipe

Check the nozzle of the washing machine

But what if the filter is removed and the problem remains? That is, the washing machine does not drain the water? In this case, we proceed to the next stage of repair. Namely, to clean the pipe connecting the tank of the washing machine and the pump (pump).

In order to gain access to it, it is necessary to unscrew the bolts that fix the fastenings of the drain assembly. After that we take out a branch pipe, we remove the fixing collar. Then we drain the water from the pipe into a pre-prepared container.

After this, it is necessary to check whether our nozzle is clogged with any debris. To do this, gently squeeze it in different places. If you feel the blockage, then it must be removed. After that, we assemble the entire structure in its original state.


Washer pump impellerIf this did not solve our problem, then we proceed to the next possible malfunction. Now we will check if the impeller of the pump is jammed. It is located right behind the filter. If any small thing gets into it, then this can cause a malfunction. Therefore, first try spinning the impeller. If it rotates, and no extraneous things are visible, then everything is in order with it. And if you find something superfluous, for example, a coin or a button, remove it. If this does not help, then it remains to check the drain pump (pump).

How to check and replace the pump?

DIY pump replacementIn order to check the operability of the drain pump, we will remove the filter, since you have already done this before. After that, set the program to spin. And highlight the filter hole. To do this, the easiest way to use a regular flashlight. If the impeller of the pump does not move, then the pump (drain pump) has broken. After all, we have already checked it for the presence of foreign objects. And this is the only explanation that the impeller does not rotate. And since we fixed the malfunction, then we move on to the next step - replacing the broken part.

But before that, we need to purchase this very item. Most washing machines use standard parts to assemble. Therefore, we can easily select the new pump we need without any problems. If you do not know where you can buy it, then the easiest way is to use the Internet to search for a seller. Namely, search engines Yandex, Google, or others.Drive into the search line: “buy a pump for a washing machine in Moscow”, “in Moscow” you need to change to your city, if you are not a Muscovite. Then find sellers in the search results, call them and buy a new pump.

And so, we already bought the pump. Now we will remove the broken one and replace it with a worker. To do this, we need to remove the drain unit of the washing machine. And detach the drain pump from this assembly. After carefully removes wires from it. Then we get the working drain pump and install it in place of the old one. We attach wires to it and so on. And collect the machine in its original condition.

To facilitate the whole process, we selected a video that shows the entire process of removal and replacement of the drain pump. See:

Washing machine assembly

When assembling, be careful with the attachment points. Check for the presence of clamps and their tightness, tighten all the screws and make sure that all the parts are in place.

After that, we will check the operability of the machine by conducting a test wash. Be careful when washing. If a leak occurs somewhere, it means that some connection point was not properly fixed. In this case, correct this defect and check the operation of the washing machine again.

We hope this article helped you solve the problem. Have a good day!


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  1. Gravatar Artem Artyom:

    Good day! Please tell me, if the impeller is broken, does the pump need replacing?

    • Gravatar Vitaliy Vitaliy:

      Of course you need. Such a pump will not last long.

  2. Gravatar Nurik nurik:

    Everything worked for me according to the instructions !! then he pulled out the pump and applied 220 volts to it and it works !!! what else could be the problem !!! maybe 220 doesn't go to the pump?

    • Gravatar Oregon Oregon:

      Finally, at least someone asked them the right question, otherwise everyone writes the pump doesn’t work - change it. And if it works, but not always, then what? And the fact that no one anywhere remembers the age of SMA and the more it is, the more there are reasons for breakdowns. I will tell you this: if your machine began to periodically cause various errors or something does not work, or does not always work, then there is only one reason - the “control module”. Rather, its power unit. With age, microcracks appear on the solder, which ultimately lead to malfunctions of some devices. And even burnout of boards, or rather tracks on the board. Well, about this, there is also a lot of things on the Internet, just look correctly.

      • Gravatar BOB Bob:

        Exactly! My pump is perfect as new and it turns perfectly from 220 volts - I checked it, but it doesn’t turn on the drain - I’ll climb the electronics ... For some reason, on the Internet, everyone sins on the pump - that’s clear to the fool. I almost foolishly bought a new one, took off the old one well and checked.

  3. Gravatar Kohl Kolya:

    Good day to all! Please tell me, my eraser doesn’t drain the machine, I changed the drain pump but still the same story, the model of the s621 samsung machine. Thanks in advance!

  4. Gravatar Grisha grisha:

    the impeller rotates tightly, and not jerkily whether it is possible to remove the lionfish — al dv-l apparently not separable \ rotates when turned on, but each speed is not full

  5. Gravatar Lola lola:

    And tell me, e-l-l pump drain does not understand? Samsung wf 75205AV The anchor rotates, but it’s a little tight, and should it be free (with weak jerks) can I remove the lionfish, try to pry it off with a screwdriver, but it turned out I turned it on, it works, but it’s not enough turns — can anyone tell me?

  6. Gravatar Roman Novel:

    Good day! The washing machine does not drain! Changed the drain pump, the machine still does not drain! What could be more?

  7. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Thanks for the tips! From the hose before the pump we got a chain with a cross, a bone from a bra and some other piece of iron))) the pump did not burn out, the machine is working

  8. Gravatar Rinat Rinat:

    Good day.The problem is, does the impeller of the pump work and the pump itself does not absorb water?

    • Gravatar Vlad Vlad:

      Try to call the master to the house, let him look. For a long time junk something?

    • Gravatar Alekber Alekber:

      The impeller works but does not drain

      • Gravatar Max Max:

        Just finished the repair. The problem was that a rag got into the drain pipe that goes before the pump and blocked the free water supply; as a result, the pump is buzzing, the impeller is spinning, but there is no sense.

  9. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    Thank you very much!
    I already thought everything, got it!
    And your first advice immediately helped. Thank you very much!

  10. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    Good evening! the machine does not drain, opened the filter, there it was stuck in some kind of blade cut. thing. He tore off part, the machine hummed and became silent during the spin cycle, then during the spin cycle there was a quiet rumble, there was silence until the spin. What now?

  11. Gravatar Jamil Jamil:

    Thank you very much for the recommendations, the machine stopped draining, I cleaned the filter as you recommended, it worked. Hooray!

  12. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Hello. The machine erased, but did not squeeze or drain, SE appears on the board. I cleaned the filter, threads were wound. Now, when washing, the display goes SE. What can it be and what should be done?

  13. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Ha! Now the drum does not spin. Probably krants her.

  14. Gravatar Vadim Vadim:

    Hello, the situation is this: The machine at some stage (as I understand it before spinning) is trying to drain the water as much as possible. It is audible how she oils, but there is no tangible effect. Time is dragging on. I disassembled everything completely. The filter is clean, the pipes are not clogged ... but, while it is oily, if you slightly raise the drain hose (about the middle of the hose), you can hear water actively starting to leave the hose .... and problems, as never happened. What could be

  15. Gravatar sergey Sergei:

    Same atlant error

  16. Gravatar Anton Anton:

    Good evening. machine atlas sma 50u102, knocks out error F4, cleaned the filter, all nozzles, pump suction pump, everything that can be cleaned. The pump works fine, the blades are whole, but still, after 20 minutes of operation, knocks out F4? What else could be?

    • Gravatar Zoe Zoya:

      We have the same nonsense. With her husband until one in the morning with her. It does not work, that's all. You turn on the drain, it seems to grab immediately, and then silence. And the motor is very hot.

  17. Gravatar Nick Nika:

    Good evening, Samsung machine, 2 months not even. It does not squeeze, the pipe that goes to the sewer is filled with water, that is, it does not go away. The machine is stuck in the 9th minute. Tries to gain momentum and falls silent. No error letters give out, what is the problem then?

    • Gravatar Haw Haw:

      Hello! I have a Samsung wf862 machine and it does not drain the water. It comes to the ninth minute and is worth what to do, tell me, please! And does not wring out at all.

  18. Gravatar Lech lech:

    Good evening. The machine does not merge. The pump is running. The drain hose is not clogged. What could be?

  19. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    Good evening! The machine drains the water, but does not wring out. What could be?

  20. Gravatar Vadim Vadim:

    Good evening. Steer. mash. INDESIT PWDE 7125 S (EU). Drain does not work (drain mode 2 min). When the drain pump is pressed on. for 2 seconds (spitting from the drain hose) and turns off. At the end of 2 minutes, error F13 (malfunction of the drying temperature sensor-YES). Filter, hose clean (from tank to sink). Winding OK (220 Ohm). Drain by gravity. What is the reason?

    • Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

      your ten does not work or is broken into the body

  21. Gravatar Daniel Daniel:

    On the Samsung wf125nc, I changed the pump ... it still doesn’t work ... I got to the bottom of the M2LZ47 simist, changed it .. it still doesn’t plow .. I turned on the drain program, I checked the current on the pump with the terminal clamp, but there is still no drain (oh yes, the door lock still sticks but with a strong press, it works and the machine starts to wash again (Tell me what else could be!

    • Gravatar Nick Nick:

      Door lock repair requires

  22. Gravatar Galina Galina:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Thanks to your advice, I dealt with the problem!

  23. Gravatar Constantine Konstantin:

    Hello.Does not drain water. He changed the pump, cleaned everything, the problem remained, what could be?

    • Gravatar Igor Igor:

      We changed the pump, checked the empty one, it knocks everything down, we just started to wash it, it doesn’t drain everything !!!!! What to do?

  24. Gravatar Romka Romka:

    Good day ... all the questions, but where are the answers to read ??

  25. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Tell me! The machine Ariston drains the water badly during the spin cycle! You have to open the door, close it again, turn on the program again only then it drains the rest of the water! Then put on the spin and the laundry dry! How to buy and suffer!

    • Gravatar Olesya Olesya:

      We have the same thing ((((Did you solve the problem?

  26. Gravatar elvira elvira:

    Please help, the Westell machine does not drain the water, but with quick washing the drain goes, the filter is clean. What to do?

  27. Gravatar trying trying:

    Thank. Diagnostics according to plan. Saved on the master.

  28. Gravatar Maxim Maksim:

    Turned over as in the video, found the sock in the accordion, everything works.

  29. Gravatar Luda Lyuda:

    Good evening, please tell me that maybe the washing machine does not drain the water. All checked and cleaned no what. When you turn on the machine, the first drain goes well, and then shows F4. We put a basin on the drain hose, the water drains.

    • Gravatar Baku Baku:

      I also have an F4 car showing what they were doing?

  30. Gravatar St. sv:

    Hello. The machine does not merge; everyone checked everything cleanly, but when you blow into the drain hose everything merges. What could it be?

    • Gravatar Arvis Arvis:

      I have the same. Have you fixed the cm or is there a problem?

  31. Gravatar Ruslan Ruslan:

    Good day! The LG machine behind the nickname stuck the lace with tweezers you can not pull out. Question: how else can I pull it out?

  32. Gravatar Lara Lara:

    Good morning! BOSCH machine, erases instead of 40 minutes, 2 hours, does not drain water. Yesterday we changed the pump. Changed the master. Today, the same problem erases 2 hours ... you put the drain program executes, then the rinse program executes, merges, wring out. Why doesn't it do this on other programs?

    • Gravatar AlexB AlexB:

      Change the heater.

  33. Gravatar Lara Lara:

    Good day! The machine on the program is cotton, synthetics only wash, do not rinse, do not merge and do not wring. The rinse program does everything. What is the reason?

  34. Gravatar Katya Katya:

    Good morning, my machine does not drain the water, but erases and rinses it. What could be the reason?

  35. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    After cleaning the filter and checking the pump, he started the rinse mode to check the drain. No discharge, error code E16. What is the reason?

  36. Gravatar Dimon Dimon:

    People, there is no water drain, the pump is working, the presost is working, the hoses and filter are clean !!! didn’t the kayuk come to the typewriter, is the board any super expensive?

  37. Gravatar Aman Haman:

    Guys, thank you very much.
    Your advice helped, I’m a hero in front of my wife!))

  38. Gravatar Alex Alex:

    Good day. Has anyone had a similar problem? The machine does not drain water when washing and rinsing, and when a full drum is typed, it creaks during rotation .. water had to be drained through the filter.

  39. Gravatar Volnov Volnov:

    Today the machine didn’t empty the water, thanks to your advice, I got the garbage out of the filter and earned it)))) Thank you!

  40. Gravatar Nata Nata:

    Thank you for the advice. A very affordable troubleshooting explanation! I was looking for a problem - I didn’t drain the water, it happened to me, I used to clean the filter or find a little solid debris in the impeller, but this time I didn’t drain even through a clean filter and the working impeller. And only you found advice - to clean the pump, I’m shocked - two keys, a bone from a bra, a few coins and all this with a handful of dog hair. And you can see by the oxidation and rust, so long ago the machine started to drain!

  41. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Hello! I see questions, no answers. The machine does not drain water, the filter is clean, the hose too, the pump rotates during the spin cycle, but the water still does not drain. What to do?

  42. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Please tell me, the MASTERCOOK PTE-1036P machine does not drain water.The wash cycle goes through and stops, the filter has been cleaned.

  43. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Washing machine MASTERCOOK PTE-1036P. Washing is fine, but then the water does not go away. We tried to clean the filter, it did not help. What to do?

  44. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Please tell me why the DAEWOO model DWD-M8051 does not drain water through a drain hose, but pours only through a filter, when you remove water through a filter, it starts to squeeze. Maybe someone had such a problem?

  45. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Thanks for the article, it helped a lot, dispensed with the participation of her husband and the call of the master!

  46. Gravatar Zoe Zoya:

    The Indesit machine does not drain, rinse, and the water leaves the bottom. I removed the drain pump; everything is normal, but when it is on. he also rumbles spin. What is this miracle malfunction?

  47. Gravatar Alex Alexey:

    Tell me, after washing, Samsung merges well, and during the spin cycle intermittently and the program crashes.

  48. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    Step by step, I got into the problems associated with blockages, between the tank and the pump I found a runner from a snake and a cog. I collected everything and it worked about a miracle. Thank you so much for the good advice!

  49. Gravatar Gagarin Gagarin:

    The author of this article saved me about 12,000 rubles (the minimum price tag for a washing machine), I almost bought a new one. I read the article and revived the broken one (the cord was stuck in the pump). Thank!

  50. Gravatar Zalih Zalikha:

    Hello, the washing machine stops at 19 and does not spin. It is heard that it is buzzing, but does not erase, does not drain the water. What could be?

  51. Gravatar Michael Michael:

    Hello! Hansa machine, did not drain the water after washing, hung, the run light flashes! All hoses are clean, the pump is working, I checked and cleaned it myself! It used to hang, but restarting helped, now it hangs completely, disconnecting from the network does not help! How to reset an error?

  52. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    Thanks a lot!

  53. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    Thank you very much for the advice, I'm right uncle - woman 🙂

  54. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    Hello! GORENIE does not drain water. The filter and nozzles are clean, the pump is working. I turn off the filter, water does not flow to the pump, while it can be seen in the drum. What if you remove the eco-ball? Help me please. To drive far to repair.

  55. Gravatar Flies Flies:

    I am grateful to all of you, the advice has helped me 2 times already. Thank you so much again!

  56. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    Hello! Bosch Max (WFO 2040 0E) behaves in a strange way - sometimes (a pattern is not clear). After rinsing, the machine does not spin, but simply turns off after some time. The noise of the running pump is not heard at this time. Sometimes you just have to wait 15-20 minutes, and then manually start the spin cycle and it is executed. Thus, the washing program ends. But sometimes this does not help, it is necessary to manually drain all the water through a thin drain hose, then unscrewing the lid below the bottom (supposedly a filter). There's nothing there. I look at the impeller, there is nothing suspicious in it either, the impeller manually rotates with a certain step. I put the cork in place. I turn on the spin and the machine performs, while of course you can hear the pump. The hose from the tank to the pump is clean. I don’t know what the matter is. I do not find any regularity of the spin failure; sometimes washing goes without hesitation. Please tell me where to look for treatment.

  57. Gravatar Vasilisa Vasilisa:

    Hello! We have a problem with the Atlant machine, it does not drain the water, it gives out F4. We checked everything, everything is clean, even the pump was replaced. But the problem did not go away ... tell me what to do? Is it possible to repair or buy a new one?

  58. Gravatar Tolkyn Tolkyn:

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. Did without a specialist call.

  59. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Hello! Indesit machine does not drain water. The hose is on the bathroom. If she missed, did not lower into the cup, then all the bulbs begin to flash. And then we include separately spinning, rinsing. Everything is clean in the pump.

  60. Gravatar Sasha Sasha:

    It didn’t merge because ten kopecks got into the hose, and there was garbage on it!

  61. Gravatar Anton Anton:

    Thank you very much for the article, the repair took me 20 minutes (which means I'm not so lost). The car did not let the water down. He took off the filter, and there the haze. In addition to rags, there was money, glass, ice cream sticks. I'm shocked just!

  62. Gravatar Lyudmila Lyudmila:

    Kandy's machine does not drain the water. The filter is clean.

  63. Gravatar Aydar Aydar:

    Is it possible to connect the pump 220 to a straight line for verification?

    • Gravatar AlexB AlexB:

      Can. I check it.

  64. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Thanks, it helped!

  65. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Hello, I have a problem: the machine Ariston erases, but when it comes to spin and the drain stops. I installed a new pump, but the problem did not go away. It does not turn on. Everywhere cleared.

  66. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    Hello, the problem is this: Indesit IWC6085 washing machine does not drain when rinsing.

  67. Gravatar Stanislav Stanislav:

    Hello, I can’t understand what the problem is. The machine reaches the spin and drain the water. Error e003. The filter is clean. The pump is also clean. The nozzles are not clogged. If the hose drains the water to the box on the floor, then the water drains by gravity. And in the sink - no longer drains the water. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance.

  68. Gravatar Nika Nika:

    Hello, in the washing machine after washing, water is typed, although it is turned off. Help with the problem.

  69. Gravatar Julia Yuliya:

    Thank you so much for the article! I thought I’ll spend a lot of money on the master, and thanks to you I got off with a slight fright 🙂

  70. Gravatar Camille Camille:

    Good evening. We changed the drain pump. The washing machine drained the water completely for 1 day, on the second day it did not begin to drain completely. They cleaned the filters but the problem remained. Please help find the reason.

  71. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Please tell me why the washing machine draws water for a long time and does not drain? What is the reason? And when you drop the drain hose onto the floor, the water drains. Thanks in advance.

  72. Gravatar North North:

    Thank! Your article continues to help people!
    The machine buzzed strainedly, but did not drain. I looked into the filter and found a sock))
    Thank you author!

  73. Gravatar Sasha Sasha:

    Put the hose, the water does not pour, what is the reason?

  74. Gravatar Samir Samir:

    Hello, our Indesit machine does not merge, what should I do and how to fix it?

    • Gravatar Vasily Vasiliy:

      Read the article first.

  75. Gravatar Roma Roma:

    Thanks you! I was very helpful advice, disassemble the pump. And there was a penny. She blocked the water outlet.

  76. Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

    Hello everyone, the washer does not drain the water until the drain hose is raised above it. That is, in the sink.

  77. Gravatar Serge Serge:

    Good evening. We changed the drain pump. The washing machine drained the water completely for 1 day, on the second day it did not begin to drain completely. They cleaned the filters but the problem remained. Please help find the reason.

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