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The washing machine does not heat water

The washing machine does not heat waterHeating water to the required temperature is necessary for normal washing of laundry. If the washing machine does not heat the water, then the quality of the wash decreases. For this reason, it is necessary to observe how much water is heated during the execution of programs.

How to understand that the washing machine does not heat water?

Some people check the temperature of the laundry at the time the wash is finished. And naturally, the laundry will be cold to the touch. But this does not mean that the machine is faulty. Indeed, shortly before the end of the washing process, rinsing takes place, in which cold water is involved. Therefore, this verification method is not correct.

We recommend checking the temperature of the hatch in the first half hour of the machine. If during this time the hatch remains cold, then there is a malfunction!

There are times when the washing cycle occurs from start to finish, but the water does not heat up. In this case, you may notice that the laundry did not come off or smells bad.


There may be several faults in this situation.

Level sensor defective

Quite often, some washing machines may clog the level sensor tube. This happens when washing. Hair, threads, or some tissue particles can get into it. Such blockages impede the normal operation of this part of the machine. That is, water is poured into the tank. But the heating element is not involved. And all because the module is misinformed and does not give a command for heating.

In order to fix this, you can clean the handset or replace the sensor. You can learn about how to make this replacement yourself from the video:

TEN (heating element) open circuit

TEN washing machine heating elementAnother possible breakdown is an open circuit of the heater. In order to check the condition of the circuit, you need to make sure the integrity of the wires that are adjacent to the heating element. In some models of washing machines, the wires leading to the heater are located next to the machine body. Such an arrangement may adversely affect their safety. When washing, spinning and other operations, the machine produces vibrations. And the wiring can just fray. If you find this malfunction, you must either solder the broken wires, or replace them with new ones.

The most common breakdown that causes the lack of heating of water in the washing machine is the failure of the heater itself. In order to check the health of this part, we better use a tester. Having called TEN we can establish it is working or not. If we are convinced that the cause of incorrect operation of the machine in the heater, then it is worth replacing it with a new one. The replacement process is quite simple. A person without special skills can handle it. For the entire operation, you only need to remove the back cover of the washing machine. Then, loosen the part, remove it and install a new one. You can learn how to do this from the following video:

In the process of removing and replacing this part, you must be careful. Since too sharp removal and improper installation can damage the plastic tank.

When buying a new heating element, you need to be very careful. After all, an inappropriate part may not fall into place of the old one, interfere with normal operation or even break your household appliances. In order to find a new heater, we recommend using the Internet. This is the easiest way to find and order the necessary parts in your city.

Scale or water hardness

Scale on the heating element of the washing machine may occur due to the high concentration of magnesium and calcium salts or rust in tap water. The appearance of scale can affect the heating of water. Since it impairs the function of the heater.In order to avoid such troubles, you can use special tools to maintain the machine in good condition. For example, colgon. Or install a filter that will soften the water.

Damage to the heating sensor

One of the reasons why the washing machine may not heat water is the malfunction of the heating sensor, which is also called the thermostat.

It must inform the control module when it is necessary to activate the heater. And if it stopped working, then it needs to be changed. To do this, watch the video instruction:

Failure of the programmer or relay TENA

The programmer is part of the control module. It can break for various reasons. For example, carbon compounds are carbonized. A module is a rather expensive and not very easy to repair part. Not every repair service will undertake its restoration. Most often in this case, a replacement module is needed.

We do not recommend replacing the control module yourself. If you do not have the appropriate skills, then it is better to contact specialists.


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  1. Gravatar Olesya Olesya:

    Thank you, everything is very accessible described! Great help!

  2. Gravatar Larisa larisa:

    Thanks for the consultation, now I know that the machine erases with cold water and the water is heated in the car.

    • Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

      Machine wash hot water. And here is picking up from a cold pipe

  3. Gravatar Constantine Konstantin:

    Question. And what is the most probable reason for not heating, if the water does not heat only on a program with 40 degrees Celsius, i.e. if set to 50 or 60 degrees, then heating occurs.

  4. Gravatar Glory Glory:

    So I have a question, heating occurs only when washing at 40 degrees. If you put the wash on 60-95, the water is just immediately poured into the machine.
    What is the fault here? Thank.

    • Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

      Water level sensor defective.

  5. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    Question. What could be the reason if the water is not heated even at 30%?

  6. Gravatar Boris Boris:

    I put the heater in the car, water flows from under it. Maybe the gum has dried up?

  7. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Hello. Please tell me, it’s blinking where the key is. What should I do?

  8. Gravatar Kiril Cyril:

    The machine heats water at 95 degrees normally, but does not heat at 60, is there a problem in the thermostat?

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