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Water does not enter the washing machine - what should I do?

The washing machine does not pick up waterHave you started the laundry and noticed that the water is not typing or is either typing, but very slowly? Such troubles sometimes occur. More often this happens after a certain number of years of operation of the washing machine. Or after problems with cold water. How to identify this malfunction?

Usually everything is noticeable by eye. You turn on the washing machine, set the program and click on start. After that, water should begin to accumulate. But what if the water does not enter the washing machine, or it happens, but very slowly? In this article, we will analyze the main causes of this breakdown and independent ways to eliminate them.

Breakdown reasons

The first reason will be the lack of cold water or weak pressure. If the matter is in low pressure, then the water will pour very slowly. Because of this, the washing process may take hours. Try turning the cold water in the mixer to full and check the flow rate. No water in tapIf it is very weak or the water does not flow at all, then we have found our problem. Of course, we cannot directly solve it. Indeed, we do not control the supply of water to the house. As a way out of this situation, you can use two options:

  1. Just wait for the water to appear. It happens that during various repairs, the water is turned off.
  2. Call the Housing Office and find out from them about the causes of the malfunction and the timing of their elimination. It is also likely that the housing office does not know that there is a water supply problem in your house. Therefore, just in case, it is better to call. This will increase the chances that the water supply will again delight you with normal operation in a short time.

Closed or not fully open water supply

Check the position of the tap that controls the flow of water into the washing machine. If it is closed, or open, but not completely, then all you need to do is bring it into the open position. Perhaps this will give an answer to the question, why doesn’t the water enter the washing machine? And this action will help solve the problem. The crane itself may also be faulty. In this case, it may not open (stalled) or the valve may simply scroll. In this case, it is necessary to replace the failed valve with a working one. These taps are sold in plumbing stores.

The sunroof is not tightly closed or the lock is defective

Try to open and close the hatch by pressing it harder. There is a possibility that the whole point is that it was not closed. While the washing machine is open, washing cannot start.

Blocking malfunctions or fixing problems are also possible. If the door of the washing machine is not fixed in the closed position, then the guide may break, which is located under the locking tab. This can happen with prolonged use of the machine. Opening and closing the door repeatedly may damage the hinges. In this case, the skew is skewed.

You can see the instructions for replacing the lock in the video format:

Another damage is also likely - the tongue (latch), which looks like a hook, can change its position.

That is, warp. In the skewed position, it does not fall into the necessary hole and does not fix the closed position of the hatch. Such a malfunction occurs when a metal rod falls out.

This rod is located on the inside of the hatch of the washing machine. He must hold the tongue in the required position. Accordingly, if it fell out, then the tongue will no longer be in the desired position. In order to eliminate these malfunctions, it is necessary to disassemble the hatch and return the stem to the correct position.

Filter or intake valve malfunction

Washer inlet filter

Another possible cause of the malfunction is that the filter may be so clogged that it does not let water through. In this case, we turn off the water supply and remove the inlet hose.At the point where our hose fits into the washing machine. This is where the intake valve filter is located. It looks like a fine mesh. If this mesh is clogged, then it must be cleaned and washed. And if everything is okay with her, then we will continue to look for the cause of poor water supply.

You may have damaged the intake valve itself. The valve can be repaired. But it will be much easier to buy a new one and replace the one that does not work.

The most unpleasant, perhaps, will be a breakdown of the control module. In this case, you cannot do without special skills. Self-repair or replacement of the module is not recommended for persons who do not have special knowledge and skills. Therefore, in this case, you need to contact specialists. A module is one of the most expensive parts of a washing machine. Most home appliance repair services prefer not to repair the module, but to replace it. Such repairs can be quite expensive. But often, still cheaper than buying a new car.

TEN and level sensor

Another problem that causes this breakdown can be the failure of the heating element, which is also called the heater. You can watch how to replace it in the following video:

Also, a broken level sensor can serve as a reason. This device is necessary in order to stop the set of water when it has accumulated as much as is necessary for the operation of the machine. If the level sensor breaks, replace it with a new one. A video instruction on the entire replacement process is attached below:

Good luck repairing your household appliances!


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  1. Gravatar Mila Mila:

    We could not pull out the filter. They tried to rinse with a small enema. Happened. It pours like a niagara.

    • Gravatar of the Light Sveta:

      And how to do it, an enema?

    • Gravatar sergey Sergei:

      to break!

  2. Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

    After turning on the wash, it starts to draw water for 2-5 seconds. and that’s it. It stops and nothing happens, I got to the water level sensor, if it was excluded from the circuit (I just pulled out the connector), then the water was drawn and there was no stopping of work, can this be considered a malfunction of the water level sensor?

    • Gravatar Ivan Ivan:

      There was garbage in the corrugation from the drum to the drain pump. It prevents the ball from closing in it. Put the machine on its side and from below you will see this corrugation. Remove, clean and reinstall.

  3. Gravatar Vyacheslav Vyacheslav:

    Ariston washing machine avsl 105. When the machine is turned on, only a short (second) impulse is given to the filling valve. That is, water will only enter a little and that's it. And silence……

  4. Gravatar Liana Liana:

    Hello! We just installed the machine. All connected, set the program, the drum spins, and water does not flow. The pressure is good, it reaches the valve, but does not open, what could be the reason? Help me please!

    • Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

      It also happens in new cars that the valve does not work.

  5. Gravatar SERGEY SERGEI:

    How much water should be washed car Bosch MAXX-4

  6. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Hello! My washing machine has broken, the wash function does not work and the rinse works. Tell me what to do?

    • Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

      Think for yourself.

  7. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    The rinse function does not work.

  8. Gravatar Maxim Maksim:

    Hello. My washing machine is not picking up water. Error F09, what should I do, help please?

    • Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

      If you have Ariston, then these are problems with the control module. Either bad contacts or problems with the voltage in the network.

  9. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    Hello! Tell me, the machine picks up water for a couple of seconds, and then knocks out error F08.And all the buttons of the washing process light up (washing, rinsing, spin - at the same time).

  10. Gravatar Denis Denis:

    Good afternoon, when you turn on the machine is buzzing, and not picking up water.

    • Gravatar Nick Nick:

      I have the same.

  11. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Hello! Please tell me what is the fault of the Bauknecht washing machine and how can it be repaired? When turned on, water does not flow and the light does not light, indicating that the door is hermetically closed. The drum of the washing machine is spinning.

  12. Gravatar Rashad Rashad:

    Hello. Gorenje washing, no water supply. Could this be due to the pump?

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