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PF error in LG washing machine

PF on the LG washing machinePF error in the LG washing machine is quite rare. But if she appeared on your "home assistant", then you should not put off a similar problem in a long box. After all, this is a signal that something is wrong with the electrical network of the machine or your home, and this is dangerous not only by expensive repair of equipment, but also by shorting the wiring. Let's figure out what are the causes of this error.

Code Decryption

A more complete decryption of the PF code for the LG washer sounds like this: a power failure on the control module. The cause of this failure may be:

  • short-term power off during machine operation;
  • a power surge in the electrical network of your house, it is enough that the voltage drops by 10% or rises by 5%;
  • connecting an electrical appliance to the network of the house, which can cause a power surge, for example, a welding machine.

If the error occurred only once and no longer appeared, then the blame for this is a sharp power outage. You can ignore this and continue washing by pressing the Start button.

Symptoms and their causes

However, problems with electricity in the house are not the only things that can provoke this error. To understand the reason for the appearance of the code PF need to pay attention to the accompanying symptoms that appear in the operation of the washing machine. First of all, pay attention to when this code appears, for example:

  • an error occurs when executing the same program;
  • The code is displayed during each wash, regardless of the program.

Both options indicate a malfunction. In addition to the electrical wiring to which the equipment is connected, the following may fail:power outlet

  1. the power cord or plug of the washing machine, while a failure can occur on any program and at any stage of washing;
  2. control module, in this case, an error also occurs regardless of the program;
  3. wiring inside the machine in the area from the FPS to the electronic module;
  4. heating element, which most often manifests itself at the stage of washing. It may seem strange, but when the ten burns out, there is a short circuit to the equipment body. And if you have a difavtomat, then it knocks it out. After turning the machine back on, the PF code appears on the display.

Important! It is possible to prevent voltage drops in the network, thereby protecting the details of the washer, if you connect the machine to the network through a voltage regulator.

What to do in case of malfunction

Where to start checking with a similar error? In our opinion, it is best to start by inspecting the power cord and outlet. If visually the power cord is intact, then the test is carried out using a multimeter. As for the outlet, it should be grounded and displayed separately for the washing machine.

Recall! You should not include the washing machine in the network through extension cords and tees.

It is also necessary to check the voltage in the mains. If you doubt your abilities, then entrust the work with an electrician to a master in this field, safety first of all. The next step should be to check the details inside the washing machine. Start with a noise filter. To do this, do the following:

  • unplug the machine;
  • having unscrewed the screws, remove the top cover;
  • immediately behind the back wall, on top, at the end of the power cord, find the FPS;
    network filter
  • disconnect it and inspect the contacts;
  • check the FPS and the leash from the filter to the control module using a multimeter;
  • in case of malfunction replace the damaged wires.

If it’s not a filter, then it’s worth checking the ten. The heating element in LG brand washers is located under the tank on the rear side. Therefore, removing the back wall of the housing, you need:

  1. unscrew the central bolt on the heater;ten in the washing machine lg
  2. disconnect the terminals with wires;
  3. check the operation of the heater with a multimeter;
  4. in case of a malfunction, swing the movements out of the seat;
  5. clean the place under the heater, pulling out all the garbage;
  6. install a new original part;
  7. connect the wires;
  8. assemble the car.

The most difficult part in the repair is the control module, because for this you need to have knowledge and skills in the work. With such an error, the module is most often subject to repair and very rarely this part is changed. Repair consists in finding a burned-out track and elements and soldering them. For the master, this will not be difficult, but a beginner may not be able to do it; you can completely ruin the board altogether. So think carefully before undertaking such repairs.

So, the appearance of the PF error is mainly due to the electrics. Either this is a malfunction in the electrics of the house, or in the electrics of the machine itself. We hope this information will help you determine an action plan in this situation.


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