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Washing Machine LG F80B8LD0 - Customer Reviews

LG F80B8LD0 reviewsIn search of a simple washing machine, a kind of “home assistant”, in which there would be no superfluous functions, a potential buyer can spend many hours without finding anything suitable. The problem with most modern cars is that they shove a bunch of different “stray” that the user essentially does not need, and he will still pay for them, because they are included in the total cost of the model. The LG F80B8LD0 washing machine was created just for those who do not want to overpay.

This model, on the one hand, is simple, and on the other, very, very reliable, because there is no complex electronics in it, although everything you need is present. Not to say that this machine is very cheap, its price can be rather called acceptable for most people. But if you look from the other side, you take LG equipment, which is known for its high quality. Well, let's see what the owners think about these cars, and there we will draw some conclusions.

Positive opinions

Larisa, Moscow

Six months ago, I very successfully hit the home appliance hypermarket for a good sale, where I bought the LG F80B8LD0 with a 35% discount. During the spin, the machine works a little more noisy, but you can hardly hear it behind the closed door to the bathroom, at least it does not interfere with sleep. Loading only 5 kg, for me, is quite enough. Quickly and efficiently erases, spends little water, you can hear the music at the end of washing, it is impossible to miss this moment.

Although the machine is simple, the choice of programs is truly rich.

Yana, IrkutskLG F80B8LD0 front view

I first saw this simple and cheap washing machine with a friend. I liked it, especially since I then wanted to buy a machine automatic machine, but somehow did not dare. As a result, my friend and I went to the store and took me the exact same model. Of course, there is nothing special in it, but for me it is a big plus. The machine erases, rinses and wringes out so that it is impossible to find fault, the case is stable, the powder tray is normal, I even pull it out and rinse it from the rest of the powder. Very pleased with the purchase!

Oksana, Moscow

There was not enough money to equip the new kitchen with equipment. I really lamented about this, but what can I do, mired with my husband in loans. They wanted to buyBosch dishwasher SMV47L10RU and a washing machine of the same brand (we have a washing machine according to plan in the kitchen), but the money was almost out, so it was decided to refuse to buy a dishwasher. You can’t do without a washing machine, so I had to take the inexpensive LG F80B8LD0. I thought that this machine will work for a couple of years, and there we’ll get some money.

Imagine my surprise when I started to wash on this machine. And the surprise was very pleasant.

  • The machine turned out to be quite quiet at work, although friends scared that LG was very noisy.
  • It is narrow and without any problems entered under the countertop, both in height and in depth.
  • She washes clothes and wring out no worse than any expensive AEG. I checked this because my mom has an AEG machine.
  • The laundry gets into it enough, at least for now, the five-kilogram load does not bother me.

It turned out that a cheap machine does not mean bad. Recently, I have respected the LG brand, I’m even considering buying an LG TV. I recommend LG F80B8LD0 to everyone!

Julia, Novosibirsk

What washing machines just did not have to deal with. I had Indesit, Kandy, Samsung submachine guns, but there were always problems with them and they either ended up in a landfill or were sold. 4 months ago, the LG F80B8LD0 appeared in my life and this time the washer just won me over. No excessive vibration and noise, the machine stands still during the spin cycle. It extends and squeezes things unusually well, although it has a maximum spin speed of 800 rpm, as with old cars.

The appearance of the washing machine is good, and the materials from which it is made inspire confidence.The inner surface of the drum is free from defects that could damage clothing. In general, the machine is almost perfect, but I was already beginning to give up on such a technique.

LG F80B8LD0 control panel

Negative opinions

Andrey, Moscow

Terribly bad spin for this machine, and it is not surprising that it is impossible to squeeze things out normally at 800 rpm. I read in reviews of people that this machine does not skip and erases well. I can’t refute these arguments because they are true, but for some reason people kept silent about spin. If you could turn back the clock, I would not buy the LG F80B8LD0.

The passport says that the residual humidity during the extraction is 53%, in fact the wrung out clothes are wet. I think that with my hands I’d better wring out.

Alena, Tomsk

Hands would tear LG engineers for such a technique. Everyone writes that it is reliable, reliable, erases cool and blah, blah, blah. In reality, the machine broke down after three weeks. It simply does not turn on, and the masters from the service center can not say anything intelligible. I don’t know what to do now, how did I “crap” with this machine.

Irina, Pskov

LG F80B8LD0 gives the impression of an unfinished machine. Something is wrong with her, which program you don’t choose, none work normally. Short programs leave clothes dirty, while long programs wash off tolerably, but waiting for three hours is too much. Do not buy this washing machine.

Well, having carefully studied the opinions of people about this washing machine, we can easily draw the right conclusions. We hope this information is useful. Good luck


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