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Ardo washing machine does not wring - reasons

Ardo washing machine does not wring outArdo's washing machine doesn’t wring laundry, but does it wash? Do not worry about this problem, users of washing machines encounter relatively often. The problem is not always solved. But we can reassure you, in half the cases, the malfunction that caused such a problem can be eliminated with your own hands, without involving a qualified master. It is about the reasons that led to the fact that the Ardo washer did not wring out the laundry and how to eliminate them, we will talk in the framework of the article.

What caused the breakdown?

Most often, an Ardo washing machine cannot wring laundry for the most common reason. And the point here is not a breakdown at all, just the user makes a mistake himself, as a result of which a similar problem arises. What kind of user errors are we talking about?

  • Creating overdrive or imbalance of the drum. If you put too many things in the Ardo drum or one large and heavy thing, the washing machine may freeze without spinning. The same thing can happen if there are too few things in the drum or they are too light.
    drum overload

To avoid such errors, it is necessary to ensure that the washing drum is loaded enough, and the laundry inside is evenly distributed.

  • The washing mode was selected incorrectly. The modern Ardo brand washing machine has in its arsenal a huge number of washing programs and functions that you need to choose based on a number of factors. If the program was not selected correctly, spin problems may occur.
  • The Ardo washer was not taken care of at the right time. It is no secret that the washing machine should be looked after, and this should be done regularly. If the dust filter is not cleaned for several years, it may well become clogged with various dirt, which will eventually cause spin problems. To avoid this, you need clean the washing machine filter on time and not only a filter, but also a powder tray, as well as drain and inlet hoses.

However, not all causes of such a breakdown are so banal and easily eliminated. The user may be completely irrelevant and then you will have to look for a breakdown that led to the above symptom.

  1. Having examined the filters, hoses and nozzles for clogging, you need to remove the pump and check its performance, you also need to check the engine is working.
  2. Next, check the tachometer.
  3. After we get to the water level sensor and check it.
  4. In conclusion, you can do the wires and terminals, and then the control board.

Pump or engine?

Strictly speaking, malfunctions in the drain pump of the Ardo washing machine lead not only to problems with the spin cycle, but also to general violations of the washing program. In this case, the behavior of the washing machine may indicate precisely the pump, we will try to explain why.

The fact is that the pump does not always break “tightly”. Often, it simply does not work well due to a foreign object that has fallen on the impeller or for some other reason. This leads to the fact that the machine spends more time draining water than is laid down in the program.

water pump

In theory, the control module should notice this and stop the wash, giving an error with the appropriate code. But this does not happen, because during washing, in most cases, we use programs that spend a little water, which means that in any case, draining happens quite quickly. The next stage of the program is a completely different matter - rinsing. Here, a lot of water is used and the pump, due to a breakdown, cannot pump it out quickly, for the most part the water drains, but the machine freezes without having started spinning.

If the above description of the breakdown is familiar to you, do the pump first. You need to do the following.

  • Remove the powder cuvette from the washing machine.
  • Tilt it to your left side.
  • Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws holding the pan.
  • Remove the pan.
  • Disconnect the nozzle from the pump and unscrew the drain pump.
  • Dismantle it and clean it from dirt, check the impeller.
  • Check the resistance with a multimeter.

Sometimes the collector motor of the Ardo washing machine cannot accelerate the drum to such a speed to start spinning the laundry due to worn brushes. In this situation, the brushes need to be checked immediately, and if the guess is confirmed, change them to new ones immediately. How to change the washing machine motor brushes, is told in the article of the same name.

Guilty Sensors

tachometer on ArdoOther problems associated with poor engine performance arise due to the tachometer - a small, ring-like device that stands on the engine. The tachometer is nothing more than a sensor that detects and controls the engine speed. If it is faulty, then the electronic module simply can not affect the operation of the motor, which in turn will lead to malfunctions.

You can check the tachometer with a multimeter. We measure the resistance, not forgetting to check the wires going directly to the sensor and its terminals. The wires there are thin, they are easy to cut off or damage, and if this happens, the tachogenerator will also not work exactly.

The tachometer cannot be repaired; it can only be replaced with a similar one.

In addition to the tachogenerator, a “water level sensor”, the so-called pressure switch, can also “choke”. In that pressure switch on ArdoIn this case, the program may freeze just after the rinse cycle, which will cause the spin cycle to never start. In this case, to make sure that the problem is in the pressostat, you can start the spin separately, regardless of any washing program and see how correctly the machine will execute it. If everything goes well, then 97% - the water level sensor is faulty.

You can get to the pressostat of the Ardo washing machine through the top cover of the housing. Having removed it, you will immediately see a round plastic appliance on top, to which the terminals and wires are connected - this is the water level sensor. In the picture below, we have illustrated this sensor so that you no longer have problems finding it. We check the pressure switch with a multimeter, blow through its tube, and if it is faulty, we replace it.

It's all about the control module

Ardo control moduleIf all of the above details are working, but Ardo's washing machine still refuses to spin, the electrician or even the electronics may be to blame. Let's start the test with a simple one - electrical wires inside the washing machine. Each wire should be carefully inspected and, if possible, checked for breaks.

Clippings happen infrequently, but still happen, so you need to do everything to find them. Didn't find a cliff? You will have to turn to a qualified specialist, since climbing to a control board without having experience working with electronics is more expensive for yourself. But at the same time, you should not thoughtlessly change this part without first checking it. The wizard will establish the exact cause of the malfunction of the Ardo washing machine associated with the spin cycle and eliminate the breakdown in the shortest possible time.

In conclusion, we note that if the Ardo washing machine can not squeeze out the laundry, while it freezes without realizing the program until the end, it is urgent to figure out what caused this trouble. To make your life easier, you can immediately contact a specialist, but you can try to save a little and find the reason yourself, and we will try to help you with this. Have a good repair!


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